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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (


Repost from Night Light thread (well, it's my own post anyway). Subs for teasers (2nd trailer slightly incomplete):

Posted Images







Who is more reckless ? :lol: I thought LYW's character is a calm and cool one and the guy is the type of acting before thinking, but look like it's maybe the other way around. 

And new posters and teaser really give the vibe of "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi", don't you think? 

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On 8/21/2019 at 1:58 PM, QSD said:


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Her most difficult decision.


The most decision Doekman must make, for me, is the time she was in dilemma whether Bidam betrayed her or not right after their unofficial engagement (ring exchange), and should she order her troop to kill him and his gang. It was so bad for her at that time, mentally and physically. 

Which decision do you guys think is the most difficult for her? 


On 8/23/2019 at 9:42 AM, QSD said:



Exquisite costume of Deokman.



One of the scenes I love to death in QSD.

Misil wanted to threaten the new princess and showed Doekman who was the real boss in this royal palace (like the way she did to Doekman's sister), but Doekman, despite in nervousness and high pressure, managed to p.i.s.s Misil off :D The arrangement in this scene is so nice. I like how Doekman coolly walked past Misil and Misil's people must make their way for Doekman. The new boss is coming through. :glasses: 

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The posters might have a comical sense like Ms .Temper.  However, judging from the teasers and BTS images of her new character, she looks calm and cool to me.  Her partner appears more reckless as suggesting in the teasers. 


Bidam rebelling Deokman is also an unfortunate event.  As a ruler, she must order to stop it.  On a personal level, it affecting her more since they are engaged.  Plus, her condition wasn’t in good health at the time.  Both decisions are painstaking for her.  Comparing the two, perhaps the one she punishing the farmers is more difficult for her.  The execution order of Bidam is for the best interest of a nation, while the other is her stepping to becoming a ruler.

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On 8/25/2019 at 5:48 AM, QSD said:





Of all places, Deokman pissing Mishil off for the more by appearing in front of her at the palace.



The astonished expressions from Mishi, her younger brother and son are so satisfying to watch. :lol:

Young princess Doekman is really a dark horse for experienced Misil and her gang. DM's trick (instead of hiding from being killed, voluntarily becoming hostage in enemy's den and being protected 100% by them) is common in China's old books about war.


6 hours ago, QSD said:




Awesome music.  Unfortunately, they didn’t release it.  Love that Deokman gets to sit down first before everyone else could.



Misil is not so happy with this status though, look at her discontented face :lol:

One think I like abt QSD is QSD's production is very perceptive in minor details like this. 

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7 hours ago, QSD said:


Rabbit Fence, watch it.  I wanna give out some quiz.


I’ll try to watch this weekend. I was able to watch a bit of the dubbed version of it back in 2010 and I liked it enough. But when I watched it again after seeing Avengers Social Club, that was the only time that I realised how good Yo won is and the drama itself :)

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 I don't recall Yowon wearing military uniform before, so this is the first time I think.  


Interesting to find out why she has military uniform on.  Does she need a boot camp or playing some game?

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