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The Ghost Detective review (spoilers marked at end)

                                    Nicki 입니다。February 27


Major Cast


Daniel Choi as DaIl




Daniel Choi (argh, my baby ) was flawless. I wouldn't say this character challenged him at all, since has played rough characters before- but the fact that he FINALLY ditched his clean cut image, just ...perfection. I really thought he breathed life and oh so much personality into DaIl.


(No words to say!!! I 1000% agree with the writer!! :wub: He is the life of the series!!! Flawless perfection!!!!!!)




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1 hour ago, Pyar said:


big man


YAYY!!! One of my fav drams of Choi Daniel even though he is the villain! :wub: NO.... He is the purest villain I've ever seen in a K-drama!!! And the cutest one too...... cute-rabbit-emoticon-10.gif?1301940529 Hah haaaaaaaaa..... Love you so much, Daniel!!!!



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