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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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Hello Daninotes :)

Love all the places you guys mention :)

@myonenonly I havent been to Boracay but i hear a lot of good things about it, that's my next destination when I go visit my family in the philippines next year I will definitely go to Boracay, I even invite CD my treat :) now Im being naughty :w00t: btw love your CD alphabet

@hysun4lyf I know what you mean sis I miss the philippines especially on Christmas :( love the GIF tooooo cute , I dont know sis maybe later :)

@ shades_blue ROME what a romantic place I would love to go there maybe one day :)

@earthprincess love your places as well :)

I want CD to go to boracay philippines for photoshoot and meet his Daninotes fans :)

and then he can fly to Australia, and then Singapore :)

have a great day C'Duskeeters

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, what's in a name? I love discovering the stories behind a person's name and why their parents chose it. sometimes, these stories can be very interesting.

Choi Daniel is a South Korean actor, DJ and television anchorman. He is best known for his roles in High Kick Through the Roof, Cyrano Agency, Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, Big Man, Jugglers &a

OH MY GOD!! Thank you so much, dear @Lmangla chingu!!! I love how you re-organized his info in an interesting manner. I am so happy to see my love on Thread Spotlight!!! We are so grateful to you!!! R

Guest Earthprincess

Aww...! Earthprincess and shades_blue, your choices of places are so romantic (even NY...I heart NY!!!)  Hehe...the boudoir and Thighland settings are not bad ideas at all. *quoted image*  They don't have to be travel shoots. *quoted image* *fanning selfmyonenonly, I think the effects of ginger ale with brandy is making me naughty.

GHSforever, are you sure you can resist not watching BFB???  Not even after this?

Click me!

Ok, now to the main subject of this post... I'm a Philippine expat but I still get homesick for my birth country especially during Christmas seasons.  That's why I like the idea of taking CD to the Philippines for my dream photoshoot.  

*quoted image*

A field of lit lanterns will be his backdrop first by the seaside at twilight and then right outside one of the Spanish inspired churches while a throng of people pour out from attending a midnight mass.

@hyesun4lyf... Field of lit lanterns... now, that's very creative!! I'm tempted to actually phone a magazine editor in Korea to make this happen stat. That's how much I love this idea!!

Florence...Switzerland... @myoneandonly - this reminds me of my Euro rail trip over the past summer. maybe CD can do a photoshoot like that, no? European Rail? Like a backpacking concept and we can see how the stations change or the train windows change sceneries denoting the place? And then he can take a city scene in the actual cities... Of course if I could tag along with him on the trip that's going to be better. :P

@GHSForever - haha, take him to Palawan. It's more secluded. Unlimited opportunities for thigh sightings that way.

Awesome ideas @C'Dusketeers!!

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Guest Earthprincess

DAY 4 is upon us!!

Bust out those photos and caption them Daninotes!! Please let me finish this report at work first, then I'll do my captioning!!


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Guest hyesun4lyf

One more day and it's The Musical!!! wub.gif Yay!

@myonenonly...you have a very interesting mix of heritage and I'm thrilled to know you have Filipino blood coursing through your veins. biggrin.gif I love the old traditions too!  Ahh...I'm getting homesick right now. *went to play some Christmas carols*

@Earthprincess...I'm imagining the scene from Tangled movie where they were lighting up the lanterns and letting them float up to the sky.  Now that I will really contact some PD to create a scene with CD in it. w00t.gif

@shades_blue...I have to thank you for leading me to photobucket. That edited pic you posted of CD way back got me curious on how you did it (I only have Instragram and it's not really forum-friendly). Ahaha!  CD in that dress really cracked me up. w00t.gif I will sorely miss him after TheMu ends.  

@GHSforever, it's okay D. I'll do my utmost to try to change your mind still....keke.

Oh, right, before I forget, on to my captioned pics...





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This facial expression of Sir Danny is priceless to me. I wuv you man!   blush.gif:wub:

:tears:I'm going to miss TheMu. whaaahhh 


..& you're saying what sir? Love his spectacles..my superman?  :w00t::wub:

Hello to CDuskees/keters, Daninotes & ChoiSun fans! Keep coming with your post. @hysun4lyf love your funny captions above.:lol:  I love CD's CK underwear! lols....@shades_blue loving yours too kiddo! ..on vacation?-off school? @GHSforever where are you sis?

