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[Taiwanese Drama 2009] Autumn's Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness ~下一站,幸福

Guest heliane_maine22

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Guest heartdrops

verona, thanks for the pictures! I can never get sick of looking at those family pictures. Such a cute family!

I want Xiao Le as my little brother! LOLLL.

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Guest j.a*star

can someone please explain to me what exactly is going on with the village? what is that lawyer and yiqian's father planning?? and why is vanness there?

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New Pics:









credits: Whalesg and photo-taker

found @ asianfanatics

From Sina:




AC Director's blog entry (3/11) :

Photos of Ady and Vanness reading scripts :



Photo of Vanness and AC crew visiting Make-up artist at the hospital ward


by =sx.k= @ asianfanatics

And OMG, I totally love this pic, it's heartwarming <3



shared by af

Lol, Guang Xi with redden cheeks looks so cute xD

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Ahhh, sunday is so far away.

Why must they make us wait like this?

Anyways, I've been watching all the previews for episode 8, and I really can't wait any longer =_=;;

Thanks for all the pictures!

The family is way too cute =)

I'm anticipating their reunion as a family the mooost!

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Guest SillyyJenn

omg. spend the whole day watching all 7 episodes.


but man this drama is a tear jerker. seriously doode, EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE.

i really wanna know how this is gonna end.

i like both the girls man. it'd be kinda messed up if he left yiqian for the kid ><

and tuouye. i love that guy :]

tmr is sunday!! W00TS! xDDD

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^ OMG is episode really good? You're making me reaaalllly excited to watch episode 8 and then see the previews for episode 9! Baaah I'm downloading the torrent right now, and it can't go any faster!!!

Mucheng finally meeting Guang Xi after 6 years... and it just so happens that Xiao Le is the one to bring him in! Gaah, I can't wait any longer!

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Guest SillyyJenn

ep.8 was kinda weak if you ask me.

i would cry like 10+ times in every episode. MINUS this one.

iono. wasn't that good...nothing really happened.

umm....yea. tuouye. man. i feel bad for this guy.

i thought that guangxi would at least pick up some memory after seeing mucheng ><

ep.9 man. he only remembers yiqian T____T

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Guest msmilkt

^YES!!! rating break 5!!!!!!!!

sorry, been a silent stalker to this thread, HI ALL <3

i`ve only watched up to ep 6, because i don`t want to have to wait every week for eps, i`ve been saving up and watching like, 10mins a day or sth. Yes, i`m that obsessed LOL and ep 6 made me cry/hold my breath at the end till i was getting sizzy from lack of oxygen, no joke. And it did help that AhCai comes out and stabs GuangXi when the ep was already at it`s emotional peak haha!!

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Congratulations to the cast and staff members. Hopefully it will continue to go up and break 10 like 'Fated to love you' did. Haha, Joe Chen Qiao En will be in big trouble though if it hits 15, since she has promised she will run naked if that happens.

Anyway, this episode wasn't that exciting to me either, except towards the end. But I think we are just the minority as I have read at Chinese forums that they thought ep 8 was very funny.

Lawyer Lin seems to feel really uncomfortable with how Guang Xi is right now, and that they are keeping things from him. So I think he would probably tell him the whole truth sometime in the later episodes. (if Guang Xi doesn't regain his memory himself that is) Xiao Le was so adorable when he hugged GX's leg while calling him dad.

I was glad that Mu Cheng and GX finally met at the end of the episode. Though she seems to want to avoid him...from the way she reacted when they met and in episode 7 when she was looking at her cellphone when she received a message and then with the disappointed look she had on her face later on, I think she has actually hoped that GX would come find them during these years. It will be so sad next week when she finds out that he has lost all his memories and that the only one he remembers that stood by his side despite knowing his disease is Yi Qian.

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Guest cystaltears

^ it will not hit 15 unless they extend the show... the reason people START watching the show is because they're so curious why the ratings are so high.... I read somewhere that there's only 11 or 12 or 13 eps? That's not long enough for the ratings to grow high enough to attract the people who don't normally watch idol dramas...

My mom who doesnt watch idol dramas suddenly wanted me to help her find episodes of fated to love you because of the high ratings..

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