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C.N Blue's Jung Yong Hwa

Guest uka

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[iNTERVIEW|TRANS] 20130321 [G Generation’s 10 minutes with Jung Yonghwa|Singer, CNBLUE’s Leader]


Hello to all readers. It’s been a month since promotions ended; finally I got to meet everyone here.

Everyone is aware that CNBLUE’s busy schedules throughout the year. In Korea, we are busy with music shows and there are days when we have to head to the broadcast stations early in the morning for rehearsals. Even with the long waiting time between recording and live broadcast, we couldn’t go anywhere before the live broadcast ends. And right after, we have to go to the practice room to start practising together with our members. There are still Japan activities waiting for us after we ended our promotions in Korea. Also, we are busy preparing for world tour that is going to start next month. So for now, we can only meet everyone in this form of interviews and we hope you would understand.

It’s difficult to find time, including time for composing, for myself because we have to work hard for the preparations. Whenever this happens, I would make full use of the free time I have. I would plug in earpieces and listen to songs while waiting for flights. Nowadays I'm hooked with American singer Bruno Mars. My members and I sometimes also discuss and exchange news about music.
If I have a little bit more time, I would exercise. I think no matter what, health is the most important. This is why whenever I have time, I would go to the gym to do some weight training to replenish my energy. Workout hours would increase especially during rest periods because this is to prevent myself from becoming lazy. During school times, I am very fond of basketball and I thought the best way to relieve stress is to play basketball.
As compared to “planning”, I think “practice” is more important. In order to practice and work hard towards achieving the goals, it is best to make your own goals and dreams as clear as possible. I am still telling myself not to give up and strive towards my dream of becoming the top/best musician. You might ask me where I got all my energy from? I guess it comes from the mindset of “I must do the things related to my dream forever.” In fact, I started learning piano at the age of six, and learnt clarinet after entering elementary school, so I came in contact with music naturally. After entering high school, I began composing.

Now, in my mind is all about embarking on CNBLUE’s World Tour. We are able to meet fans from Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines and many other countries. In these countries, I am also planning to manage my own time there. First is to avoid concert schedules, being able to walk on the streets to experience the foreign countries’ culture. I am the type that is curious of fascinating things easily. Most favorite way is observing the local people’s working lifestyle through their local delights or the local stores. I've used the same method to gain more refreshing and personal experiences when I had public performances in US, England, Chile and other countries.
I think there’s not a need to start planning what you want to do in 10 years’ time. Of course, firstly my goal is being able to stand on stage together with CNBLUE members even until we get old. Before that, I want to achieve first place in America’s Bill Board chart. In fact, this is something that I want to show off. On January, CNBLUE’s 4th mini album <Re:Blue> has attained first place in America’s Bill Board World Album chart. Whenever I thought of this, I feel that I am few steps nearer to my ultimate dream and it makes me very happy.
When you’re tired of learning, imagine and picture yourself in the future. But before you decide on what you really want to become in the future, you have to think carefully about your capability, potential, and what suits you the most. Asking yourself questions like “what are the things I do that makes me happy the most?” can also be a good way to find out more about yourself.
Source: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/03/20/2013032001232.html
Translation : http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjbl9f via @ribbonchariots
Edit: CNBLUE4u
Please take out with full credits. 
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[instiz] Male idols with the most copyrighted songs

Sunday, March 24, 2013  instiz  126 comments

Compilation of male idols with the most songs registered with KOMCA (see the previous female idol list here). This list's criteria required that at least 10 of the songs be self compositions, not just lyric writing. For example, an idol with 50 registered songs wouldn't be on the list if he didn't compose at least 10 out of those 50 songs.
cr.: netizenbuzz
I bet his songs in japan is not included as he is also a member of Japan copyrights..
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class="articletitle" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 33px; border: 0px none; line-height: 34px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"Juniel-CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa to Release Duet Song Together

Singer Juniel and CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa will be releasing a duet song called "Fool" together.

Today, a behind the scenes video of their duet song was revealed. This song is a part of Juniel's Japan album and is gaining much attention.

In the video, both of them are seen working hard recording this song in Japanese.

"Fool" is a self-composed song by Jung Yong Hwa and expresses the love one expresses to the special person in their life.

This song is also currently ranked number 1 on various Japan charts.

cr.: kpopstarz

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Guest luvshin99

[instiz] Male idols with the most copyrighted songsSunday, March 24, 2013  instiz  126 commentsCompilation of male idols with the most songs registered with KOMCA (see the previous female idol list here). This list's criteria required that at least 10 of the songs be self compositions, not just lyric writing. For example, an idol with 50 registered songs wouldn't be on the list if he didn't compose at least 10 out of those 50 songs.

cr.: netizenbuzz

I bet his songs in japan is not included as he is also a member of Japan copyrights..

Yong oppa still young, his skill great talent still grow up..!!

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Guest charliew

Anyone heard about the rumor that YongHwa is one of the candidate to joint with Lee Minho new drama Heirs?? *poke @jjeennyy19

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@charliew: I don't know dear..If it is really true then I'm happy as Yong Hwa's last drama is back in 2011 but what I read from netizenbuzz regarding the idols rumored to star in that drama are:
1. Krystal
2. L
3. Jiyoung
4. Minho
cr. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2013/03/instiz-rumored-list-of-potential-idols.html
You can check it out but writer Kim Eun Sook is the writer of Secret Garden and A Gentleman's Dignity where in AGD Yong Hwa appears in a cameo solely because writer Kim Eun Suk fought for Yong Hwa to get that part and he leaves a strong impression on her..So wishing it is true....Were did you hear that rumor? :-/

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Japan magazine ANAN 2013 April
CNBLUE Interview - JYH

"I'm happiest when I'm singing."
Born on June 22, 1989. Vocal and guitarist. Lyricist and composer, as well as producer of Singer Juniel's song. Showing off his various talents. As an actor, debuted with "You're Beautiful" and was lead actor in "Heartstrings".

Full of loving tenderness, the "hyung"
As the leader, "Yonghwa hyung" is leading the members in every way. During the photoshoot, he quickly responded to requests like "Get closer"; he grabbed Minhyuk's hand to make him close and hummed a tune together with Jungshin to ease the tension. Regarding all the members appearing in TV dramas revealing their different charms as actors, he has a very unique theory as the leader. "Although I can't help teasing their performances when they acted funny, I praised them when they did well. I really want everybody to grow (as artists)." He looks like a stern leader but he does have a tender side. He frequently cooks fried rice cakes for the members as encouragement. How does it taste?
"They always say it tastes great. I have the confidence of cooking fried rice cakes right."
When asked what place in Seoul is most filled with memories, he said, "Hongdae." "At Hongdae, the four of us first met and began to practice together. To a certain extent, it's where CNBLUE started. Thinking of that place, I remember those times. There are many live houses on the streets. There are eating places where young people hang out too. It's a good place to visit in Seoul."
So if he has a girl friend, he will bring her to Hongdae?
"Not necessarily. With one's girl friend, one is happy going anywhere, right?"
Talking about girl friend, their new song "Blind Love" is about a man feeling sad thinking about his girl friend. How is he like when in love?
"Me ... is the kind that needs to be in contact with the girl immediately. Messages, phone calls, meeting face to face. I think I should be in touch with her by all means. I have a weak heart. (Laughs) But for now, the fans are most important. I want to say, "Come with me!"

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