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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (


from baidu Watching the video, I feel she really excited with her role and chemistry with Uee so good. Do you know Uee and Our Queen having same birthday? 1988.04.09 and 1980.04.09, and Uee

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10 hours ago, vaiduakhu said:

Hi there,

Whenever I see new members coming this thread and reading all pages, I’m amazed and… feel bad to them at the same time, lol, imagining reading a lot of non-sense posts, from me particularly, haha, sorry... :sweatingbullets:

Yes, QSD is permanent citizen here, while most of us are travelers. Because of my work, I’m with my laptop and phone connected to internet all the time, so I can visit here once in a while, others are pretty busy, I guess. Hope to see you as frequent visitor here. :lol:


She's actually more active recently than in the past. In 2009 and years later, she did 1 drama per year and took 1 year hiatus. 

I like her new show too, probably not cup-of-tea of other Kdrama fans but it's interesting to 

 I really enjoy the stuff you post here. Don't feel bad for the newcomers haha. 

Yeah that's good to know that she's more active.  

Have you seen the new teaser pic on IG, Yowon was wearing a clown mask, holding a rifle. So cool. (Don't know how add picture)

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Oh great, thanks QSD. I'll post stuff whenever I see updates. 


It's Wednesday, excited for the new episode of The Running mates. It's just that eng subs comes later. I can only watch it on the next day morning. 


Netflix got Vagabond and When The Camellia Blooms, my friends told me Vagabond is quite good, that I should watch it. But I just smile and nod, since I don't really think I can watch any Korean Drama without Yowon in it. (except for the korean actor that I like too)

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26 minutes ago, QSD said:



Such painful scene for ODJ and outstanding performance by Yowon.  I feel so bad for her and couldn’t bear to see the sight of Mr. Kim.  He makes my blood pressure not normal.


This is my fave scene. I replayed this 5 times haha. 

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On 9/23/2019 at 7:24 PM, Zary said:

Hi, QSD. Thank you for the warm welcome. You're the best.

Top 5.

1. My Horrible Boss - so many things to learn about life and work. Also it's the show that made me search about the actress playing Ok Da Jung all the way. Fave scene: Clashes with Mr. Kim, esp the one when she drags Nam to the other room, her acting was so great -- it's like you're super angry, didn't really wanna cry but end up bursting in tears. But ofcourse Woo Jo and Da jung are the cutest.
2. Avenger's Social Club - light hearted, her character is very diffirent from the usual ones she portrays.
3. Empire of Gold - when it comes to the plot, this will be my top, also with White Nights (Night Lights). I like shows with witty lines and plot. But it isn't so good for the heart. Haha. 
4. Queen Seondok - never gets old. Supposed to be the number ONE but I prefer more her characters/situations that are easier to handle. My heart is weak. This made me a sad person, felt sorry for the Queen and the life she chose. Being at the top has its costs, just like EOG and NL.
5. I'll put Running mates on the top five, although it's still on air, it's quite different from the Korean Dramas we usually watch. Also I don't really have much knowledge about HRC - on how they run it (although it may vary on our countries). The cinematography is quite good. I just hope those vague scenes will come to light soon or somehow has connection with the main plot. Since I like watching shows like The Handmaid's Tale, long ..close up shots don't bore me, most of my friends don't watch these kind of cinematography, they hate waiting too long just to watch the actor's emotion and not saying a thing. The ending of Ep 2 was superb, can't wait for the next episode. 

Overall, I think Yowon has done a really good job in choosing her projects. May she forever be working as an actress. Love her.

I'm pretty sure I read your top five in the previous posts, but it got mixed up in my brain. If you have time maybe you could tell me again. 

I'll try to be active here. I'll keep your company, QSD -- while we're waiting for the others to come back and for the new ones like me. But I'm not really good at digging, you guys are the best source. Again, gamsahabnida.


This is also why I love QSD so much, as below of such close up scenes.  I have great interest to see the emotion without saying anything.  Same for Running Mates at the end of second ep, I absolutely love the camera lingering on Yoon Seo. This is a kind of performances I look for the most, which I think Yowon is really great at it.  It’s an excellent skill not all actors/actresses could portray in a character.






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Yes, they have lots of shots like that in QSD, esp. those conversations with Mishil and when she strategize, drawing us into her inner thoughts. QSD will always be Yowon's best perfomance.


And oh in 49 days she was also spectacular. The transition between Ji-hyun and Yi Kyung was flawless.  

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I have two guesses.

1. Was when the nobles were cornering the market by buying supplies/crops in an attempt to own lands (I do really hope I understand the trading lesson the show was trying to teach us). Then Deokman opened the royal cellar, traded the supply to the market (She's also the Queen of trading).

2. When Mishil was teaching Deokman the fundamental of royal authority which is cruel punishment. Then Deokman told Mishil that the reason Silla didn't progress was becuase Mishil isn't a true ruler. But this was the time she executed the leaders of the villagers. And from what I can remember (since that was one of my fave scene, how she drew the sword, great acting). I think she wasn't wearing a blue. 


-Ep 3 of The running mates, Han-Yoon Seo's past was revealed. 

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No, it’s about Mishil threatening Yushin’s clan if he doesn’t join her cause.  Mishil purposely trying to take Yushin away from Deokman is what upsetting her.




Funny when ODJ shutting the door on them at first, but then she has to let them staying in her home coz of Woo Joo.


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Deokman is surprised why Mishil didn’t oppose her building an observatory, thinking what’s up with Mishil scheming about.


I remember I was a bit surprised too that Mishil didn’t reject it.  Good writing, Mishil saying she doesn’t have a need to against it.  And of course, she does have ulterior motive behind it.

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6 hours ago, QSD said:



Deokman is surprised why Mishil didn’t oppose her building an observatory, thinking what’s up with Mishil scheming about.


I remember I was a bit surprised too that Mishil didn’t reject it.  Good writing, Mishil saying she doesn’t have a need to against it.  And of course, she does have ulterior motive behind it.

you must have memorized all the scenes in QSD:glasses: I wonder which scene is the most memorable for you? Besides the queen's coronation.  

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The third one, meeting with Wolya. She will go at any lengths to save Yushin. 


And the second, was that her coronation as a princess? I remember she said Mishil was out of line for touching her. Haha. I really enjoy watching Mishil's face every time the princess overwhelms her... but sometimes a little creepy. 








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Btw, have you seen the latest episodes of The running mates? I read a comment from the site I was watching, the finger print from the fire extinguisher was removed, room 303 guy was in a hurry so probably he won't be able to do it, so it must be Ji Soon Koo, the guy in the prison with mental disability who removed it? -Stating he's not stupid at all -- makes him an accessory to the crime. And they haven't thought about it? But since HRC doesn't focus on that one so it was disregard. And he got out at the end of the episode.


I  am a bit confused too, maybe it's becuase of the translation or maybe becuase they only focus on two suspects that both didn't touch the fire extinguisher, couldn't match the prints and just assumed it was removed. Same thing with what happened to the footprints, becuase it didn't match, they assume Nadech must have thrown the shoes already. Poor Nadech. 

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