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Park Hae Jin 박해진 I Upcoming Drama 2022 : From Now On, Showtime! 지금부터 쇼타임!


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Multi-Awarded Actor/Model/Donation Angel/Fashion Icon/Honorary Fire Marshall


Name: Park Hae Jin
Hangul (KOR): 박해진 ; Hanja (CHN): 朴海镇 (Simplified Chinese)

樸海鎮 (Traditional Chinese) ; Piao Haizhen (Romanization) ; Katakana (JPN): パク・ヘジン
Date of Birth: 1983 May 01 ; Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type: A ; Star Sign: Taurus ; Status: Single
Height: 186cm ; Weight: 72kg
Mother and Older Sister, Brother-in-Law, Niece & Nephew
Education: Seoul Arts College - Department of Performing Arts (graduated in 2007)
Talent Agency: Mountain Movement ; Year of Discovery: 2003
Discovery: Park Hae Jin stopped studying after high school in order to help support his family.

Together with a friend as his business partner, he opened a boutique in Busan and started selling apparels.

One day he went to Seoul to get supply of his business, he was unexpectedly talent scouted. He shared,

"At that instant, I just seized the opportunity with an unknown sense of great confidence."

 Later he attend Seoul Arts College to study professional acting. He successfully debut in KBS Drama titled Famous Chil Princesses in 2006.  

(Translations: Melyssa. Credits: PHJ TFC. Source: PHJ cyworld.cn)


= PHJ SNS Acccounts =

iunAacD.pngyzzIgW6.png IbUL32x.png IzFKqFW.png  xCEwPwU.png gLRDvq2.png

(click on the logo to go to PHJ SNS account)



= Movies =

Cheese in the Trap Movie | Cheese in the Trap (2018) - Yoo Jung

Snow Is On The Sea | Snow Is On The Sea (2015) - Sang Woo

The Rhythm of Chopsticks | The Rhythm of Chopsticks (2010) - Support Role


= Korean Dramas =


= Chinese Dramas =

  • [Upcoming Drama]Secret Society of Men -Friends 男人帮.朋友 - Zhao Hai Peng
  • [Upcoming Drama]Popcorn 爆米花 - Lu Chen Jun

Far Away Love 遠得要命的愛情 (Guandong TV/2016) - Shen An

Love's Relativity/Love Leo/恋爱相对论 (Xi'An TV/2013) - Li Ang

Another Kind of Splendid Life/Another Brilliant Life 另一种灿烂生活 (Hunan TV/2012) - Liu Da Ming

Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember 钱多多嫁人记 (Hunan TV/2012) - Xu Fei (Chinese TV Debut)



= TV Show =

  • Busted |  범인은 바로 너! (Ep5 Guest 2018)
  • Let's Eat Dinner Together |  한끼줍쇼 (Ep33 Guest 2016)
  • Abnormal Summit Season 2 Episode 123 | 비정상회담 시즌2! (Ep123 Guest 2016)
  • Guerilla Date on Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 (KBS / 12 Mar 2018)
  • Guerilla Date on Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 (KBS / 08 April 2016)
  • Guerilla Date on Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 (KBS / 11 Mar 2016)
  • Guerilla Date on Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 (KBS / 18 Dec 2015)
  • Happy Together | 해피투게더 (KBS / 29 Nov 2012/ Episode 275)
  • Gag Concert |  개그콘서트  (KBS / 17 Nov 2012/ Episode 669) 
  • Family Outing Season 1 | 패밀리가 떴다 (SBS / July 2009 to Feb 2010 / Episode 54 and up)
  • Tian Tian Xiang Shang | Seven Princess Promotion with Lee Tae Ran and Choi Jung Woon (Hunan TV China / April 2009)
  • Challenge Mr. Mic | Seven Princess Promotion with Lee Tae Ran and Choi Jung Woon (Hunan TV China / April 2009)
  • Family Outing Season 1 | 패밀리가 떴다 (SBS / July 2008 / Episode 5 and 6)
  • Are You Ready segment on Happy Sunday (Show renamed to 1 Night, 2 Days) 1박 2일 시즌 (KBS / May 2007)
  • Ya Shim Man Man | 야심만만 (SBS / January 2007)


