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Polaroid Cameras

Guest sillypanda

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I LOVE mine. I have a 7s in choco, and absolutely love it. I need the markers for them so I can write on the film!

I'm currently making a collage of them in a love heart shape on my wall, filled with things I love (a bit hard though, so I've decided to put all my photos in the collage... haha). I'll probably make another collage next to it anyways. :)

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Guest meowrie

How expensive is film? I've always wanted one of these but my friend, who's an avid photographer, said the film was too expensive for her and she's rich so...

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i got myself a polaroid onestep years ago when they were still selling the 600 films. i haven't used my polaroid for a very long time but recently i managed to get films from the Impossible Project (23 USD ~ S$38). when i finally used my camera yesterday, the films turned out UGLY. because there was nothing but copper brown and blue -.-

so i was wondering if there is something wrong with my camera? or the films? I hope it's the films cos I don't think the camera can be fixed if it's damaged :( any professionals here to explain what went wrong? cos I was thinking of buying the films again...

Thank you! :)

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Guest cherish_love

hi gyus, i have i white instax 7s.

everytime i take a photo, there's always green stuff on the side, but this completely goes away after a while...

anyone know what might be the cause for this? thanks !!!

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Guest simplisticwings

Where is the best place to find them in Shanghai or Hong Kong? I'd rather get it from Shanghai because I'm going there first, but ether is fine! Please and thank-you!!

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