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awwwww gosh i remember watching this drama,

i saw it on tv, and i was like " ohhh cute guys " ROFLS,

then i start watching it. It was soo old though, but i still remember i loved it.

I remember crying about it D: It was a sad drama *tears*

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Guest simoneaw

I think I can safely say that this is the early taiwan drama that made me fall in love with idol dramas.

I loved the chemistry between Ambrose and Tammy, and the love stories between them and her sister with her boyfriend. I can still remember all the touching scenes and just thinking about them makes me cry. Its sad to know that some people do actually feel deprived of the right to love because of different reasons, be it the reality of life, health, or just the basic emotional hurts we all carry on ourselves because of what we may encounter in life. This show did somehow renew my faith in finding true love and cherishing moments of happiness with our loved ones no matter how long or short the time may be.

Even though many people hate the fact that not only did Tammy die in the show but their baby had to die along with her, I thought it was a perfect ending that allowed this show to stay in people's memories. We have to think realistically, it would seem like the whole show is such a waste of time if they did managed to live until they were both super old and die at like the age of 80. It would be unrealistic for a fetus of about 5-6 months old to survive especially when the mother has a weak heart. Although the 3rd miracle they all hoped for did not occur, it doesn't crush the notion they were trying to send out to they viewers that 'miracles can happen when we try hard enough'. It makes viewers stay realistic that miracles happen, not always but we shouldn't stop trying our best.

Plus Ambrose final performance of their song in the ending scene was sang with a lot of emotion, I now cry whenever I hear the song and reminisce the scene he carried her, kissed her forehead and said 'I love you' for the last time.

I love Ambrose. He's a good actor and singer.

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