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[MANGA] Sand Chronicles AKA Sunadokei

Guest SaintPink

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Guest SaintPink

I dont think there is a topic on this anime yet?If this topic has already been posted im sorry please delete, I didnt see it on the Topics index!

After her parents get divorced, An Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane. Used to the anonymity of city living, An can't get used to the almost overbearing kindness of the people in her mother's hometown. But when personal tragedy strikes, An discovers how much she needs that kindness. 

Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=215

Published by: Viz

*This series has live action drama and film released.

This is such a bittersweet love story and gives me a sad nostalgic feeling you should really check it out!
it has very cute art too. To those that have read sand chronicles do you love it? hate it? why <3




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Guest SaintPink

I was waiting too but couldnt wait any longer heehee.

No online scanlations are sooo slow! they havent even finished volume 5

so I had to buy vols 5 and 6! This manga is so heart wrenching!!

I havent finished the manga but i accidentally spoiled myself with the raws =(

didnt like the ending!

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Guest SaintPink

I know, the scans are soo sloow !

the series is soo good thoughh

ugh, i'm only on the 5th volume i thinkk ?

awww, i hate when that happens to me D;

i think they're not going to end up togetherr.

but don't spoil it for me (x

Haha okay i wont spoil it for you but I think its a pretty happy

ending...to some =) thats all i'll say!

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Guest FairyTales

the translations for this is soo slow D=!

This manga is truly awesome .

I never watched the live action yet.. >_< can't find it eng subbed :P

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Guest sao910

Hi. I'm kind of new at this? >_<

So i wanted to find manhwas in korean? you see i'm trying to learn korean but i don't even know where to start to get a hold of the manhwas in korean. everything i found was translated into english. does anyone know location wise - online or anywhere near ktown in los angeles - where i can purchase manhwas? thanks ^_^

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Guest JaneElliot

I'm not sure how many volumes have been published by Viz yet. I lost track when I left the States last year, but I'd been following faithfully until then, and I've been continuing with the French version (Le Sablier) recently. Since the entire series (ten volumes) has already been published in French, I haven't had to wait for releases. I've been working my way through, and I just finished volume 9.


The main storyline is finished at the end of volume 8 and the last two volumes contain extra material and side stories, and rounds off the storylines of some of the side characters. And I actually liked vol 9 much better than vol 8. I think Ashihara's better with the slice of life type of themes rather than the intense melodrama that built in later volumes. The whole series is kind of melencholic and pensive, but I didn't like it when it got too over the top.

Still one of my favorite series in the past two years.

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Guest CorruptedSilence__nomore

I started the manga months back but I never continued it even if I found it pretty good. From the sounds of it, it seems worth picking up again lol :D

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Guest furuba01

Read it up to volume 5 and cant find any translations for the rest! Im SOO mad, 'cause I really wanted to finish it. So, I might go buy it. That's probably the only way. Sand Chronicles is a REALLY good manga based on what I read so far. I suggest it to people who didnt read it yet.

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I decided to buy this series because a lot of people say this is a lot like Bokura Ga Ita. The characters were wonderfully drawn, it, however, didn't catch my interest like BGI did to me, and still does. For some reason I just don't get why Ann and Daigo had to go through this breakup-get back together-breakup thing. At some point, I'd ask myself, why did they break up again? who break up with who?
I'm currently on book 7, and like BGI, it spanned through years. I was just kind of.... overwhelmed.. I guess by the amount of events that happened in this series. Like this one book alone, we saw how they turned from college years to 26, then Ann met this guy, this guy proposed to her, ex-gf showed up, and BAM! end of engagement.. like what?? what??? it was jumping way way  too fast. It all happened in one volume! and my mind couldn't simply comprehend. One major event in the characters' lives just moved way too fast.

In any case, I'm still reading it. I like it, but am not obsessed about it, nor am I emotionally drawn to it like most of the shoujo manga series I've got for keeps.

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