So day 4 it is..@Earthprincess this thread is doing great! So what's the next theme? kekeke... :)

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Hello C'duskeeters

I'm so sorry for the late post I hope its not to late I left my house this morning at 6 am and just got home at 9 pm its been a long day :( but it's ok because I'm off tomorrow and I can live streaming for the Musical :)

@myonenonly I'm here sis just trying to catch up with you guys LOL

@hyesun4lyf his pictures sooooooo cute :) maybe 1 day I will have strength to watch him with another lead actress 1 day maybe <_<

@shades_blue love his dorkey pictures and the last pictures was just adorable :)


do you miss me GHS cuz I miss you :(


Smile, Smile, Smile :)


ahhhhhhhhhh you smell so good GHS LOL

Have a nice evening Daninotes c u at the Musical tomorrow :)

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Hello C'Duskeeters

Day 5 - December 16th: Talk about your favorite Choi Daniel movie or about your expectations for his upcoming movie.

OK ill be honest I havent seen him on any other movie or drama except for The Musical :) @hyesu4lyf im thinking of watching Crayano Agency not today I'm not ready yet but maybe next week. So what I'm trying to say is I cant talk about CD regarding his movie, and regarding his upcoming movie no expectations at all because I know he's going to be great :)

sorry guys how about a picture


OMG that smiles melt my heart :)

I want to share my The Musical MV hope you guys like it :)


have a nice weeken Daninotes :)

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Guest hyesun4lyf

DAY 4 is upon us!!

Bust out those photos and caption them Daninotes!!  Please let me finish this report at work first, then I'll do my captioning!!


We've started Day 5 now, dear chingu.  Hope you are okay and not buried under all your work.  You know what they say..."all work and no play..." biggrin.giftongue.gif

I am a sucker for thrillers and horror movies.  I scream the loudest when I'm in the theater and half the time my fingers are splayed across my face to lessen the scare factor...keke, but I still watch even when I'm all alone.  That's why I'm looking forward to watch CD's upcoming Taigong movie.  It's a thriller and I haven't watched a Korean thriller yet so I am looking forward to this one if it'll keep me on the edge of my seat.  I love CD being dorky and comical as well as an "oppa" w00t.gif and knowing that he's a good actor, I am expecting a great performance as well in this movie.  A man desperately looking for his wife aboard a foreign ship sounds like a very serious role indeed.  So, bring on the suspense!


Edited: cr http://www.hancinema.net 

@GHSforever...love your video! It's no wonder you can't let go of this OTP.  You just love them both together, so so much.

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Hello Daninotes :)

Ku Hye Sun gives into Choi Daniel’s love on The Musical

December 17, 2011 12:15 pm ilnungcha


Ku Hye Sun finally gave into Choi Daniel’s confession of love.

On the pisode of SBS TV’s The Musical that aired on December 16, Ko Eunbi(played by Ku Hye Sun) finally opened her heart to Hong Jay(played by Choi Daniel)’s love confession.

She previously revealed her feelings for Hong Jay’s kiss confession with tears. She said, “I always dreamt of singing and performing with Bae Kang Hee but when I was singing next to her, my brain kept being peculiar…”

Hong Jay asked, “You thought of me right?” and gave her a loving stare. She revealed, “I figured it out when I was singing Do Hwa’s song. Everybody just kept saying…” Hong Jay answered, “That it’s my love confession.”

Eunbi continued, “I don’t really know what love is. So…” Hong Jay asked, “You never received love and never loved someone right?”

Eunbi replied, “Yes… but I’m going to try because you are loving someone and you are the one giving it to me. I would like to receive it very much.” and leaned herself on Jay’s back and smiled. In other words, she gave in to Jay’s love.

In this broadcast however, Yoo Jin(played by Park Gi Woong) confesses his love to Eunbi after breaking up with Ra Kyung(played by Ki Eun Sae) and aroused curiosity on how the love line will be developed before the end of the series.

