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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (


from baidu Watching the video, I feel she really excited with her role and chemistry with Uee so good. Do you know Uee and Our Queen having same birthday? 1988.04.09 and 1980.04.09, and Uee

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It's next week, guys! :glasses:




With 10 days left until the premiere, “The Running Mates: Human Rights” has released a preview!

OCN’s newest drama, “The Running Mates: Human Rights” follows investigators for the Human Rights Promotion Commission, who fight for those whose human rights have been violated. It stars Lee Yo Won, Choi Gwi Hwa, Jang Hyun Sung, Oh Mi Hee, Kim Joo Young, Lee Joo Woo, and Shim Ji Ho.

The preview begins with the cast members running frantically in different settings. The screen reads, “We run, and then we run again.” In a voiceover, Lee Yo Won shares, “It was very refreshing that it’s a story about human rights investigators.” Choi Gwi Hwa follows with, “It is a piece of work that embodies a warm, positive view on society.” While the cast and crew are seen behind the scenes doing numerous takes and perfecting each scene, the caption reads, “We discuss endlessly together, physically trying as hard as we can, until the characters can be completely be related to.” In another voiceover, Lee Yo Won states, “The citizens have the right to have their human rights be protected, and the country has the duty of protecting those rights. Lastly, the video ends with the statement, “I might regret it, but an investigator’s job is to reveal the truth.”


OCN’s “The Running Mates: Human Rights” premieres on September 18 at 11 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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Another everlasting scene in our minds.  The music makes it more poignant, especially after her hand slipping from the chair in the end of first gif. It evoking so much emotions in it.  Really love the gorgeous mountain top view as well. 

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Stills from Running mates











Look like Running Mates has lightest drama-theme compared to other OCN dramas recently, although its topic is not light. :sweatingbullets:

I watched some clips from an on-going drama named "strangers from hell"... man, if LYW appeared in this type of psychopathic drama, I wouldn't bring myself to watch, too scary for my fragile heart. 

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2 hours ago, QSD said:


It’s sad her mom leaving her too.



At some points, I feel sympathetic to her birth mom, DM didn't really consider her as her mom. DM's parents were just too weak and powerless compared to Mishil, so they must make that heartless decision to save DM's life and their throne. In the end, when DM came back, she couldn't love them wholeheartedly like she did with So-hwa. Understandable but still heart-ached if I were her birth mom. :( 

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