= Awards =

  • Global Star Award | 2018 APAN Star Awards) / 2018)
  • Awardee | CHIC Style Awards (China) / 2018)
  • Best Artist Award | Asia Artist Awards 2017
  • Best Male Artist | Asia Artist Awards 2016
  • Best Actor | Cheese in the Trap (Korean Cable TV Awards / 2016)
  • KDA Award | Bad Guys (8th Korea Drama Award / 2015)
  • Top 10 Style Icons | (7th Style Icon Awards / 2014)
  • Most Popular Male Star | (Asia Model Festival Awards / 2009)
  • Best New Actor | East of Eden (MBC Drama Awards / 2008)
  • Best Couple Award (with Han Hyo Joo) | Like Land and Sky (KBS Drama Awards / 2007)
  • Excellence Award | Like Land and Sky (KBS Drama Awards / 2007)
  • Best New TV Actor | (43rd Baeksang Arts Awards / 2007)
  • Best Couple Award (with Lee Tae Ran) | Famous Chil Princesses (KBS Drama Awards / 2006)
  • Best New Actor | Famous Chil Princesses (KBS Drama Awards / 2006)



= Recognitions =


Honorary Fire Marshall | Korea Fire Agency / 2020 - present

Honorary Firefighter | Korea Fire Agency/ 2019)

  • Acknowledgement Certificate | Korea Fire Fighting Department / 2018)
  • Honorary Citizenship | China Sanshan District / 2018)
  • Seoul Mayor's Award for Community Welfare | Seoul City Government Recognition / 2017)
  • Ambassador for Financial Savings | (Appointed by Korean Science and Arts Education Department / 2008)
  • Ambassador for Non-smoking and Non-drinking Campaign | ( 2007)



= Music Videos =

  • Love... It is Painful | (by The Way)



= CF and Endorsements =

  • Rits Healer Cheese Mask Pack (Korea) (2020-present)
  • East Skin Mask (Korea) (2019-present)
  • Mind Bridge (Korea) | (2018)
  • Mind Bridge (China) | (2015|2016|2017|2018)
  • JayJun Cosmetics | (2017|2018)
  • Centerpole | (2016|2017|2018)
  • Bean Pole | (2016)
  • Forte Coffee | (2016)
  • 7 Cafe | (2016)
  • Lotte Duty Free | (2015|2016|2017)
  • MCM Handbags | (2014)
  • Calvin Klein Jeans | (2014)
  • Giordano | (2009)
  • Ad Hoc Paris | (2009)
  • Promoting Korea to Chinese Audience | Korean Tourism Organization (2009)
  • Banclondon Fashion | (2007)
  • Lotte Beverages | (2007)
  • Calvin Klein Jeans | (2007)
  • Andre Kim Fashion Show | (2006)
  • Sieg Fahrenheit Fashion | (2007 and 2006)
  • Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cake | (2006)


= Thread Index =

Updates & Scheduled Activities 
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= Reminders =

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3) Japan Materials stay in Soompi. Do not post these elsewhere.
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This post is a collaboration among PHJ fans:

Cassie6002 update the front page of this thread.
Melyssa gathers information, translates from Chinese articles, writes the descriptions.
Mi-Hyun translates from Korean articles, thread organizer, writes the intro.
Tortiz translates from Japanese and Chinese articles.
Symphonee creates graphics.
Sharonstar our thread starter.
Rome_jyap thread organizer.
Luthien thread organizer, maintains this post, writes description.
CK9705 for her in-depth knowledge of PHJ and where PHJ-related goods are located.
PHJ Taiwan Fans Club (phj.tworz.com) always providing PHJ Soompiers the pictures, news, Chinese translations.


last updated on 20160409

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don't forget these!





I remember how I was trying to find so much info on him when I learned he would be pairing up w/ Lee Tae Ran in Chil Princesses. His pictures at the press conference didn't do any justice because he had to have a haircut for his military service role at the beginning of the drama. It finally grew out =)

maybe you can post up his profile?

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Guest sharonstar

Thanx CREIDESCA for those HOT pixes~

i did add some profil as you suggested ^_^!

I ADORE HIM TO DEATH... SOMEONE STOP ME~~~ actually, dont... har~


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Guest s3rene

When I first saw him wearing glasses, he instantly reminds me of a HK actor called Bosco Wong. Park Hae Jin is better looking however. ^_^

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Guest sharonstar

creidesca... You're killing me with his pixars...

I'm screaming inside.. i've never been this wild about any celeb other than Shinhwas......... and HyunBin......and JooJiHoon..... OKAY OKAY!! i have many i've gone Loco for but.... not like this @_@!

Sweetmemories, i'm googling bosco wong hehe

syah4brit~ how old is she again? 0-0


THANX AGAIN CREs~ for the pixes! and bday info~ i'll update 1st post!

lol... i'm such a dork!! i wrote this corny lil poem while thinking about ParkHaeJin... jeezer...

don't laugh... well, go ahead and laugh T___T i deserve it... sigh

Letter to my BoyFriend Fur Bleu: unconditional Love


Every time I hear your name,

My heart beats uncontrollably.

Every time I see you smile,

I smile with you unconsciously.

Your voice like a lullaby,

putting me to sleep at night.

I giggle and sigh as I close my eyes,

because.. You are the one I think about.

