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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (

from baidu Watching the video, I feel she really excited with her role and chemistry with Uee so good. Do you know Uee and Our Queen having same birthday? 1988.04.09 and 1980.04.09, and Uee


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Cunning Mishil sending her a letter with some words wiped out.  Jukbang and his gang starting to gossiping why Deokman receiving her letter.  Jukbang then saying Mishil likes handsome and pretty looking boys so ...

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Notice Deokman’s not used to wearing women’s clothes nor knowing how to styling her hair yet.  She’s still having the Nangdo headband while wearing a beautiful dress.  What a combination.

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Queen Seon Deok OST - (Main Title - Extended Version)


It's where this soundtrack is played in the above scene.


Alcheon is one of the official people of Deokman, and whom she had the most peace of mind throughout her journey.

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The other official people of Deokman, even Bidam has to admit he got fooled by her regarding the eclipse.  Well, Bidam, your mama Mishil is also tricked by Deokman.

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