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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, what's in a name? I love discovering the stories behind a person's name and why their parents chose it. sometimes, these stories can be very interesting.

Choi Daniel is a South Korean actor, DJ and television anchorman. He is best known for his roles in High Kick Through the Roof, Cyrano Agency, Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, Big Man, Jugglers &a

To the most handsome guy in South Korea, wishing you a very happy birthday! Always be happy and healthy! Good luck on your upcoming drama! ❤❤❤❤     https://www.

hello lovelies.... :blush:


My latest poll is so entertaining!! Oh gosh, so many thoughts by Daniel's fans about his love acts! :love:

I still have 2 friends left out of 10 to vote in! And here are the results as for now!!.... :)

Thanks a lot for your love support lovelies!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


And we already have the winner... :D


 @parkeunbinchoidaniel @Pyar @gladys0710 @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 for 60516848_2210112892633578_8339493863559266304_n.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ht=scontent.fcmb2-1.fna&oh=4cba26dd860485d054d49c6f67e6e176&oe=5D65734C


@triplem @Ameera Ali for 60954701_2210112899300244_1901517845984968704_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent.fcmb2-1.fna&oh=d83e20fb1785af62b24ec3b074336160&oe=5D61D0DF


And for the very first time in my polls, I am adding an extra item for one of my best chingus here.... :heart: :heart: You are so sweet!!! 


@Lawyerh for 60853987_2210112882633579_8292202146166734848_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_ht=scontent.fcmb2-1.fna&oh=5a1cce4f457582e8762f2f6175bb6d4f&oe=5D62918E


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10 hours ago, gm4queen said:

But as you know, some countries have different cultures & intimacy is banned from the society so some chingus like @nohamahamoud2002 here have problems with watching the bed scene!! They go too deep in their own world, don't they..???!

Actually I live in my own world as you said. I guess I am bit different, but it is OK



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13 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:


Actually I live in my own world as you said. I guess I am bit different, but it is OK


There's nothing wrong with being different than others, dear! I think being different mean you are independent & you have a your own identity which I find absolutely amazing! :) 

So no worries, dear! Chill out :heart:


And dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends,

In last year, Daniel just shooted a movie called Beast right after The Ghost Detective ended! His character there is a support role as a young detective (minus ghost) :D.. No further details yet for a release date!! 

Hopefully we'll get more info as the time passes...


Some BTS stills of him during the shoot... :heart: Looking so cute as always!



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  • gm4queen changed the title to Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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