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Which actress do you think is pretty?

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Guest pupy_star

Kim Tae Hee is the best,love her love her very very much.

I also think Song Hye Kyo,Son Je Yin ,Han Ji Min,Yoon Eun Hye ,Chae Rim,Lee Young Ae so cute.

They're my favourite ;)

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Guest irene

I think a lot of them are pretty.


In photo, not in particular order - SHG (especially in studio picture), KTH (especially in natural shot, not heavy make up), HGI, .......... I'm most impressed by 3 of them

On screen - HGI, SYJ........I'm most impressed by these two. They are not neccessary the prettiest. I don't know, they are just more to my type, and I always find them pretty, sort of like "not much up and down".

My list goes on.........

Who is the prettiest ? Not really having one in my list, because my mind always change. Sometimes, I think it's A, the other time, it will be B. All I can say I like HGI, SYJ's look the most at the moment.

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Guest nofear11877

1.Lee Junki ^_^

that got me laughin' :lol: he's pretty indeed. :phew:

anyway... i would have to say that song hye kyo topped my list. :wub: kim tae hee, choi ji woo, park han byul and many others follow shk on my list. they're pretty too. :blush:

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Yoon Eun Hye and Song Hye Kyo are the prettiest, i think!

i really dont think eunhye is that pretty b/c when she was on x-man with eric and kim jung kook w/ that love triangle stuff, she looked - and i mean it- ugly. shes pretty now, but i think beuty is about having a natural, gracejul, classic face thats looks good no matter what. even song hye kyo isn't that pretty unless she's dressed up. i don't know who IS beautiful tho, maybe han ga in (thats the one who was in super rookie and married yoon jung hoon, right?)

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