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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest she-smiles
this is all just a marketing ploy. he'll be back. i wish he wouldnt be back and would rot in his own damn country! i bet he was the one gave kimhyunjoong the swine flu. dirty american.

lol. wow. that was very uncalled for, and rude of you to say.

it's ignorant comments like this that makes korea look bad.

so you're not helping one bit.

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yeaah, I'm gonna rant because

this whole topic is so stupid, and it makes me angry :pp.

netizens are so uugh. loll, I don't even know the word.

but they expect every star to be perfect.

(just like that Hannah Montana song.. EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKESS loll.)

like wtff.. a small mistake made in the PAST.. frickin pastt

and they make a huge deal about itt.

if they were to not like someone, a star in particular..

they shouldn't go onn saying ''he should go kill himself.''

that's not human =____=;.. and eerr..

well, if you don't like something, you don't worry about it right?

you just put it aside and let it do whatever it wants.

it doesn't concern them, does itt? even if they were to become antis,

ruining a person's career, maybe even life, isn't the answerr...

I say this is MESSED UP.

he shouldn't have called it quits thoughh.

he had a lot of fans supporting him, tooo.. T___T JAEE!

I hope the netizens get what they deservee.

karma's hell AIIGHT? :) hahaa.

I hope 2PM will see a better futuree and Jae would be bacck <3.

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this is all just a marketing ploy. he'll be back. i wish he wouldnt be back and would rot in his own damn country! i bet he was the one gave kimhyunjoong the swine flu. dirty american.

who said the swine flu even came from america?

you're really ignorant...

in case you haven't notice, this is a international site...

please think before you say something like this...

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this is all just a marketing ploy. he'll be back. i wish he wouldnt be back and would rot in his own damn country! i bet he was the one gave kimhyunjoong the swine flu. dirty american.


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here we go again, haters are floating around here.

whoever that created this whole hot-mess, oh well too late but anyway, most important part is, hope jae gets a good rest, and continue to keep his head up, there's no solution that can bring him back now, but to let things be.

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Guest kinella

ok, we might find a way to forgive the person who started this mess but there is no way i can find in my heart the strength to forgive who started the suicide petition.

actually i think those who took that awful action to start a petition to push another human being to suicide, should be legally judged and punished. i think SKorea needs a strong law to stop cyber harassment and publicly punish people who commit such crime.

i also think Korea's entertainment world should stop keeping silent when things like what is happening to Jay happen and put a distance between their artists, the real fans and fanclubs and crazy antis.

i hope i'm wrong but i keep thinking that this is a conspiracy to get rid of a rising new boyband.

i'm sure Jay will be back because this is a war and no way 2PM loses this easily. fighting!

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Guest crystal.star

Just simply IGNORE lubalubasuju, guys. He/she is just another hater we don't want around anyways.

This is a big and shocking news to Hottest, personally...being a fan of 2PM

since the beginning 'til now, I have the right to be upset, same goes for the rest

of the Hottest out there. People who commented thing such as, "Why are people

making a big deal about this? Why are people crying over this?" is seriously inconsiderate.

Is it wrong to be upset over someone you love? Anyways, in situation like this, people say

things that's out of control, but the girl or whoever started this doesn't deserve to "die".

I understand that everyone is angry and upset toward her action but dying is a little too much.

She already know her mistake, she regretted it and apologized...what else can she do?

What do you guys want her to do? Will you guys be any happier if she committed suicide?

No...so just let her realized her own mistakes, you guys don't have to forgive her, but just don't

curse the girl to death. Her death won't even change the situation and what already happened..*sigh*

Just support Jay, he'll appreciate your support and there's always a chance of him coming

back if he knows how much we love him & want him back. Remember, there's plenty of

Hottest out there that's on the same boat as us Soompiers so just have faith and

always stay strong, because things will get better, it might be storming now but it can't rain forever.

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^ not only can we not forgive the person who started the suicide petition,

but i personally cant forgive the other 5000+ people that jumped on thtat stupid bandwagon

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Okay, fine. I acknowledge that girl's apology but that doesn't mean I like her. She's sorry, okay. Fine. But that doesn't really fix anything. I don't hate her but she's not exactly on my "to love" list right now.

Just like Jaebum's situation, she apologized. What more can she do? So are you all going to start a suicide petition as well? Let's not be hypocrites. You don't have to like her to forgive her.

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Guest chuchu728

Like many of you guys I've taken that girl's apology but it doesn't mean I can forgive her. I don't think I could ever forgive her, not now at least. But I'm not going to do anything to her. If she is an alleged SHINee fan, I wouldn't do anything to them. Why? Cause even if she's the cause of all of this pain to Jaebum, 2PM/2AM/ JYPE, and Hottests ... I would never want anyone to feel the pain I and I know many others have felt throughout this. As pissed as I am ... it's just something I could never wish upon a person. Whatever happens ... I still will support Jaebum and 2PM. I just want the world to know how messed up Korean netizens are.


Feel free to use it and please spread it!

