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[Drama 2009-10] I'll Give You Everything / Reversal of Fate / 다 줄거야

Guest fanda4000

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Guest fanda4000

Hong Ah Reum, Park Jin Woo, Yoon Ah Jung

I'll Give You Everything / Give You All / Reversal of Fate

다 줄거야


Station: KBS2

Start Date: 12 October 2009

End date: 3 April 2010

KBS World debut: 10 December 2009

KBS World Name: Reversal of Fate

Episodes: 150

Genre: Drama

Time: Monday - Saturday 09:00AM

Type: Morning drama

Related Links: Official / KBS World / Daum

Drama Wiki: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/I%27ll_Give_You_Everything

Replacing: The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon / Love & Obsession


Sin committed in the name of motherhood. A mother's twisted love: she switches babies for her baby's sake,

which alters the fate of two women. The daughter comes to know the truth and takes revenge on the woman she called mother for all her life. The guilty mom kneels before the daughter and asks for forgiveness.

The characters commit more sins in revenge and lie to hide those sins, all cloaked in secrecy. But there is no such thing as a lasting secret. But with hope, there is no destiny that cannot be overcome!

The drama is also the story of the poor and uneducated "Young-hee," who works at a dumpling shop in a market. She becomes a professional chef as she learns the secret of a special traditional recipe.

Life is tough and her tears flow, but she wipes them off on her sleeve and smiles at the world, indicating all is fine!

Watching Younghee and others who dedicate themselves to the happiness of others, forgive hatred and wrath in the name of love, and redeem the hurt and the guilty, viewers will know that good wins over evil at the end of the day. Viewers will find hope deep down in their hearts even in the midst of the darkest places. (Credit: KBS)



Hong Ah Reum as Gong Young Hee

힘들어도 눈물 나도 절대 희망의 끈을 놓지 않는 오뚝이.

고등학교 때 집안이 몰락한 후 시장통 인생 10년, 엄마 용심과 함께 억척으로 ‘개성 떡만두 집’을 운영해왔지만 사고뭉치 아빠와 오빠 때문에 바람 잘 날 없다. 외할머니께 전수 받은 개성 손맛으로 만두집을 키워나갈 꿈을 갖고 살면서 시련과 사랑, 비밀과 이별을 만나게 되는, 우리 모두의 여동생이자 딸, 그리고 친구.


Park Jin Woo as Lee Kang Ho

도도하고 자존심 강한 개성 병원 레지던트 2년차 의사.

좋은 IQ와 둔한 EQ(감성지수)를 지닌 고지식한 남자. 결혼도 고지식하게 적당한 여자와 적당히 치르려 남주를 만났지만....... 전 세대가 지은 죄 속에서 허덕이는 남주와 영희, 두 여자 사이에 선 까칠한 듯 바른 남자.


Yoon Ah Jung as Cha Nam Joo

보영의 딸.

개성요리전문점 ‘개성명가네’의 손녀딸이자 오성급 호텔 빅토리의 연회요식부문 매니저. 열세 살 때부터 조기 유학으로 홀로 외국 명문 사립학교를 전전하며 외로움에 지쳐있다. 유난히 자신에게 냉정한 어머니 때문인지, 잔머리와 거짓말에도 익숙하다. 사랑받지 못해 아프고, 그래서 더욱 무섭고 애달픈 아가씨.


Oh Mi Hee as Kang Bo Young

남주와 태민의 엄마.

‘개성명가네’을 실질적으로 운영하는 우아하고 능력있는 여자이며 단아한 아내지만 유독 딸에게만은 냉정하다. 그 이유는 교대를 졸업하고 첫 부임을 받았던 27년 전 과거로 거슬러 올라가는데....... 비밀과 죄를 가슴에 꾹꾹 묻고 살아왔으나 정길과 영희를 만나 오래도록 숨겨왔던 비뚤어진 모성애에 휘말리는 여자.


Jung Sung Mo as Gong Jung Kil

영희의 아버지이자 용심의 남편.

천하에 다시 없는 한량으로 집안이 몰락한 후에도 정신을 못 차리지만, 밉지 않은 넉살로 위기를 모면하곤 한다. 그러나 그는 과거에 자신이 저질렀던 실수가 터질 날만 기다리고 있다는 사실을 아직은 모른다.


Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Yong Shim

영희와 선수의 어머니.

후암시장 만두 가게에서 지문이 닳도록 반죽을 주물럭거리며 산다. 자나 깨나 사고뭉치인 남편과 아들에 비해, 딸 영희는 보고만 있어도 마음이 저릿하다. 홧병에 가슴을 치곤하는 억척스런 여자.


Kim Hyun Kyoon as Gong Sun Soo

집안의 문제 덩어리.

프로야구 선수 1년 만에 부상으로 백수와 사업가 사이를 종횡무진하면서 집안의 돈을 쑥쑥 들어낸다. 마음만은 영희의 좋은 오빠이자 부모님의 든든한 아들이 되고 싶지만 현실과는 전혀 거리가 먼, 유쾌하고 싶은 남자.