I wish you could come and see,

My heart.. you stole away from me.

Someday... You and I will meet,

then.. my dream will be... complete.

so every moment I will pray,

for that day to come one day...

but until then...

please just know...

that someone longs for you from far,

me, your one and only... sharonStar

I'll Love You


당신에 이름을 들을때마다,

내 마음은 저절로 뜁니다.

당신에 미소를 볼때면,

나도 몰르개 따라 미소를 집니다.

자장가처럼 들리는 당신에 목소리로,

매일밤 나를 잠재워 주시갯어요?

그럼 나는 눈을감으며 웃음일 지갯죠,

꿈에서 당신이 보일태니까요.


당신이 가져간 내 마음이...

언잰간 당신과 내가 만날때면,

내 꿈은 이루워지갯죠.

그날이 언잰가 오길,

난 항상 기도 할깨요.

하지만, 그날이 올때까진, 알아주새요.

멀리서 당신을 바라보는 사람이 잇다는걸


Though my fantasy is far beyound (나의 꿈은)

the dreadful harsh reality. (현실과 멀다는것을 암니다)

being able to see you from over sea, (그치만 멀리서 지켜볼수잇는것만으로도)

is enough for me to hold on...to the possibility. (꿈을 개속 꾸갯습니다)

I wish you could understand.... (당신은 알까요)

How much your tangible presence would mean to me (나한테 당신과의 만남의 이미를)

I'll love you...unconditionally...

Yeahp..... thats all... -____-;; sad

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Guest critic

I'm a dedicated fan of 소문난 칠공주 mostly because of 박해진, but be be frank, his acting needs more than a little brushing up. It's not terrible, but he has A LOOOOOOOOOOOT of room for improvement. I suppose it should've been expected since it IS his debut and all, hopefully as this drama progresses, acting the part of 연하남 will come more naturally to him. But in the meanwhile, I will continue to love 연하남's character regardless of 박해진's merely tolerable execution of the role. Aside from acting, I think 연하남 suits 박해진's look perfectly... So I guess I shouldn't complain. Besides, he's hot. heh...

on a side note, I think the names in 소문난 칠공주 are HILARIOUSLY clever.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest bluebyul

to me, hes strangely attractive...

not my usual types...but i guess its his character that really enhances

how he looks to me! lol...

anyway i didnt know he was an '83er...

i keep playing back the last 5 mins of epi 26 just cause of his

whole statement/promise to her

ahhh...cant wait til next week :P

oh the pics that creidesca posted are HOT! haha...

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When I first saw him wearing glasses, he instantly reminds me of a HK actor called Bosco Wong. Park Hae Jin is better looking however.

Ohhh coincidentally , i'm like a huge Bosco fan :P

syah4brit~ how old is she again?

Lee Tae Ran is...... 31 ~ ;)

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Guest etoile

haejinnie is sooooo beautiful. haha he has that nerdy look goin on. bwahaha.

what he lacks in acting is made up by his face. >_<

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest bluebyul

When I first saw him wearing glasses, he instantly reminds me of a HK actor called Bosco Wong. Park Hae Jin is better looking however. ^_^

i only got to see boscos pictures today~

and i can totally see where you were saying that...

dang...we need more pics of this guy!

i need something to get me through the week, until i get my weekly dose of him!


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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest shosaitoki

he's so HOT

I keep watchign The Chil Princess just because of him but I think he doesn't appear enough

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Guest ...TLT...


i adore this guy

at first thought he wasn't that good look

but then as i looked at him more

he's hot and kute!

he got a killer smile that make muh heart melt

he's so sweet to Lee Tae Ran in Seven Princesses

i wish he have more scenes in Seven Princesses

that's the reason y i watch that series is becuz of him and Lee Tae Ran

well i hope in the future..there will be more series of his..


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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest senalee

AHHHHH!!!! I tink is sooooo cute....i love his character in Chil Pricesses.....

He Is Younger then i thought he was but still older then me..hehehe my ideal husband..hehehe :P

I hope he does more drama's and maybe even a movie after this show...

ahh i wish i was Sul CHil shoot I'd have said yes to his feeling long time ago... :sweatingbullets:

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  • 5 weeks later...
Guest hopesofgreen

I absolutely adore him !

I started flipping channels the other day and I saw Seung Gi on Chil Princess so I watched it. But then I saw Park Hae Jin and thought he was adorable, and his character is so loveable. Now, he's like the reason I'm watching it now. I have to find the episodes I miss so I can watch him!!!

I thought he looked like Bosco too when I saw him.

I heard the show is getting extended, so hopefully he gets more screentime!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • gm4queen changed the title to Park Hae Jin 박해진 I Upcoming Drama 2022 : From Now On, Showtime! 지금부터 쇼타임!

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