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11 hours ago, Pyar said:


Why he not pick up a drama yet? Miss him:anguished: Hope he come back soon!


2 hours ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


@Pyar i think he want a break


Yes darlings, I am also desperately waiting for him!! He definitely needs a good rest as he was super busy promoting his new movie for the past few months... :) 


But aside from having a break, I find current K-dramas don't fit for his personality!!! You know he is not a feminine actor but a manly actor with a lot of manly charms!!! :heart: Currently airing K-dramas don't fit him at all dears... I think there's no manly male lead role in the current k-dramaland!!! So we have to wait patiently until someone offers him a manly script!!! :love:


And speaking about manliness, what a feast for eyes..???!! :wub: :o B) This tall, handsome guy with beard is my thirst now.... black-heart-hi.png black-heart-hi.png black-heart-hi.png black-heart-hi.png He should definitely do a manly role next with his beard on.... A perfect beard boyfriend :D black-heart-hi.png black-heart-hi.png



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