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[2009 drama]Invincible Lee Pyung Kang 천하무적 이평강

Guest yeohweping

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Guest lucky_moon

Ep1 was really so GOOD, luv how PK is so strong & was fighting so bravely even the loan sharks ran away, not to mention her hitting OD with the hen toward his face, poor him in his father wedding he got all these bad things happen to him, even thought it's such a funny & entertaining drama but it's always shoe the greed & the hidden plans his new step mother have been planning to get all the money to her son :)

can't wait to watch Ep2, Thanks WITHS2 for the subs :D

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Guest mzxhanner

I am really enjoying this drama! You're Beautiful was coming to an end so I was looking for something new to watch, and when I saw that Nam SangMi was coming out in something new, I decided to give the first two episodes a try because I love her and I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't a complete homerun, but I'm enjoying this drama all the same. I don't really see the chemistry between the two leads yet (I think Seo DoYoung playing Edward is a million times hotter than Ji HyunWoo although Ji HyunWoo's character is growing on me) but I'm sure as the drama goes on it'll become more apparent.

One thing I do want to say though is that the guy who plays the villain is really starting to grate on my nerves. First off, why in the world do they keep putting those belts on him? His wardrobe really bothers me because they make him look so metro but combining the scarves with the belts, it doesn't fly too well. His clothes influence his actions for me, and his actions seem really clownish and over the top as a result. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way but these are just my opinions.

On the other hand, like I mentioned before, I think Seo DoYoung is absolutely gorgeous in this drama. I watched him in Spring Waltz and really didn't like him or the drama at all, but now that he's cut his hair and is dressing all GQ in this drama, he's become a scene stealer for me because he's so damn hot. I can't wait for the love triangle to deepen, when OnDal begins to develop feelings for PyeongKang but alas has to fight Edward for her. I'll probably be rooting for Edward because in my eyes there's no contest, but hopefully OnDal will be able to step it up and begin to convince me otherwise. :P

I'm excited to see what direction this drama goes, and I can't wait for episode 5 on Monday! :)

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