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Kim Hyun Joong 김현중/金賢重/ キム・ヒョンジュン

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[2019.02.10] KHJ "NEW WAY" Concert

at Blue Square IMarket Hall in Seoul





cr sunagirong


[2019.02.10] KHJ "NEW WAY" Concert

at Blue Square IMarket Hall in Seoul Day2




cr ts_mama95



[2019.02.10] KHJ "NEW WAY" Concert

at Blue Square IMarket Hall in Seoul




cr charu_stagram



[2019.02.09] KHJ "NEW WAY" Concert

at Blue Square IMarket Hall in Seoul


cr 扒下你的金身

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김현중, 서울 단독 콘서트 성료…23일 부산서 열기 잇는다




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Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong successfully wrapped up his Seoul concert




Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong held his Seoul concert ‘New Way’ last weekend at Blue Square IMarket Hall. Kim Hyun Joong started the concert with new song ‘New Way’, followed with ‘Why’, ‘Take My Hand’ and other songs which shows various personalities of Kim Hyun Joong.


Kim Hyun Joong ‘New Way’ concert will be on Feb 23 at Busan. 





Photo Source : JG Entertainment

source : Korea.com



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Kim Hyun Joong Holds Two-Day “New Way” Concert In Seoul

By Emylyn Castalla | February 12, 2019

The singer-actor spent two meaningful days with his domestic fans.

Fresh from the release of his long-awaited studio album comeback, Kim Hyun Joong successfully held and concluded his two-day solo concert.

Kim Hyun Joong New Way Concert 2019 took place on February 9 and 10 at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul. He opened the concert with the song “New Way”, a track from his latest studio album of the same name.

New Way, Kim’s newest album was released digitally on February 4 and the physical album became available for sale on February 7.

Kim Hyun Joong Seoul Concert

Images from sports.chosun.com

He then continued to perform a number of songs including “Take My Hand” and “Haze”. Kim also sang “Why” another track off his new album. He then closed the concert with “Wait For Me” and granted the fans’ request for an encore.

READ: SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong To Release A New Album And Hold Concerts In February

Kim Hyun Joong was in his element during the two-day event as he performed with much enthusiasm. He showed appreciation to his fans who have waited a long time for his stage performance.

Since his discharge from the military in February 2017, Kim Hyun Joong has been busy. He has released mini-albums in Japan and set out on an 18-city tour in the country. Apart from the Japan tour, he also embarked on a world tour with his Kim Hyun Joong 2018 World Tour: Haze, which included stops in South America (Bolivia, Chile and Mexico) and Asia (Japan, Thailand, and Macau). Also in 2018, he made his small screen comeback via KBS W’s fantasy drama When Time Stopped.

After the Seoul concerts, he will meet his fans at the KBS Hall in Busan on February 23.



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Current polling round,

HJ is ranked at No.27 at the overall category.

Please click on HJ’s photo and click on the red button

(=LIKE) only!

We can get HJ to a better ranking with our votes! 



by Mich Lui


HyunJoong at rank 4 now but very close to rank 3!

please support him with your votes as always

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2019 SEOUL concert in Blue Square

Please donʻt reupload and erase the logo 

Welcome share the link

but cannot allow you download

then reupload to your personal SNS account

Thank you so much





cr kimhyunjoongTV

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[Show Champion]

3rd week of February

“WHY” by 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

is nominated in Show Champion.

Vote here:


Pick the Champion Song of this week~!

(for global fans) Leave comment as well to earn more heart.




Number of votes per day: 3 times 3

per 1 vote Total hearts per day is only 9 

Period: 2019.02.11~2019.02.q17 • 22:59 UTC+9



by SS501 x TripleS TRENDSETTER

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KHJ wrote, composed n sangOST of JPN drama ‘1 Page Love:’

He sang the opening theme song,


n said ‘v happy to participate n expressed emotions of pure first love,

n meeting love of life.’

김현중, 日드라마 '1페이지의 사랑' OST 가창·작사·작곡 참여


trans by sunny






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