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[2009 drama]Invincible Lee Pyung Kang 천하무적 이평강

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is there a torrent for ental?

nothing yet, but download HAN cuz both Ental & HAN are XVID version & works with subtitles when HAN quality is much better than Ental ;)

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uwahs, Just watched episode 1 at 6:00 am this morning

Quite catchy, but still does not get the point of the historical bit at the end.

Not bashing it, it's just I don't understand the purpose of that!

Is downloading c-subs for episode two (:

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Historical Romance Comes Back to Life in New Light

Korea’s oldest history book “Samguksaki,” the history of the three ancient kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje and Shilla, contains a story about an army general and a princess during the late Goguryeo period. Princess Pyeonggang, a daughter of King Pyeonggang, married Ondal, a timid man from a humble family, whom she helped through unheard-of devotion to become a renowned general.

But people today are not interested in Ondal’s political success but rather curious about three things: how his rise in status through marriage to the royal member affected his life, what made Princess Pyeonggang unconventional, and what could have happened after his death. They wonder how Ondal and Pyeonggang would be if they lived today, some 1,400 years later. And they may be able to satisfy their curiosity in the new KBS2 drama “Taming of the Heir.”


Production Conference

A production press conference was held for the drama at a CGV theater in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul on November 4. Unlike drama press conferences held at a conference room or hotel, a press conference held at a theater can show the preview of a drama on the big screen. KBS presenter Han Suk-joon emceed the conference, which drew a crowd of reporters, raising hopes for the success of the drama. Director Lee Jung-sub and seven leading cast members--Kil Yong-woo. Choi Myung-kil, Nam Sang-mi, Ji Hyun-woo, Seo Do-young, Cha Ye-ryeon, and Kim Heung-soo--were in attendance to talk about their show.

▼ Synopsis and Cast

Some 1,400 years ago, Goguryeo soldiers are blocking the gate of the Shilla fortress amid a hail of fire arrows. But Woo On-dal, the general of the Goguryo army, attempts to flee in vain and is forced to stand against the enemy by his wife Lee Pyeong-gang. Feeling disgruntled, he says, “I will put myself in danger as you wish,” but is killed by fire arrows shot by the enemy.

Time flies to the year 2009. On-dal, an arrogant, rude son of a rich businessman, hears from his girlfriend the news that his father will remarry his secretary. On-dal heads for a resort where the wedding is supposed take place in order to stop it, but confronts a group of gangsters on the way and gets robbed of all his belongings, even his clothes. He sneaks into the resort to find some clothes and is caught by Pyeong-gang, and the news is leaked all over the internet. On-dal’s father decides to make his son a golf player to reform him.

Pyeong-gang, who has lost her dreams, finds one again by meeting On-dal, and On-dal, who has felt no need to have a dream, finds one for the first time in his life by meeting Pyeong-gang. The romantic comedy shows happenings between the past and present, and is directed by Lee Jung-sup, and features Yeon Mi-joo, Park Ki-woong, Oh Wook-chul and Ahn Hye-kyung in addition to the seven stars.

▼ Ji Hyun-woo Playing Woo On-dal


Woo On-dal was a smart and talented child but things changed when his mother died. He has lost interest in life and became estranged from his father, Woo Pyeong-won. This has led him to live a wild life. Although appearing haughty and disdainful, On-dal is a warm and considerate person.

Ji Hyun-woo, who will play On-dal, is known for the decent image he has shown in his previous works such as “Old Miss Diary” and “My Precious You.” In the new drama he will show another side of himself as he performs both as an ancient army general and a modern rebellious boy.

Ji said, “It seems that my personality changes according to the roles I play. So, now I feel and act like On-dal.” He added that he will do his best to successfully portray the unconventional On-dal. He delivers more ad-libs in the drama than in any other his previous works, so he is always thinking over how he can pull them off. He will also perform manyactions scenes, especially in the first few episodes.

When asked about how the drama will beat its rival “The Great Queen Seondeok” of MBC, which is enjoying great popularity with viewer ratings of some 40 percent, Ji said, “Our drama has its own uniqueness, so I think it can appeal to different viewers who like comedy. And anyone who gets bored with the long-airing ‘The Great Queen Seondeok’ can turn the channel to see our drama.”

Nam Sang-mi Playing Lee Pyeong-gang


Lee Pyeong-gang had a dream of becoming a world-renowned golf course designer. But tough reality has made her work as a mere staffer at a golf resort and become the breadwinner for her childlike mother and family. She has to fight between her long-cherished dream and difficult life.

Nam Sang-mi, who has made her name known through the film “Spy Girl” and drama “Gourmet”, has been cast for the role. She will represent the prototype of a woman with unyielding will.

With regard to the rivalry with “The Great Queen Seondeok,” Nam said, “I feel pressure because ‘The Great Queen Seondeok’ is such a huge hit, but I don’t think we are rivals. I’m just really happy to be part of the drama, and hope viewers also feel happy to watch it.” She indicated her great expectations for the drama by saying “100 percent” when asked what ratings she expects it will garner.

