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[official] TAENYU couple - Hwang Tae Kyung ♥ Go Mi Nyu

Guest tainee

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Guest Juri.77

I am totally in love with this couple !

This drama is making me crazy, but this couple...I am craziest xD

At first, I liked Shin Woo/ Mi Nyu...But Tae Kyung is the best <3

The ending of episode 10 was O__O

OMG the look they gave at each other !

Thanks for the screencaps, the HQ pics etc... :D

& Thanks for making this thread !!

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for the first banner given on this thread, is it fanmade? i mean the pictures used for it? just curious

are you talking about the picture where they are sleeping ?

if so that scene atually did happen (:

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Tae kyung and Mi nyu ;) They both like each other, but Tae kyung doesn't wanna show his feelings because he thinks Mi nyu doesn't like him and she thinks the same thing. Aren't they the sweetest thing ever?!? I love the chemistry between them.



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^ can get enough of the bed scene :blush: that last pic is too cute! :lol:

credit SBS

not enough goodies in bts these days :sweatingbullets:

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Guest BelindalovesTOP

^_^ thanks for the pictures everyone, sigh* to think we have to wait a few more days in order to hear TK go


Episode 10 was intense, especially at the end when TK was desperately looking for GMN in the dark, and finally yelled in frustration "I told you to be where I can see you!" and what got to me was the fact that GMN didn't say "Hyung-nim?" she said, "Hwang Taekyung-sshi?" The looks that they gave each other in the end, especially TK ..looked so vulnerable and GMN..her tears in her eyes showed just how much she was willingly to put herself through this because she didn't want him to get hurt and mainly because she loved him soo MUCH.

At the end, i wanted TK to just walk up and hold her to him the way SW did, but knowing that if he did that..especially with the fake fairy and the media present..that wouldn't be a great idea..sigh* but still..if anyone had to hold GMN..itd be TK..just like he did with her b4.





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I seriously love these two! :)

So, my favorite part was Hwang Tae Kyung's birthday in Ep 8.

1. I loved when she saw the ddak ji (the circle things) and said, "Hyun nimm, isn't this you?" and how he was denying it :) So cutee

2. The last five minutes of his birthday when she hugged him and said, "The day that you were born, today, is a very special day. Thank you for being in this world" ^^

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lmao. i totally loved that bed scene with the taser.

that manager has weird thoughts XDD

i replayed that so many times. freaken hilarious.

and when they were shotting the epi. and tae kyung was ontop of go mi nam and he was like HE HE HE HE. LOL.

at first i liked shinwoo. but at the end of ep 10 where he was like "she's my girl" i was like D:


so i guess i'm a taenyu shipper? LOL

OH and funny when they went past the ice cream store. lmfao.

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Guest BelindalovesTOP

thanks pongky!!!!!

FINALLY, we can see TK's feelings take a hold of him.

frustration or not, it looks like frustrated passion to me.

I wonder how GMN is going to react, she looks kinda shocked!


*cough* i mean episode 11, do come now!!! =]

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^hmmm.. not really sure myself. it looks like an arm of someone. Maybe it was just a statue but I find it freaky that it's there. lol

Mine is a holiday too tomorrow so I've no work and can focus 100% for You're Beautiful! YAY!

and you guys know what, after I've calmed down from too much hyperventilation, I've realized something, this scene isn't enough for ME! that head-to-head scene to look like they're kissing isn't enough for me. rofl. I want a serious lip-locked scene! He Yi and TaeKyung had it, why can't our couple? That's why I`m hoping for a lip-locked scene! the puke scene wasn't lip locked, they kissed the corner of their mouth actually. hehe

anyways just reposting pictures for this thread



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Guest BelindalovesTOP

^ OMO! thx for the pic 13infamyss!

the 1st looks hot, it looks like TK isn't doing all the kissing..it looks like GMN adjusted her head just for this kiss =]

OOOh the second pic is just cute, TK smiling mischievously..and GMN..looks back innocently..=]

heh heh i cant wait to see more from our TAENYU!!! =]

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