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Guest --yunhra--

woah it looks like she has a nose on top her nose... is it cuz of that incident where she fell or something... not a huge fan of hers but thanks for the pics.

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Guest koolangel297

^ lol... cudnt have phrased it any better.. her nose looks weird in d first pic..

dun like her bangs.. but shes still cute n has a hot body

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Guest suejinners

SHE INJURED HER FACE while doing a movie

people need to stop throwing all these crazy richard simmons sugery acusations at her.... that other thread was soo long and o_o;

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Guest catchthesky.

Reminds me of dana in the third picture for some reason...

I think Jeon Hye Bin isn't that bad. I admired since NN2 but after she started getting that huge sickening thought that she had to have an image of 'sexy' she started becoming an 'okay' celebrity.

but still, i think she's georgeous and wonderful. I mean, the people who bash her, doesn't have HALF of what she has. -0-

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I don't know if her bangs look good or not. They don't look bad or weird, but they don't look good, either. They're just there.

I don't believe she got a nose job. Whatever.

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Guest charmins

Wow she looks completely different...

It's definitely the hair-do change and esp. her teeth

I think she looks better than before..

Something always bothered me about her before but she's looking aight

Yah, i feel neutral about her..

Don't hate her but don't love her

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Guest Sarah.

I used to love her when I first saw her. But as I kept seeing her, I started to dislike her more and more. So I guess it's a good thing that there aren't many threads on her. :P I don't know why. I seem to notice more flaws on her outer appearance (like I do when I keep seeing the same people over and over) as well as her...not so very interesting personality on TV. She doesn't seem like a very friendly person. Not trying to bash her. She's pretty in the pics though. I just don't like the new hairstyle.


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Guest krngirlie89


she lost a LOT of weight in her face


i think? lol

i dun like her bangs


she still looks really pretty though

she doesnt come up a lot anymore on game shows

i wonder where she went?

thanx for the pics ^^

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