Choi Myung-kil Playing Je Hwang-whoo


Je Hwang-whoo is an ambitious woman who works as a secretary of Woo Pyeong-won, the owner of the golf resort and On-dal’s father, and later marries him. She is the reincarnated step-mother of Lee Peyong-gang from 1,400 years ago. She plots with her son Je Yeong-ryu to put On-dal in trouble and obtain the golf resort.

Choi Myung-kil, who has played queens in many historic dramas such as “Empress Myeongseong” and “The Great King Sejong,” said, “The role is quite different from what I used to play, and it’s the reason I decide I took it. I believe it will expand my capabilities as an actress.”

The romance between Choi and Kil Yong-woo playing her opposite will appeal to middle-aged viewers. “It may sound like my role is an evil, but she has a reason-–to protect her son. But she is in nature good person, and she will take care of her husband when he suffers from dementia later in the drama,” Choi said. Hearing this, Kil interrupted with a smile by saying, “No, she is an evil person, but one we can’t hate.”

Kil Yong-woo Playing Woo Pyeong-won


Woo Pyeong-won loved his wife with all his heart, but did not know how to express it. He feels guilty about not being able to show love to his son after his wife died, and his son living a wild life as a result. So he wants to turn his son into a new person and plans to make him a pro golfer.

Kil Yong-woo will play Woo Pyeong-won, the successful businessman who owns a golf resort. “I regret that I don’t get to play golf a lot since my role is someone who owns the resort,” Kil said. But he demonstrated the boxing skills he learned for his character, who used to be a boxer.

Cha Ye-ryeon Playing Kwan Ja-rak


Kwan Ja-rak is a star actress who works as a model for the resort of Woo Peyong-won. She is long-time friend of Woo On-dal and loves him even after On-dal has changed after his mother’s death. Confident and proud, she understands On-dal and does not hide her love for him.

Cha Ye-ryeon will play Ja-rak, who forms a love triangle with Pyeong-gang over On-dal.

Seo Do-young Playing Edward


Edward is an financial investor who comes to like Lee Pyeong-gang for her pure passion for designing a golf course. He helps her to realize her dream.

Seo Do-young expressed his expectations for his role, saying, “I usually play a very serious man, but my role this time is a very cheerful one, and I’m excited about that.” When asked about who is closer to his ideal type, Nam Sang-mi or Cha Ye-ryeon, he tactically avoided giving an answer, saying, “I just met a niece of Choi Myung-kil and she seems intelligent and beautiful.”

Kim Heung-soo Playing Je Yeong-ryu


Je Yeong-ryu is as ambitious as his mother, Je Hwang-whoo. He is naturally good at dealing with people and thus always has a group of followers. He hides his cruelty and cunning behind soft and generous appearance.

Kim Heung-soo is making a comeback after a long absence with an evil role. “Choi Myung-kil is helping me a lot with the role,” he said. “I have continued to work by participating in several films, but as the film market is going through a tough time, the films failed to be released, so I had a hard time.”

Director Lee Jung-sub


Having debuted in 2005 as a co-director of the drama “Sweet Heart, Sweet Darling,” director Lee Jung-sub has since directed “Hong Gil-dong, the Hero,” and “My Precious You.” He said, “I got the idea for the drama when I wondered what would happen if On-dal and Princess Pyeong-gang came back to life in a completely different way." “We are all enjoying the shooting and there is good harmony between the veteran and younger actors. I’m confident we will produce a good work.”

The drama is written by Park Key-ok, whose previous works include TV dramas “Invisible Man” and “Cain and Abel,” and the films “Sword in the Moon” and “Heaven’s Soldiers.”

Most cast members forecast viewer ratings of some 10-20 percent, but said it’s not the number that matters. The drama will not disappoint those who are waiting for it. It begins airing on November 9 at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2.

Production Company: Sinyeong Entertainment & Communications

Writer: Park Jae-hwan

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi

Source : KBS Global

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I watched the first episode... it was pretty okay. Very typical K-drama formula, with rich guy meeting poor girl, then becoming enemies, then falling in love... nothing new.

Some parts reminded me of Delightful Girl Chun Hyang.. eg. Pyung Gang coming from a poor family, where she has to work hard to make end meets and bear the brunt of having a gambling mother (Chun Hyang was also like this), and Ohn Dal's love-hate relationship with his father, reminds me a lot of Mong Ryong and his father...etc.

Not used to JHW's OTT-ness yet..but when he's sad and glum he shines.

Nam Sang Mi, she's always good. But too bad she's always plays the same character in all her dramas..

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Guest eucharis

Lee Hyun(이현 of 8eight ) - 숨이 막혀 [invincible Lee Pyung Kang OST Part 1]


[MV HD]MC Mong (몽) feat Maybee (메이비) - 나란 남자 (Who's the Man) [OST Part.2]


[MV HD]F(x) (Luna 루나 + Krystal 크리스탈) - 어렵고도 쉬운 (Hard but Easy) [OST Part.3]


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