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[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Autumn's Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness ~下一站,幸福

Guest heliane_maine22

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Guest Ana_lih

i'm not a big vaness fan

but i really liked the first episode

it was one of those dramas that I didnt expected anything and i really enjoyed

excited to see ep 2

i hope for really cute love scenes :D

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Guest heliane_maine22

Ady An wants to 'marry' Vanness Wu

Source: Xinmin

Translation: alateria @ http://asianfanatics.net

Taiwanese drama ‘Autumn Concerto/Next station, Happiness’ received a rating of 2.89, for its first episode, hitting a 190 million audience's heart. Ady laughed: "Many classmates called me after seeing the telecast, and asked me to marry Vanness!."

Ady express that she admires those single mothers being able to bear with the stress of being one, after acting the role of a single mother. When asked is there a possibility of being one, she shook her head: "I don't have the courage!" For Vanness, there are a few shower scenes, and Vanness replied: " Showering was filmed in the glass room, but I feel like I'm a piece of meat, bare, with everyone looking at me."

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cant wait for 2nd episode!!!

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i posted these posters at Asianfantics but i still wanna post them again because this family is damn too cute :D..I love the chemistry between them. I heard that Ady didn't like Vanness at first, she hoped the leading man is Ming Dao. after filming they're close friends now. The way they talk to each other very comfortable.

The first episoder is very very nice. I was Vann's fan for 7 years, then i quited since 2007.. but now all my love for Vann is back. His acting improves a lot. Hoping the director could keep the good till the final episoder.




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Guest lirongg

i just finished watching ep2 and i like the pace of the drama. i hope it dont get draggy towards the end.

and the female lead (mu chen) can really act very well! i hope she gets to act more dramas after this! cant wait for the next ep! :)

anways, i watched from this site which is really fast.


theres no eng sub.

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^Actually, Ady's (Mu Chen) already a pretty accomplished actress. She's been working in Mainland for quite some time and took part in major productions. Those not familiar with her may believe she's a "newer" actress, when in actuality, she'd already been in the business for years! It's just that she hasn't filmed an idol drama since White Robe of Love.

You guys should check out the drama blog! It's so gorgeous!


Producer also informs viewers why this drama is "different" and similar to the early days of idol dramas. SETTV decided to recreate a "Lavender" feel with this drama (which is actually SETTV's first idol drama and AWESOME! Cried my eyes out!).

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I LOVE this show so so much! :wub:

An Yi Xuan & Vanness have this amazing chemistry...and they make such a good match!

And yes, Vanness's new hairdo is fantastic!

Honestly, I am quite surprise at how much I enjoy & participate watching it! :lol:

I didn't expect Yi Xuan & Vanness would be so compatiable!

But of course, I can't wait to see what will happen 6 years later...the little boy is so cute!

Please oh please this show must have a happy ending!

The songs are great...and I love how they've filmed that sweet part (play with the ending song)!

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

i can't bare to watch episode 3, because of that scene. poor mu chen.

she is so lucky to have such step mother and uncle.

vanness is so hot in that white wifebeater. ahh haven't been this excited for a taiwan drama for a looong looong time.

cute how Ady wanted MingDao. Even though MD is probably too old to act student. i really like mingdao, but somehow i'm very happy with vanness.

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Guest cystaltears

I didn't expect myself to enjoy this drama..haven't seen a tw idol drama for quite some time! It sucks how we have to wait 1 week for 1 episode!...i can't wait! ><

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The drama is actually quite good...it's decently paced. I feel so bad for Mu Chen though...she's had a terrible life since childhood. Being treated like that by her step mother and her husband like that.

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Anyone who wants previews to tie them over....this was the special SETTV aired a few days ago before episode 2. It has Van Ness and the shower scene that was cut out from episode one! PD just couldn't let this get away for good and wanted (female) viewers to see it!

Soooo much other goodies too....including Xiao Le's "conception" ;) hehehehe....hotness overload!!


there's four parts: 0, 1, 2, 3....same user so just click!

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Guest alicechen

Omg! A series with ADY AN?!! Gosh, I love this girl!! Haven't seen her around at all!! Vanness looks different here, I usually overlook him because of Jerry and Vic....but gosh, he looks charming in here. :D

Hello =D

I search the torrent (or a link DDL. I don't use Ed2K) of A'sC 01 from YDY version or another version, but i would like a high quality for subbing. (I downloaded the HLiang & the 6th sense version but I am not satisfied. Sorry but thanks for the uploaders. =D) Anybody can help me please ? ^^ Thanks in advance.

I would like to ask the same thing, I don't usually download from Bit-torrent. Does anyone know where I can download the Highest quality? Would like to screencap!! Any suggestion is appreciated!

I heard that Ady didn't like Vanness at first, she hoped the leading man is Ming Dao. after filming they're close friends now. The way they talk to each other very comfortable.

Aww it's cute how she wants Ming Dao.... hehe :P

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