Jung Dong Hwan as Cha Soon Chul

말년의 아들, 보영의 남편, 남주와 태민의 아버지.

개성 병원의 원장. 자상하고 부드러운 남자.

Additional Cast

Kim Jung Wook as Cha Tae Min

Kim Hye Na as Lee Kang Hee

Yoon So Jung as Oh Mal Nyeon

Yoon Chul Hyung as Lee Yoon

Kyung In Sun as Bae Geum Ja

Partial English translated character descriptions (Credit: riantisusilo and http://allkoreandrama.com/)

Gong Young Hee

A tumbling doll who never forget the hope though the real life is hard and harsh. After her family fell down at her high school age, she has managed ” Kye sung Tok Mandu House” , a small restaurant, for 10 years with her mother in market area, but the trouble has never stopped because of her trouble maker father and older brother. she has a dream to widen restaurant with the skill from her grandmother. She meets suffers, love, secret and separation. she is a real our sister as well as daughter and friend.

Cha Nam Joo

Daughter of Kang Bo Young. Grand daughter of “Kye Sung Myung Ga”, a big restaurant which has specialty in Kye Sung style recipe. She also a manager of restaurant department of five star hotel Victoria. She is tired of loneliness as she spent his early ages in abroad for study. She is also skilled in lying and adaptation to circumstances. she is a poor, little scaring, heartbreaking girl as she grew up in lack of love.

Kang Bo Young

Mother of Nam Joo and Tae Min. She is a lady of elegance and ability who runs “Kye Sung Myung Ga”. She is graceful wife, but she is a little cold to her daughter. The reason is, reflecting 27 years ago when she graduated university and got job. she has lived with secret and guilt in heart, after she meet Jung Kil and Young Hee, she starts to get involved with crooked maternal love.

Lee Kang Ho

A second grade doctor who is very arrogant and full of proud. Simple man who has good IQ and dull EQ. He met Nam Joo with intention of normal marriage with normal girl. But, he will be the man who stand between two woman who is tormented in lost generations’s guilt.


Credit: KBS / semi-fly


Series News

Cast correlation chart (Credit: KBS and C51236)

KBS World Information (Credit: KBS World and tiki_sg)

Parital English translated character description (Credit: http://allkoreandrama.com/ and riantisusilo)

Additional Information

Screenwriters: Kang Sung Jin (강성진) / Sul Kyung Eun (설경은)

Producer: Kim Won Yong


Clubbox: godlove3494


KBSW TV-ripped Eng-subbed version (via Torrent)

I will add additional information when it become available

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Thanks semi-fly for starting the thread. I appreciate the early posting of some clips of the initial episode. Another melodrama in the making?

This drama will be a good break for Hong Ah Reum. She could prove herself as one of the rising young stars in the drama world by doing well here.

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Guest alicechen

Wow, a lot of Revenge-themed dramas lately. Mother's twisted love, I wonder why she switches her baby.

With 100+ episodes! Is that a new trend? Will give it a try once sub is available.


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It's not really a trend most of the dailies I watched in recent years have been 100+ episodes in length. The only catch is a number of dailies don't really get the sub treatment so unless this ends up on KBS World/America chances are you may not see subtitles for this show.

Hmm maybe once KBS World show this someone can upload the KBS World version with the english subs .

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Another Hong Ah Reum's drama

Full of sins, lies, secrecy, and crime will be revealed.

I watched Ep.01~05 so far, I'm expecting series as tear jerker.

:huh: :huh:

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KBS World debut: ???

KBS World Name: ?


KBS World is using the above title on its KBSW schedule.

KBS World website - Reversal of Fate

Premiere on KBS World : 2009.12.10


would appreciate if the KBSW title be included in the Thread Title. I have posted a request to Rubie to edit it at the Official Thread Directory listing.


With 100+ episodes! Is that a new trend? Will give it a try once sub is available.


There's a simple "formula" where no. of episodes are concern . .

- Mini-series : Twice a week on weekday nights, approx 70mins per episode, 16-24 episodes (sometimes more, but very rare - usually for periodic dramas)

- Weekend series : Twice a week on weekend nights, approx 70mins per episode, min. 50 episodes (usually)

- Daily Drama series : Morning & Evening, usually airs on Mon-Fri (Sat too for morning dramas only), approx 25-35mins per episode, min. 150 episodes (usually)

Hmm maybe once KBS World show this someone can upload the KBS World version with the english subs .

Keep an eye on this contributor at D-Addicts, who uploads KBSW Eng-subbed TV-ripped episodes.

I will post the exact link, once the series has started and when he/she has started uploading on torrent.

Meanwhile, here is the link to watch online - Uploaded Raw Episodes for Online Viewing (Unsubbed)

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