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[drama 2006] The Vineyard Man 포도밭 그사나이


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[KBS] Oh Man Suk, Yoon Eun Hye

credit this wonderful artwork to Haesin

Brief Summary:

The Vineyard Man is a romantic-comical drama that revolves around the life of Lee Ji-Hyun (Yoon Eun Hye), a typical average girl who wants to show the world that beneath her seemingly ordinary characteristics is an extraordinary girl who will some day achieve great things and marry a rich and handsome man. Ji-Hyun is a striving young designer working in a clothing company, hoping that one day, her works will be recognized and have her own label. Her life changes when she decided to farm her grandfather’s vineyard and met Kang Taek-Gi (Oh Man Suk), a nice and honest man working in the vineyard to help his father.


Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Ji Hyun

Oh Man Suk as Jang Taek-Gi

Kim Ji Suk as Kim Kyung-Min

Airing: July 24, 2006

Genre: Romance-Comedy

Broadcast network: KBS2

Episodes: 16

Official Site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/podo/


Episode 1

Translators: MrsKorea & evannee

Timer: fateNdestiny

Editor: Mikal19

QC: xiahjunsu

Spot Translator: RoseyJoy

Episode 2 Translators: Zahra Timer: jann Editor: xkimix QC: fairytwix Spot Translator: RoseyJoy
Episode 3 Translators: evannee Timer: fateNdestiny Editor: chsaf QC: xiahjunsu Spot Translator: RoseyJoy
Episode 4 Translators: Zahra Timer: buffyreg Editor: thelamook QC: fairytwix Spot Translator: evannee
Episode 5 Translators: ai* Timer: buffyreg Editor: misskimchi QC: allredndizzy Spot Translator: evannee
Episode 6 Translator: kfanatics Spot Translator: stupoh Timer: buffyreg Editor: Mikal19 QC: allredndizzy Coordinators: allredndizzy
Episode 7 Translator: kfanatics Spot Translator: evannee Timer: fateNdestiny Editor: silver_sparrow QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42
Episode 8 Translator: ai* Spot Translator: Iris Timer: Niki Editor: fairytwix QC: Athaclena42
Episode 9 Translator: kfanatics Timers: sunshine4ever & Athaclena42 Spot Translator: evannee Editor: SacredCultivator QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42
Episode 10 Translator: ai* Timer: buffyreg Spot Translator: Iris Editor: Athaclena42 QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42
Episode 11 Translator: kfanatics Timers: buffyreg Spot Translator: Tigerpaw Editors: Ruby Hedges, Athaclena42 QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42
Episode 12 Translator: witheunhye Timer: julier Spot Translator: ai* Editors: Kirali, Athaclena42 QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42
Episode 13 Translator: kfanatics Timer: julier Spot Translator: Tigerpaw Editor: Ruby Hedges QC: Athaclena42 Coordinators: allredndizzy & Athaclena42

Credit Clubbox Uploads:



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Please DO NOT ask for LQ sub files.

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THANK YOU!!! :wub::wub::wub:

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Small addition: Our team have worked so hard in order to bring YOU the finest subs. Many members whose name were not mentioned here have worked long hours to provide high-quality subs.

To my D-Fansubs Team, I love you ALL and THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL your help and hardwork. WIthout you, this wonderful team wouldn’t be possible.

Look Out everyone, here comes the team that shines!!!!

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It'll be nice if the male lead is Lee Wan :P:lol: . Since he ain't got no project yet :blush:

haha u knw i wouldn't mind tht at all ~ :P but he received many scripts already a few mths back ,

dunno whether he chose any of those .

wow ~ tis is already gonna be Yoon EunHye's 2nd drama for the yr as a lead actress ! ~ :w00t:

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Guest loving_D

wonder who the male lead will be. YEH is doing really great with her acting career. although she still has a long long way to go, she's doing really well.

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Guest shred

^ same here. i'm quite curious how she'd be like in another role.

glad to know that we'll get to see her playing another character before she goes back to Goong (has it been confirmed she's coming back? gawdddd i hope so)

i also wonder who's going to be the leading man :sweatingbullets:

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Guest sweet_treats1812

wow, another drama for yoon eun hye! congrats to her! she's gonna be hecka busy filming two dramas..hahaha..that is if she still decides to keep the role of chaegyoung for goong 2 anyways :) wonder who the leading guy will be... :phew:

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Guest me094

I can't wait for this one... i would like to see her with a more experienced actor... just to see good she is... but can't wait.

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Guest coffeee

Aw can't wait! haha I wish the male lead would be Eric Mun.. but he's too busy with Shinhwa and an upcoming drama. Darn! :D

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