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Kim Hyun Joong 김현중/金賢重/ キム・ヒョンジュン

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Hi,  Someone asked me to post this comment on the thread.  It was written on LazerKim's blog by Nemesis on September 20th.  It is very long but very insightful.  @Teleri  Thank you for pointing out th

Well, what else can you say after reading a comment like that.     Nemisis seem to put a lot of effort into analyzing and writing really good opinion pieces about this whole messy ordeal.   When I rea

Yes abortion is illegal but is rarely enforced ... As in many countries. those interested in reading about potential impact: http://klawguru.com/2013/10/06/instigating-abortion/   I think whatever the

credit to
The backdrops and lighting was so beautiful... like an iMax! If you were sat further behind the effect was breathtaking. With Wait for me, it seemed he was singing in a forest on a bright summer’s day. With Haze you were enveloped in a haze with even the smoke...
With four seasons, the tree seemed alive, the petals unfurling just in front of you, going through the seasons...
New Way made you feel as though you were soaring above the hills and plains...breathtaking effects
It was breathtaking!! The white lighting for Haze was so low just over our heads we could have touched it. Smoke was billowing in a circular motion within...HJ & us...together...never seen nor experienced something so beautiful
So HJ kept his promise to his young fan
Touched by his continued efforts to reach out to fans!by giving away free tickets to a yung fan from Busan
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IN BUSAN 2019.2.23




Fans said to have concert through out the night.

Khj : but i alrd made reservation at restaurant later.


Khj :shall we all go tgt?

In that case all the 광어in busan would be eaten.


Khj :i will have full album in korea every year.


The security for today was really tight.

Video is nt allowed at all.


Khj :in the henecia chat many ppl requested past (501) songs at concert.


Khj taught us how to say 오빠 사랑해 in busan accent.

오빠야 사랑한데


Khj : the time i spent with my family in jeju recently is very precious.

Its been a long time since we ride a car tgt,eat tgt, slept tgt.


by Ziqi

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about Kim Hyun Joong NEW WAY

busan concert  2019.02.23 


Yesterday i loved the back drop of misery...

It is so romantic and feels dreamy...

Being Misery is one such favourite...

I almost got engrossed I to the back drop and didn't see HJ.

The next one I opened my mouth...

wooooowwww is for Paradise...

I felt as if I have gone into the galaxy to sing Vela Vela vela...

I loved when gunjitsu pronounced "Oppaya" very softly....


I felt like I have to try calling Oppaya often after Busan concert....

HJ made me call Oppaya....

Though am older to him...

But felt so cute...

I also loved when the Guitarists and HJ sat in a row for ballad...

It felt like a gathering of friends...

Singing in a bar...

A camp fire background would also will look more apt...

I tried capturing Why with HJ beautiful...

But my mobile was taken and the security deleted the small video and few pictures...

Including my concert memory I took with the stage screen and Uzoosin stick....

Some fans are really smart in capturing...

He mentioned something about Heat song in Korea and how it will start...

started with first line...

It sounded good...

I hope he can release a Korean version along with other upbeat songs in new album...

If possible with a MV and dance.

I won't ask in HB.

Kiss kiss he was holding the Mike to audience for long time... 

That smile when everyone sing along and shyness.. 


One thing I forgot to share...

HJ's hair looked so silky and jumpy...

Especially his right side of hairstyle is like a beautiful layer...by layer...

I got distracted and forgot lyrics seeing that.

One more cute moment...

I think during encore..

He sang two songs and was drinking water...

Fans kept saying "Kim Hyun Joong"

HJ was nodding his head and showing his hand like he know, he know...

the sound went higher and he spoke

Arrasso arrasso I will sing one more song...

That was super cute...

& After this song also fans demanded & said he promised for 3 hours...

He said see your watch in cute action & face expression...

One fan went and showed her watch...

How I wish I understand the language much more to narrate it well...

Many times fans laughed for his jokes...

around me Japanese fans so I couldn't even ask...

Mr.Eun Chang Kim got some hurt in his fingers...

And HJ was asking him why why...

They spoke in a language I couldn't understand...

But it was cute to watch them care and tease...

Such a combo...

One day in subway station near Myeongdong

one Ahjussi came towards us and said

"Welcome to South Korea"

gave chocolate and a book and said

"Jesus loves you"

my immediate mind process is wish it is HJ who loves us

HJ was more on to the left side of stage...

I was on right side where

I had more of seeing the performance of Julia dreams,

drummer and Basshyun...

I could feel the drum effect in live for So what, Astraea, misery...

I think Basshyun is youngest...

She was all smiley and cute...

When they all joke she laughed along with the fans in front...

Also noticed Julia dreams singing in places along with HJ...

The Guitarists were cute with head banging...

Enjoyed So What twice

The Keyboard playing of Mrs.Binna is super cool.

Haze was so overwhelming. In most of the videos we get to see HJ singing...

But in live I paid attention to see each one of them...

Very talented they are...

Thanks to them for always being in the side of HJ.

by 비카


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Busan concert. Khj : got to busan 2 days ago.

