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[sitcom 2005] Can Love Be Refilled? 사랑도 리필이 되&#4520


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Guest 0_liceyy

dang. all the singers are acting these days.

yeah i know right?! why cant singers stick with being a singer? wont it be too much work for them? hmmms oh well KIM HYUN JOONG KIM HYUN JOONG! hes getting sooo popular wow...that pretty boy xD i love his smile...it can melt anyone's heart yeah??! and and his "wife" looks too old for him....she can be her nuna o.O;;

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Lee SoonShin (Lee DongHoon)

Sports Agent People


Choi Dongwon (Park ChulMin)

-Charge of PMI Agent

-42 year old single

-Was known as a former baseball player

-It seems like he doesn't have any skills but he has the skill of making contracts


Jung Jaemin (Choi SungJoon)

-Mijoo's colleague and a popular sports agent

-He is very friendly to anyone so he has the nick name "Friendly Jaemin"

-But he has a mystery side to him

-He is very helpful to Mijoo who always cause problems


Oh Saeri (Shin Jooah)

-A talented sports agent who was dispatched from Chicago headquarters

-She feeds on the guys attentions and thinks her charm is her talent too

-Is a dynamic sports agent who shows rivalry with Mijoo

Translation credits: Sanbi

Source: KBS

Credits: Soompi

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OMFG!!! AHHHHHHHH JUNGMIN TOO?!?!?!? THIS IS HEAVEN JUNGMIN!! MY FAVE MEMBER IN SS501 !!! AHHHHHHHH im SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Another anticiptaed show for me!!! ahhhhhh jungmin~ now i must stop spazzing. lol.


I already love jungmin's part. the "bad" guy or more of the rival xD

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Guest ..natz..

7th november here i come!!!i cant wait to watch hyun joong acting ahahha..it's gonna be so cool..eheh n exciting..and plus, jung min's coming in as well..wah the cuties of ss501...

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Guest hot_saranghae

I´m counting the days now....I´ve seen photo shooting and so mannie capz of this drama...HyunJoong Oppa hwaiting!...

and now Jungmin is coming out as well...WOW:.....^__________^

monday plz come faster!


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Guest zingsharon

some more...

press conference

변정수 and 정찬우

playing hong jin joo and kang dong woo



i like 변정수

glad to see her again in this drama^^


변우민 and Kim Tae Yeon

playing Hong Seon Joo and Choi Sang Tae

from yahoo news

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