Source: TV Report

Have a happy weekend :)

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Guest hyesun4lyf

Eeeepp!  So everyone's declaring who they're loving...whoot woo!  RK on the loosing end...huhu.  I was so sorry for her.  Jang was such a staunch supporter but he can only take in so much.  KH is baaack!  I really hoped that she had changed...oh well, she will definitely be changed after the next episode.  Jin will be facing another disappointment but I think he will be okay, right ladies, cause he's got us. w00t.gif Thanks, GHSforever for that article. wub.gif

So, I was searching YT for some recipes and look what I found...keke phew.gif

Love Ballad by BES


Cre popseoul.wordpress.com

I don't know if you, dear chingus, have seen this already.  It's certainly my first time and I have been replaying it for the nth time now.  CD is soooo adorable!  I think I'm fast becoming a fangirl now...help!

Happy Saturday, y'all! biggrin.gif 

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Guest shades_blue

Sorry I missed yesterday chingu's! Bizarre circumstances landed me in the hospital last night only to find out I have pneumonia among other things. crazy.gif I hope our fearless 12 days leader Earthprincess is ok? unsure.gif EP? EP? myonenonly is also MIA? unsure.gif WebMD I need you! laugh.gif

Love the spookied up pic hyesun4lyf! I was going to say Taigong as well, I LOVE me a good thriller. 

GHSforever thanks for your MV as well as that article. Gah, JY is so cute with her, guiding her towards love, and now she's willing! 

The actress who plays RK did an amazing job throughout this episode, I believed her breakdown 100%! KH losing her voice next week? Can she live by evil machinations alone? Muuaa haa ha. 

hyesun4lyf thank you for that video, but are you trying to send me back to the hospital? I think I lost it when he came on screen dripping wet. Rawr. I was glad it had a happy ending!


Now I have to figure out what today's theme is and come back. I'm flying home next week so I may miss a day or two but I'll try not to. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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Guest hyesun4lyf

shades_blue!!!! chingu, I hope you'll be better soon.  You have to get better, girl.  I'm scared of pneumonia.  Take those antibiotics on time, 'k?  It's a good thing you're going home for Christmas...your family will take care of you.  Take some CD pills as well since it's laced with EB now and not the toxic SA...keke phew.gif

I love that video!!! w00t.gif  I'm glad you and GHSforever liked it too. How do you, two, do that??? You can even do that on YT...capture those screenshots????  My hats off to you both.  I can't even get my webcam going biggrin.gif

Take care, all C'Duskers.  Take your Vit C's!  EP and myonenonly....yo-hoo!  unsure.gif

Edit *waves to shades_blue* Glad to see you here! Take care now.  And I feel the same way about The Mu over BFB.  It's where I first started to really like CD and appreciate his acting.  BFB really surprised me with the big difference in characters and how he was able to pull it off.  The Mu is just different for me.  This is how I would like to see CD.  Oh, and the drama itself...well, it really started out with a bang for me then it kind of got muddled with too many side stories and the 2nd male lead getting a better character development but it's not over yet and I'm still invested in it.

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Guest shades_blue

*fans self* Thanks for the screencaps GHSforeversweatingbullets.gif I may just sweat this sickness out!

So day 6! Hmmm…my favorite Choi Daniel drama. This is a hard question, even if I’ve only seen 2 of them, but I’m going to go with The Musical, because though I think Baby Faced Beauty was more enjoyable throughout (there was also a lot more Choi Daniel adorableness), it’s Hong Jae Yi that I fell in love with.  I love the maturity and sweetness of his character, even amidst his lurking playboy tendencies, because it makes his character more like a real person. Flawed but adorable and earnest. Guys, how are we going to survive until the next CD drama? I hope he’s not going to give up dramas for movies.tears.gif



*edit* looks like we posted at the same time hye! I will take antibiotics and a bazillion CD pills, no worries! Oh, and you can hit "print screen" on your computer and then paste the images into a document. That's what I do. ;)

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Guest hyesun4lyf

Thanks for the tip, shades_blue.  I tried it but my keyboard has all these weird symbols.  One key will have up to 4 symbols, letter, number, and weird squiggle...is this a Canadian thing or what?  Hu hu hu. Anyway, I've a techie nephew...he'll probably fix it for me.

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