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If your life was an anime, what category would it be?

Guest Mochiin

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Would you watch it?

So, which would it be?









Gender Bender





Live Action



Martial Arts





One Shot



School Life







Slice Of Life







If its one of these, please explain why!

Also, if your life was an anime, would you watch it?

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Josei, Slice of Life, School Life

Josei because my life isn't really a shoujo. I'm a young woman I guess, who acts immaturely but I deal a lot with my mom, grandma, and sister (which make up my nuclear family) and we all have josei genre problems/dealings. Anyways, I like josei best.

Slice of life because my life isn't an action movie. =) And I like 'slice of life' things. The little things that make my day.

School life because school work is my life. It has been for the last 13 years and will be for the next 4-5. And so yeah, you'll see a lot of that. But no high school drama please!

With some comedy, slight romance, drama, and fantasy.

Comedy because of they funny little things that happen to me or my friends or family. My life definitely has laughter in it. Slight romance, although most of it is me checking out/stalking hot dudes. :D Drama because of when problems arise. And they always do... D: And Fantasy because I space out a lot or my friends and me make up crazy stories all the time. So there can be fantasy sequences to illustrate that. hehehehehe ;)

And of course, it's all live action. (but watching it animated would be love)

I would like to think I would watch it. I really think I would especially if I could hear the narration of my thoughts. I enjoy listening to myself in my head (lol) so seeing myself be crazy on an actual show would be 'wow'.

Cool question~~

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Guest Atmosphere.

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi, Tragedy.


Yeah I would watch it! Since my life was interesting with all these dramas, I would try write stories about my life involving my friends and families. I hate dramas and hate when dramas come to my life because it's stressful, but when I think about it..... I'm glad I went through all that to know and learn experiences from it.

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Guest Daylightful

Mine would be a bit of drama, slice of life, romance, and action?

Slice of life because it's just my daily lives, but with a bunch of weird twists like drama, romance, and action.

Drama because of some of the people I come across who like to cause trouble.

Action because I'm a gamer and this stuff gets intense! (Which is probably where the drama could come in since the girl to guy ratio at tournaments are like 1:30) and also where the romance comes in, too since again for every one girl there are like 30+ guys so things are bound to happen..

As for I would watch it, definitely! ='P Sounds interesting! I just hope for a happy and kind ending!

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Guest xiarang

Mine would certainly be action, adventure and comedy (lol, so generic), but slightly different to the ones you get in Shounen Jump (difficult to explain how). It would be slightly darker with lots of travelling around the world, meeting and leaving different people, with only one or two permanent companions. Something like a mix between Cowboy Bebop and Soul Eater? Hah, if only reality was like that. D':

I wouldn't watch it, though. :P Sounds boring, and I would know how the plot goes anyway.

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Guest bonsaitea

Mine would be action.

I'd be one of those random background characters that appear in only a few panels that gets killed.

no i wouldn't watch it.

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