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[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Autumn's Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness ~下一站,幸福

Guest heliane_maine22

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Guest nhuie


It's pretty cliche storyline of all TW/Korean dramas. Rich guy, poor girl, fall in love somehow, girl hates guy at first, etc etc.

But they do it very well. :)

Does anyone else think that Ady looks a lot like Vicky Zhao Wei in this series? (XYZ years)

Is Tiffany Xu mixed? She looks like it in the series. Her and Liang Mu Chen have a lot in common actually so I can see why Ren Guang Xi would fall for her (in the future).

I never watch the spoilers for the coming episode, love to be surprised hehe...


Just looked at the red carpet pictures, I'm selling Ady's dress from that! It's by BCBG MaxAzria. She just altered it to get a little bit of sleeve on the dress. It's by BCBG and GORGEOUS.


how much are you selling the dress for?! ;O

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Guest roch_mar

this is the second time i got hooked on a "couple" in a series. Such chemistry between Vanness and Ady. I don't like Vannes before but now i'm a shipper. He improved a lot since MG and got hotter of course. Ady is beautiful and funny in the NG/BTS i so like her.

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Guest ducklinq

Up to the 17th episode. :)

Been following this drama since epsiode 1 (the trailer made me sob for ages) but never got a chance to finish it because of travelling overseas in the Holidays and now school.

Ironically I went to Taiwan during the Holidays but my mum refused to let me watch drama and instead we spend most of our time shopping, at the nightmarkets or spending it with relatives.

It's weird how in Taiwan Autumn's Concerto has hardly ANY commercial advertising yet they are able to achieve such high ratings. Honestly I saw atleast 3 commercials everyday for all the other dramas yet none for Autumn's Concerto. :P

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Guest yien

Really like this story very much....i cried all through the episodes...Vanness Wu's acting is brilliant in this series...so is Ady An....not forgetting..little Xiao Xiao Bin..... This story is really recommended... A MUST WATCH one.....

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in part briefly: autum 's concerto to be aired by abs cbn in the philippines

really??omg that's swell!

anyhow i love this series..its a balance

of everything. The kid was so cute and clever

Vanness and Ady's acting was WOW plus

the chemistry was so genuine.

When i first saw the series i thought it'll just

be the same concept with FTLY but hell no

haha i have to say this is way better..super loved this until the end!

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Guest AiMango

Finally completed this drama a few days ago. Probably the best TW drama I've ever watched. Never a dull moment. Fairly unpredictable. GREAT acting, AMAZING acting. whoever wrote the script was amazing because the lines were convincing and fitted in perfectly. the whole korean drama thing of 1 person in the relationship getting a terrible disease has been so overused, then the amnesia thing. but in AC, the plot was well done for viewers not to get bored. i loved how there was such a strong theme of family. and that loving someone doesnt mean you have to be with them by your side. people are selfish with love, too. but people will make crazy sacrifices for love.

the only thing i have to complain about is the fact that guangxi kept being super unreasonable. it annoyed me to death with the fact that he obviously would not accept her when he forced the marriage on her. later on he was like, i thought that if we were married we could be the same again. well if youre just USING someone then obviously they would be scared of you and your little territory. the ending was pretty cute but i thought it was overwhelmingly happy compared to the previous episodes with all the drama. & i KNEW xiaole would be the one who saved everyone. kids dont lie & are straightforward. its true that adults lie too much because theres so many factors to think about. i really loved how they incorporated stuff about law in the drama, too. it was pretty creative : )

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Guest pinkaholic17

OMG! AC IS SO GREAT! I'm also not a fan of taiwanese dramas i prefer korean dramas.. but then I bumped into watching it because it will soon air in our country. So I decided to give it a try for episode 1, but viola! I'm so totally hooked with it since then. After 2 days of non-stop watching, I can't let go of this drama. It's so beautiful! the script, the actor and actresses :) Now... I can't just go watch another drama. I'm still into AC. All I can say is "Miss you, miss you Autumn's concerto" :(

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Guest you_wish

i just started watching this....yesterday actually.

and im already on episode 6.

and its really good so far!

i havent watched a taiwanese drama since...why why love i think.

the alst drama i watched was boys over flowers.

and i just find korean dramas to be way too dramatic at times.

the chemistry between vanness and ady is <3!

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Guest iluvfany86

Yesyes. Hate to admit it but I'm caught up in the Ren GuangXi frenzie too. *squeals*

I'm only on episode 11 and I can't stop thinking about the space bubu! Xiao Le is sucha munchkin.

I loved Vanness in Meteor Garden-- not his acting. I just loved how HE LOVED his long hair in there. Hehe. His acting definitely improved like HUMUNGO!!! Still love him. And when I found out his gf lives in SoCal... man! I really shoulda went to USC when I had the chance. Up my chances of meeting Vanness. LOL! Jkjk.~

--- EDIT ---

I feel so lame saying this-- soompi veteran flashback to the 90's... but I'm a TOPPER for page 53. Lol. Okay. Bye. :D

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Guest cindy--rox

i loved this drama.

the actors picked were perfect for each character. the ending, although only half an hour, did its job by concluding everyone's storyline.

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Guest Sango2893

I hate extremely sad dramas,but this one keeps catching my attention. Is the drama as sad the synopsis made it sound?

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Guest iluvfany86

I hate extremely sad dramas,but this one keeps catching my attention. Is the drama as sad the synopsis made it sound?

It's sad but it's pretty cute too. I would recommend it. Not too much tear-jerking but it'll be enough to have you sympathize with EVERYONE. It's my favorite Taiwanese drama at the moment.

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Guest tootoo777

really really good series

i love both ady and vanness ahahah

omg the end left me smiling my richard simmons off

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Guest em.sie_1813

Gosh it takes me years to find this thread.. LOL..

SUPER... I'm done watching this... This made me ALWAYS TO CRY!!!


I bow to Vanness, I dont really know he's really good in acting drama..

So many twist && turns, this is I love about SETTV in making drama... :lol:

I really like Xiao Le.. He's so cute... :wub:

I want a sequel!!!


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Guest vangmonie

LOLLLL!; &i finally find the thread.

gahhh. sooo. um. spazz time. [;


&i love him. *muahahaha! xD

but seriously. the movie was great. the ending

was a bit short for me. but over all.

it's one of the best dramas i have ever finished.

&everytime van ness cried. i cried. lol.

also everytime xiao le talked about his daddy

my eyes got watery. *sighs. with the beautiful ady

as the main too. gahhh. this drama is just amazing! ;D

loll. i'll quit now. haha.

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