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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (


from baidu Watching the video, I feel she really excited with her role and chemistry with Uee so good. Do you know Uee and Our Queen having same birthday? 1988.04.09 and 1980.04.09, and Uee

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Because there is not much info or photos from LYW's new OCN drama, I checked a bit on OCN's drama list. OMG, this channel's drama theme is so dark. The crime scene is brutal. Don't give high hope for lovey-dovey or romantic scenes !

This is the teaser of a drama to be aired in late Aug:




It gives me chilling and creepy feeling, man... :sweatingbullets: If you scroll down OCN's Youtube channel, you can find more creepy clips.


LYWs drama is about Human Rights, so I guess it's less creepy and violent, but would be very intense and down-to-earth, not for soft fan. Besides LYW, other actors are mostly veterans, I think the producer focuses on the content and acting. 

I'm all for this type of drama. My only concern: will we have sub during air-time ? if Netflix is involved, we must bid good-bye to Eng-sub from subbing sites. :tears:  Because this is drama from a cable channel and their target audience is not really normal audience, I think very likely, production team has the deal with Netflix. We should be ready to gather a subbing team! 

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12 hours ago, QSD said:



12 hours ago, QSD said:


Are you done watching Queen Seondeok? Not yet :sweatingbullets:

Do you prefer the color of this gif or the previous one? 

I prefer the previous one, the color is more natural. Thanks again for the gifs. :)




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You're welcome, @Theo.  It's my pleasure.



The teaser appears more comical than I thought.  She looks like Jung Hye with the shades.  This show could be a black comedy like ASC.  I don't expect romance for her role which I don't mind.  Just hope the plots and performances are exceptional are what most important.


I know Viki does carry dramas from OCN, so hopefully they would have license for Running Mates also.


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16 hours ago, QSD said:



Looking graceful to how her unveiling.



This is one of my most favourite and re-playing scenes. She's so cool in this scene, Wolya and his gang couldn't believe that the Queen actually showed up to negotiate with them. And in the end, she let Chunchu, her only nephew and the future king, stay with them as hostage, and just left as if it was not the big deal. It's the only time I thought "poor Chunchu" :sweatingbullets:

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2 hours ago, QSD said:



Thanks to Bidam she got a piece of his beloved chicken.



Haha, your gif alone makes me laugh. The stare from Yusin is like "I'm here waiting for God damn 5 minutes, but she has no intention to share that piece of chicken with me. All the time I thought we were comrades. I should be the one crying :bawling:

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