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Kim Hyun Joong 김현중/金賢重/ キム・ヒョンジュン

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Today's evwnt will take 4 hrs!!:lol:

Including hi touch event!!!^_^B)



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- HJ came on stage,

starred at us:Dsnapped his fingers & time stood still,

the entire audience froze, lightsticks in midair.

He came down, walked amongst frozen fans.

Went back onstage with a fan’s lightstick & bag:lol:

froze for 5mins Snap again,

unfroze, then loud cheers!


by khjenoz


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2019.02.28 When time stopped FM

at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall




cr KimHyunJoongThailand

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もうほんっとに来てよかった! ジュヌ最高でーす






cr mikitty

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[2019.02.28] "When time stopped" FM

at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall

cr chocomint0606





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cr chikiyumi

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오늘에 럭키 걸이 보여 주신 것

cr chiharu


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盛りだくさんな イベントで


リダ とのハイタも久しぶり〜



cr kana_ss501





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[2019.02.28]‘When Time Stopped’ Drama FM

-Yokohama At end,

credits rolled over the entire clip taken

at start of FM when time stopped.

We got to see what HJ saw walking amongst frozen fans:lol:

An ingenious way of sharing with us what amused him

by khjenoz



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In the opening, HJ came down slowly and said,

“Welcome to my time”.

Moon Joon-Woo was there

HJ took a lightstick and a bag to see if fans could :rolleyes:

really tolerate to be frozen...

HJ:”...but everyone did great.”

It was so cute when he came up to

the stage with a bag and lightstick with a mischievous boy’s smile

MC: What’s your impression when u read the script for the first time?

HJ: I think men have imagined if they’d hv supernatural powers.

What about women?”

MC got surprised as she was unexpectedly picked by HJ as a

representative of women.

HJ answered her question with a question

MC answered to HJ’s question,

MC:”Wish to have a teleportation power like

‘anywhere door’, right everyone?”

HJ showed a doubtful face:mellow:

MC: “Not the right answer to you?”

HJ: “I think women want a magic that makes you stay

the same age forever”.

...HJ knows women’s mind

5 supernatural powers HJ wishes to have since he was a kid:

1. Stop time

2.Invisible man

3. Fire from hand

4. Fly

5. Teleportation

HJ:Top1 is Teleportation.

Want to go travel without getting on a plane.

MC:That’s exactly what I answered to you!!

(Why he made that doubtful face?:mellow:)

HJ:”What I really wanted to do by using teleportation power was...

I guess all the men might think the same....

Go to the bank...I won’t say anymore.

“ No. 2 was ‘to stop time’,

and it became true through this drama

MC talked about the man who had a supernatural power,

can copy and reproduce money by hands...

MC: Remember? Like this..(explained)

HJ: as there were many men who had supernatural powers,

I didn’t know.

MC: Pls watch this drama again later...

MC: Isn’t that great if you put your hand,

you can reproduce Gyudon(beef ball)?

HJ: That’s not bad!

(Put hand and pretend he has the power and spell)

‘Sukiya (HJ’s favorite beef ball chain)’

‘Kimch’ ‘onsen soft boiled egg’

Too cute:D

MC: If you can travel back in time,

what time would u like to go back?
HJ: Like I say always,

I think today is the best.

If I go back to the past,

I have to do again all the things

I’ve done up until I came here today.

So I like today.

An episode that impressed HJ most:

Other actors had to act like time stopped,

couldn’t move at all for a long time as they shoot from different angles.

HJ could act freely but some ppl couldn’t even brink.

When he saw some of them,

there were tears in their eyes.

HJ arrived Japan earlier what did he do?

HJ: “Went to golf, Don’t know if u all know,

but In GyoJin-san is the best golf player in Korean entertainers.

So I feel became better and better playing w/him.

In GyoJin-san showed his air golf swing.

MC asked HJ to show his swing & he did

HJ promised to post some pictures taken with In GyoJin senpai

when they played golf and went out for dinner

in the Henecia Japan official website.^_^

Asked if he can use the teleportation power,

where does he want to go?

In GyoJin: “To bank. Did you guys talk about it?”

Senpai really knows how to entertain people

Is there anywhere HJ wants to go now

(by using teleportation power)?
HJ:”I want to go to a hot spring.

I will leave it to your creative imagination.
Men naturally imagine those mischievous things

when they were little,

but if they seriously imagine at my age now,

it’s a crime.”

HJ and In GyoJin senpai known each other for about 3yrs.

The first impression of KHJ?

What did you think about him?

In GyoJin: Good looking.

