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[official] TAENYU couple - Hwang Tae Kyung ♥ Go Mi Nyu

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Hi Soompiers!

You're invited to join the forum's weekly debate. :) This week's topic: The Great Soompi Debate: Shippers versus Pure Fans - Is there such a thing as second-class fans?

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Come share your opinions/ stand on this issue. :)

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Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye make a cute yet mature couple 
They had many CFs together and were the lead couple in You're Beautiful.

The way Geun Suk smiles at her...and the way she gets so shy when he teases her...
All the tweets they shared with each other...



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Just wanted to share some info..

For those who haven't vote for psh in Asia artists award, and have been wondering what kind of award it is. I read in twitter that its a new award by 5 media companies..The winners will be determine by votes. And there's already 4 confirmed artists to perform plus mbc will broadcast it

So, don't forget to vote using naver or Facebook id. 1 id only could vote 1 time per day. 


Also, there will be 3 round CvMSdGVVYAEenec.jpg

Sorry for the inconvenience :sweatingbullets:

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