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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021


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1 hour ago, rosierosie said:


Yes, I like him since Baby Faced Beauty with Jang Nara :)!!! 


Awwww.... So sweet of you dear! :wub:

Baby Faced Beauty is my very 1st drama of Choi Daniel! He & Na Ra were too cute in noona & donseng romance!


49 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


My friends r huge fanning with other actors so im not alone i have someone like you thank you for inviting me here and is a better place to talk about him. Im glad to talk with u about daniel 


Same here dear.... :love:

And Oh god, let me post your gif again here.... I LOVE IT!!!!! :) :heart: And why do I see two racoons there...????!!! :D Ha ha ha.... This guy is too cute to handle in bangs & glasses!!!! :lol: And where did the cold, arrogant boss go..???! I can't even imagine that this is the same person from the beginning of Jugglers.... And it's the proof that he can do any role to the extend!!!! :o



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Dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel darling....


I love the stuff you post about Daniel & Eun Bin here dear :) Those scenes make me even more wanting them to work together again!! They are so lovely!!!! :)

And he looks so young when he's with her! I dunno how that's possible... Your pic is the best proof for that!! I am so upset that there's no news of them reuniting again... :tears: I am over addicted to this couple!




And of course, Daniel's fans are obsessed with his eye glasses! :D 

I saw in an interview him saying that he's not wearing his signature  eye glasses in this series because it's unnecessary for his role! But his fans keep imagine him with eye glasses!!!!! :) How cute is that..???! :wub:


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7 hours ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


Yes i remember he say that @gm4queen

Also the pics above is sooo cute i love how they hug each other its soooo cute 

This scenes above is soooo sad and cute i knew something going on he will do it all by himself in order to protect her 


Your post are making me even more hungry for Daniel & Eun Bin dear.... :wub: 


This is totally a different feeling that I've never felt before for any one! Seriously, fans miss them even today! :o It's a surprise that they aren't even ready to let them go... And I just checked numerous web sites including youtube this morning for The Ghost detective & all the sites have a huge popularity for the series! Most of the youtube videos are nearly 50,000 in viewers count now!!! :) I can't see the same response for any other KBS drama after The Ghost detective....


And wow :love: , who would possibly think that a horror series can go this far in fans' heart..??!! :o It's like as if KBS hit the top with Lee Da Il/ Joeng Yo Wool couple & then hit the bottom when they disappeared from the screen!!!! :tears: I feel really sad for KBS, dear!!! :( No one could spark the KBS screen like our fav couple so far!!



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  • gm4queen changed the title to Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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