I wanna make this guy mine!”

All : :lol:

How about HJ?

HJ: I thought he was a piece of work,

but actually he was sweet as a person.

What HJ felt ever since he met w/GyoJin senpai:

HJ:When it comes to human relationship,

the time u met doesn’t matter.

Even if u met today,

u can build a good relationship than anyone else.

(Since I met him)

I realized for the 1st time that

the time knowing each other doesn’t matter.

HJ: “These 3yrs I spent with In GyoJin-san by acting and meeting,

feel like as if we’ve known each other for 25 years.

And I was told to say louder when I

talk these kinds of things.”

Any secret episode about HJ?

HJ: “Let me drink water...”

In GyoJin: “HJ drink water so often.

That’s why during playing golf together,

he ran to a toilet.

“HJ, where are u going?”

“I’ll go to a toilet”

“OK, got it~”like this.”

HJ suddenly tried to reveal a secret by himself.

HJ: In GyoJin-san also knows what I am like

when I get drunk.

In GyoJin: I don’t know well,

as I also pretty much drunk.

Drama trivia: The shop owner of antique shop acted

as the president of a hotel as well,

also become the auction MC later.

HJ: Please purchase DVD

and check it out.

HJ picked to sing “Why” as in the section called

‘bridge’ the lyrics goes “If I can stop the time”.

HJ: I wrote this song with the painful feeling of love

I got through this drama.

Today I will sing this song not as KHJ but Joon-Woo.”


In GyoJin-san sang a song called

“참 예뻐요 (You’re so pretty)”

He spread his Happy Virus!

2 fans selected to act drama scenes

each as Sun-A with HJ.

HJ: “You may not be able to genuinely

pleased from your heart,

but please give them a round of applause superficially.”

Sorry don’t wanna remember this...

Don’t know why,

but when he selected just two fans to act,

he drew more than two,

call out just the row number and put it back to the box.

He enjoyed fans’ screaming and keep calling

just the row number and put them back.

Super S...

The producer of the soundtrack

and also composed all the songs in the soundtrack

is Mr. Park Geun Chul.

He produced the OST of BOF, Love in Paradise,

also composed SS501’s songs.

He played the piano during the special stage.

I can’t read my memo well but...

HJ: I think there were different kinds of excitement

from concerts [today].

As you all are here,

I can try hard on acting from now on.

I felt I am really a blessed person.

Thanks to your support,

I was given talent not only singing but also acting.


:love:  :heart:  :love:

At the end, he said in Japanese,

“Mainichi Mainichi Aishitemasu”

[Day after day, I love you]

It was worth going just hear that word :wub:

by Kika

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(横浜)_Photo time.
cr mikitty
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【レコチョク】recochoku Daily Ranking 2月28日付も……

:heart:K-POP/World music


キム・ヒョンジュン 「PURE LOVE」


cr mikitty



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A lucky fan A who acted a scene w/HJ as Sun-A Scene:

Eat ice cream together at the house rooftop.

Fan: Joon-Woo-san, you seems a good person.

HJ: I even don’t know if I’m a human or not.

Then she touches JW’s heart gently,

eat ice cream again and smile each other.


Fan A looked nervous during practice so we’re worried.
HJ: U can touch me hard.
When the beginning of actual play,

she suddenly took off her glasses,

perfectly actress mode:lol:
She did great & HJ amazed & said,

Saiko means”U’re the best &

her name was Saiko~아저씨

A lucky fan B who acted a scene w/HJ as Sun-A Scene:

Hang out the sheet in the sun.

Sun-A struggles to hang the sheet then

JW calmly appears from her back,

helps her hang the sheet as if he is holding her.

She slowly looks back, gazes at JW with emotions...


Then HJ added that she can make up

the stories from there.

Can even hug him.
HJ: The rest, I will leave it to your ability.
The actual play started,

and she tried to hang many times,

but never succeeded.

HJ was standing behind,

looking at her, enjoyed watching her fail

JW finally came close to her from the back,

hung the sheet.

She looked at JW...then....then....

she completely froze:rolleyes:

HJ waited for her next action with holding back laughter.

Then gently smiled and opened his arms from him...

Sweet hug... :rolleyes::wub:

(:3 」∠)_ (3/3)

by Kika

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3월 카렌다입니다~ 즐감

by 깻잎~sesame




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:star:No.1 NEWWAY (CD+DVD) :star:

Congratulations :glasses:

by wendyccy88


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190209 Kim Hyun Joong New Way Concert in Seoul

- Love Song



 via @YouTube

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HJ time begins!!

by Kika





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