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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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I am not a fan and I even looked down upon Jaebeom for his comments on Korea back when this whole thing started breaking out. But this is just tragic. I can't believe people went as far as establishing a suicide petition. What kind of effed up world is that?!

To be honest though, after I read the post about him "not feeling like he belonged" and this - I felt as if he never really wanted to be a Korean idol. He wanted to live his life as a normal person. He may love to perform, but I don't think this is ever what he really wanted.

Regardless, I'm not a fan and I do hope that 2PM's fans will ultimately see the return of Jabeom.

Best of luck to him and all the fans of 2PM.

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Guest Aesthetic_Chinese


just read jyp's words for jae.

i am totally devastated even more.

im not sure what 2pm will become without jae.

im not sure if the boys can even carry on without jae?

if i was in their position idk how i would do it. =/

well. good luck to them all. we need to pray for the return of jae (when he is ready) && the rest of the 2pm boys.

i love 2pm && i support jae park

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Guest Kimberlyn

Save Jaebeom by going to the web http://twar.kukinews.com/tbattle/view.php?a_id=30045&tag=308&pageps_cmt=2#cmt_top to vote. Go to the bottom where there is a green and pink bar and press the button that is above the bar and choose the pink button. Spread this web to your friends whether know or doesn't know to vote for it. Thanks. And let the fans knows.

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Guest akemi_cho

As a shinee fan, i feel ashamed that a fellow fan can actually do that to another group. Just because your idols didnt win doesnt mean that other idol groups dont deserve to win. If i ever meet this girl, i would probably accept her apology but i dont think i can forgive her. If Jaebum, 2PM, 2AM, JYP, and the rest of the people that care about the person she hurted, then maybe.

Hottests stay strong their is always a rainbow after the rain


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Guest splendidlure

I say forgive the girl. If we don't forgive the girl of her mistake like we did with Jaebum, we'd be hypocrites. If anything, we should be mad at the people who started the suicide petition.

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I forgive the girl.

Question is, do you?


at least, not yet. because she intentionally wanted to hurt him. And while I appreciate her admitting her mistakes and wanting to apologize, the damage is already done.

but lets just see how everything lays out. maybe I'll forgive her later.

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Guest yumidoma


Call me Hypocrite or watever...

I don't have a big heart to forgive the person... They are not worthy of my forgiveness...

The Girl who started this... I don't have anything to say or against her..... wat so ever..

If she hadn't done this someone else would & media.. psh.. they just need something to talk abt....

But I just can't seem to forgive the person who started the Suicide Petition and all those ppl who signed it...

It still makes me wonder what exactly was the person thinking.. or were they even thinking at all?

you want to forgive the person.. be my guest..

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I might be able to forgive the girl who started it all but definitely not now. I definitely sure as hell won't be able to forgive the person who started the suicide petition. Suicide isn't something to take lightly. It's not fun having suicidal thoughts and it's not a walk in the park getting away from that kind of mindset. Trust me, I would know.

Anyways, I'm happy about JYP giving us his stance on this whole taltwi thing though.

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Guest janiiekiim

i say forgive the girl. except honestly, at the moment i do not. it'll just take time.


because she has sincerely apologized and knows she has done wrong, just like jay. jay, by no doubt, has done something wrong. to what extent.. one can argue that. but just like the girl, jay has apologized and recognizes his wrong doings. just like i have accepted jay's apology, i have accepted the girl's. in order for korea to get over this whole mess, we must learn to forgive.

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Guest MR. LEE'S

forgive the girl or not? of course we as humans have to forgive that girl as we're not god to be deciding whether the girl's apologization should be accepted or not. at least the girl or who i would rather say the cupid have asked people to forgive for what she's done. if we decided not to forgive her, and how could it be possible for those koreans who are upset and shocked with jay's statement about their gay being four years ago? if we want people to forgive him for stating koreans are "gay", we as supporters of his should show some mercy to the cupid by deciding to forgive her. seriously, forgive someone is not a big deal. moreover, she even said sorry to everyone, we shouldn't act like cold-hearted who didn't know on how to forgive someone. even though i couldn't forget what they've caused to jay until he made up a decision to leave both korea and 2pm, but i don't think it's necessary for me to make a statement that "i will never forgive that girl". it's wrong. i really hope jay will come back soon. i miss him.

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Honestly... After reading what he wrote on 'myspace' I was pretty shocked. I couldn't believe what he wrote. I mean it really is a big deal. For people who are Korean (and for even those who aren't) who are not living in Korea may not be able to see this from someone who does live in Korea, person's point of view. It's insulting the way he put his words. Though he may not feel that way now, he still said this on a public site. I guess you could say because he made money in Korea and was a celebrity here, it somewhat may feel like a 'betrayal' to his fans.

Still, personally I think those anti-fans are a bit harsh making that sucide pettition. Now, that was just unnecessary.

It's sad to see this sort of thing happening. I really did like Jaebum the best and I understand where he's coming from.

I wish him the best of luck.

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Guest My Sweet September

Do people honestly think Jay did nothing wrong? Not a thing? Because although I support him making a return to Korean entertainment and 2PM, I don't think he is blameless. Please don't misunderstand me, I understand that he was homesick, and it was a very hard time for him. But a person still must be held accountable for their actions. He did do wrong by posting it on a PUBLIC place, that was his error. His thoughts, his feelings, are understandable but Korea is a country that is very proud, even if he is having these fleeting feelings, he shouldn't have posted them accessible to everyone, especially since he was to debut as a korean celebrity...It just wasn't smart move by him. Does he deserve everything he has gotten? Of course not. That suicide petition nearly broke my heart, I can't imagine being in his shoes...I hope he didn't read it (And I also don't know if I can find forgiveness for whoever started the petition - I can forgive the girl who apologized, but that petition maker? Ehh...it's too close of a subject for me to forgive someone who can throw around suicide so lightly...=/) but some of the criticism, I understand, because he insulted a nation of people and didn't take the care to make sure those feelings wouldn't reach those very citizens who idolize him.

I hope Jay comes back though, and stronger. If I was gonna follow any boy band, I know without a doubt it would be 2PM cause they seem like pretty awesome dudes. But, if his heart is not in being a Korean entertainer, I don't think he'll be back. And I can't blame him for that. He should first take care of himself, sort everything out and decide if 2Pm is where he wants to be....Otherwise it's best for him to just follow his heart, and find something that makes him truly happy.

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