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Shining B*

Which actress do you think is pretty?

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I think a lot of them are pretty.


In photo, not in particular order - SHG (especially in studio picture), KTH (especially in natural shot, not heavy make up), HGI, .......... I'm most impressed by 3 of them

On screen - HGI, SYJ........I'm most impressed by these two. They are not neccessary the prettiest. I don't know, they are just more to my type, and I always find them pretty, sort of like "not much up and down".

My list goes on.........

Who is the prettiest ? Not really having one in my list, because my mind always change. Sometimes, I think it's A, the other time, it will be B. All I can say I like HGI, SYJ's look the most at the moment.

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Song HyeKyo

Lee DaHae

Son YeJin

Nam SangMi

Lee NaYoung

Han GaIn

Lee BoYoung

Shin MinAh

Kim HyunJoo

Goo HyeSun

Go Ara

Song JiHyo

Kim JungHwa

The girl in Lee SooYoung's 'Grace' MV

1.Lee Junki

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KIM SUN AH............PRETTY


KIM TAE HEE.............PRETTY

SON YE JIN.............PRETTY


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1.Lee Junki ^_^

that got me laughin' :lol: he's pretty indeed. :phew:

anyway... i would have to say that song hye kyo topped my list. :wub: kim tae hee, choi ji woo, park han byul and many others follow shk on my list. they're pretty too. :blush:

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Yoon Eun Hye and Song Hye Kyo are the prettiest, i think!

i really dont think eunhye is that pretty b/c when she was on x-man with eric and kim jung kook w/ that love triangle stuff, she looked - and i mean it- ugly. shes pretty now, but i think beuty is about having a natural, gracejul, classic face thats looks good no matter what. even song hye kyo isn't that pretty unless she's dressed up. i don't know who IS beautiful tho, maybe han ga in (thats the one who was in super rookie and married yoon jung hoon, right?)

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