Went to sightseeing and beaches.

Got massage(and some therapy) done at hotel.


Khj : he hopes next time korea concert tour

will also have places like daejeon, busan again,

and also jeju.


by Ziqi



During the Busan performance

Eun Chong the guitarist went to grab one of the towels..

HJ looked so concerned and shocked ,

seemed to have cut his hand or something.

Saying there’s blood??!


by lovingkimhyunjoong

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Suddenly remember HJ saying he watched Bohemian Rhapsody

during the Busan concert ...

couldn’t catch what he said though...

Wonder what he thought of it :p


by SP



I can't remember exactly but I think he said

he was inspired by Freddie's passion for music..


by 4ever_HYUN



From what SK fans shared..

HJ was able to watch this movie finally in Jeju..

which was released in 2018.

He was impressed and I think

he dedicated wait for me song to them.


by 비카



Yes he said he watched it in Jeju

but I think he said something else too


by SP

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Program title



Satellite Theater

started from 10:30 pm on 2019/04/19

Every week (Fri) 10:30 Pm

Next (Fri) 7:30 am

Weekly talk progress

11 episodes




Toujours Henecia

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Just a few HJ talks per my memory

(may not be very accurate)


1/ HJ arrived in Busan early n tried a cryotherapy

(or cold therapy) for the first time.

And it was really v cold.


Busan HJ talk per my memory

(may not be very accurate)

2/When HJ said that ‘it’s alrdy been 3hrs into the concert,’

fans disagreed n a fan in the front approached the stage n showed her watch.

HJ checked the time n said ‘uhh,

is it [her wstch] a knock-off?’


  3/HJ alwys prays wth the band b4concrts n inBusan

asked EunChong (guitarist) 2pray in Gyeongsang dialects,

as he is frm the province [where Busan is].

HJ said the prayer sounded quite tough.

[the dialects r known as tougher sounding than Seoul dialects


4/When HJ found what’s written on the fans’ event banner,

he showed off his knwoledge of Busan dialects.

HJ said ‘in Seoul, ppl say 오빠 oppa,

but in Busan, 오빠야 oppaya

with 오빠야 intonation,’

n proudly gave us a few practices to say 오빠야


5/And eventually HJ asked fans to say 오빠야 사랑한데이

[oppa we love u in Busan dialects as in the banner],

in response to his last bow with the band saying

‘everyone we love you’ in Busan dialects.


6/HJ said ‘it seems he came to Busan too late,’

as he’d never done concerts in any other places than in Seoul in SK.

He understands that it could have made SK fans frustrated.

But in future,

he will keep on holding concerts in Daejeon, Busan n Jeju...


7/He gave out 2 CDs wth lucky number 7 n his bd 6.

He picked the tix n had the fans up on stage

n asked them to choose the number.

But they were JPN fans n didn’t know what he was asking.

HJ realized that n said ‘ok I’ll sign n just give one to each.’


8/When HJ announced the last tix,

he called out the number one by one slowly

DA / fifty / My heart almost stopped,

cuz my number was DA/52 Then he said Five 

I was 3 off from DA/55 

oh well, I can’t be that lucky

but v happy for those picked


9/Fans chanted KHJ KHJ KHJ persistently

aftr he said it’s going to be the last encore song.

Eventually HJ stopped chanting

but added another song as the second last.

And that was SO WHAT,

my HJ LIVE FAV in SK Tour!

[v important 2keep chanting KHJ‼️]


by Sunny

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Just a few HJ talks per my memory

(may not be very accurate)



10/HJ recently watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody

n was very impressed n inspired by Freddie Mercury’s passions in music.

Aftr watching it, he felt tht he’d bn2lax these days

n said he’d keep his passion alive in future.

[loveQueen evenmore now]

11/HJ mentioned his recent family vac in Jeju:

how he missed out spending time togthr with his family

before n how much he appreciated it this time.

[May HJ & his family always be healthy and happy together!]

12/B4 Bcuz I’m Stupid,

he said he recently came to know fans call it

내머나 in stead of 내머리가 나빠서,

was v amused by it.

[v surprised tht he didn’t k it b4!]

[Koreans love2make contractions.]

[it’s like saying ‘I’m stu’ insteadof ‘Bcuz I’mStupid]

13/HJ was v happy he cud rearrange B-I-S this time,

n has been trying many yrs to rearrange HEAT

n release in the Korean version but hasn’t been quite successful yet.

[Hwaiting HJ! You can do it!]

14/HJ said fans requested NeverAgain for Busan,

but he cudn’t do it,

cuz none of Gemini band members knew the song.

Fans laughed.

Binna was playing the keyboard in the back.

Then HJ said

‘now Binna is playing the cords of NeverAgain!

She is a genius!’

15/KissKiss the last encore song:

a perfect ending!

The band was playing v quietly n HJ let fans sing the song

with a long repeat Kiss Kiss chant!

It was quite magnetic n magical moments of sweet immersions.

Then HJ whistled the end so gently.


by sunny

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