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Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung) 김현중/金賢重/ キム・ヒョンジュン

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[2019.03.10] "NEW WAY" Fansign Event

at Sangam S-Plex Center 3D Theater

HJ with the bear

great work of apricotgrace congrats 

cr. apricotgrace

cr.ShaN 업산

cr. OnlyKimHyunJoongHKFamily







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some of the things HJ said

in the sign event on 3/16 per fan vids posted:

- 3 digital songs planned to be released

before WT
- he will not kick off his WT in Seoul

as usual but rather have a finale there due

to venue rental issues.
- drama to be filmed in due time

trans by sunny

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Posted by ThomFrances 12 hours ago

Kim Hyun-Joong, Jang Jayeon Trending on Weibo


Kim Hyun-Joong was recently trending on Weibo (The Chinese version of twitter) It was recalled that after Jang Jayeon committed suicide 10 years ago during the filming of Boys Before Flowers, Kim Hyun-Joong who was known for being quiet was quite vocal about the fact that the cast members were not given enough time to grieve before the producers decided to host an open set. This also led to fans recalling the defamation and fraud committed against him by his ex-girlfriend and the lack of media coverage on the not-guilty verdict of the courts. 

There was outpouring of love and support for him from Chinese fans who also celebrated the fact that the petition to retain Jang Jayeon's case had over 570000 signatures. 




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I know! It's an old article though but i saw this today! it's not shared good that time and us and many of haters didn't see this...

So i'm sharing again...

Kim Hyun Joong Ruled Not Guilty Of False Accusations Against Ex-Girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong Ruled Not Guilty Of False Accusations Against Ex-Girlfriend

Sep 23, 2016
by R. Jun

September 22, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty in the case against him by his ex-girlfriend (hereafter referred to as “A”) for defamation and false accusations.

Previously, in July of last year, Kim Hyun Joong sued A for blackmail, fraud, false accusations, and defamation, at which time A countersued for defamation.

Lee Jae Man, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer from Law Firm Cheong Pa, said to Star News on September 23, “This case is a new milestone that will be a warning to those who defame and falsely accuse innocent celebrities. This is the first case where a celebrity in military service has been ruled innocent of defamation.”

Lee Jae Man said that a decision must be made regarding A’s alleged defamation of Kim Hyun Joong, but that the military police are unable to investigate A, as she is a civilian. “I will be discussing how we will take legal measures about this with Kim Hyun Joong. I will work to the end to reveal the truth.”

Earlier in August, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty of causing miscarriage — of an alleged second pregnancy — by assault and coercion of abortion. Kim Hyun Joong, who enlisted in May of last year, will be discharged in February 2017.



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