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For the people who are saying "I can't forgive the girl...I hope she dies...I hate her so much...lets start a suicide petition for her..." you guys are seriously no better than netizens :/ EVEN korean fans of 2pm are not saying that. On 2oneday forum, they posted a "This is What We Need to Do Now" list from k-hottest and somewhere in there this was what they said:

4) The uniting of fans is important

-We can’t just post weird comments here and there, throwing arrows this way and that

-It’s not important who made this issue

-The most important thing is for Jaebum to return

[credit 2oneday forum]

THAT was what the k-hottest said.

By starting a suicide petition...what would you gain from it? IF the girl committed suicide would that bring Jaebeom back? No it wouldn't. The most important thing right now is to support him and try to bring him back (and make him realize that people don't hate him). Don't make your first priority to bring down the girl. It's your choice whether to forgive her or not, but wishing she would die or starting a petition hoping she would suicide is no better than the netiziens.

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Guest chuchu728

totally agree with cinjin!

why would you do exactly the same thing as the netizens have done to jaebum? we're HOTTESTS ... we love and respect ... We want to support Jaebum and the BEST way to do this is to show him we're rational and better than the netizens and we'll support him by not doing anything stupid and immature.

PLEASE HOTTESTS ... the only thing we should be dealing with is finding ways to support Jaebum NOT hating on others just because they are the cause of this. We got mad at netizens for not being able to forgive Jaebum ... and it's true we can't forgive them now but don't stoop to their level by making stupid petitions ... just take her apology and ignore netizens. Focus on Jaebum and 2PM NOT THE HATERS!

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Guest Redwarrior

Regarding the netizens asking for forgiveness...

If we forgive them this time, they'll do it again the next. It's because they've never felt the consequences of their actions (maybe some have) before, that's why they aren't afraid to do this again (ex: many celeb suicides because of Netizens).

If the only way for them to learn a lesson from by not being forgiven, then I think that's the way to go. If there's some other way...then by all means, act upon it and leave that prior suggestion in the dust.

Some people may say "it's just a member of a boyband leaving, what's the big deal?"

--this is MORE THAN JUST THAT. It's about the morals and mindsets of the people who actually have the audacity to create and sign a PETITION FOR SUICIDE! This is a SERIOUS issue. Those people need help and also Cyber Bullying in Korea has lead to MANY MANY suicides, that is another serious issue.

I hope the government finds those people who signed the petition and give them punishment or give them lessons on morals because their morals and ethics are really questionable right now.

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Guest 미쌩908

To be completely honest, I am not a fan of Jaebum, but I like 2PM enough as a group.

This situation though, is MESSED UP. I may be neutral to the actual person, but I know a messed up situation when I see one, and this was just really messed up.

I know people have already said these things over and over again, but I just need to rant because I don't know where else to go. He made these comments like FOUR YEARS AGO, among a lot of other messages when he first came to Korea to be a trainee. It's tough enough being a trainee, but to leave everything you know to go train in another country? Anyone's who's traveled as an international or a foreign exchange student will know just how lonely it can get.

It just makes me mad that stupid netizens, most of whom I'm assuming are young and in their teens and early twenties, don't realize that they're not just writing harsh things on the internet, they're ruining people's lives. They're causing people to kill themselves or want to kill themselves. Look at the situation with former President Ro (or is it spelled Noh in English?). I seriously believe that a lot of what went into his suicide were what the netizens had to say.

This whole thing is just stupid. It's a bunch of teenagers who have nothing better to do with their lives. Furthermore, I'm angry and ashamed that they don't realize that they're spitting on their own country when they do this. Not only are they spitting on their own country, they're giving other countries the right to spit on their country as well. They're disgracing the fact that they're Korean. Sometimes, when there's news such as this, I'm ashamed to be Korean because it's just mind blowing at how cruel they can be.

I know it's also wrong to wish that they feel the pain they caused others to feel, but I really do think that some of these people need wake up calls. I can only hope and pray that karma bites them severely on the butt, and for those like that one girl who apologized and realized just how wrong her behavior was, I hope that she never does anything like this again.

Anyway, good luck to Jaebum, and I hope he goes back to Korea to join 2PM because he doesn't deserve to have his career ended like this. I just can't imagine 2PM without their leader nor do I want to. Jaebum fighting!! No one deserves what happened to him.

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Guest hypnotized

I was so shocked when my friend told that he went back to America yesterday.

It was the first day of school but for some reason I wasn't excited at all. Jaebum

was the one that brought me to like 2PM when they first debuted. I felt extremely

bad for him, his dreams and happiness was crushed in a second. Well I'm not

gonna rant how much I dislike korean netizens point of views, obviously we all know

how ridiculous they are but anyhow I'm praying/wishing/hoping that he will comeback

as a 2PM leader, 2PM isn't the same without our Park Leader. We misss yoooou : (

Hope he rest well and come back, we're all waiting for you Jay. 2PM Fighting !

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Guest ~dhluvr4ever~

this whole news is just terrible heartbreak to all the fans, and it even moves non-fans.

i watched the video and i cried ! sigh. he's only a state away from me...I think i might go visit him. HA, i wish.


2pm won't be the same. I'm being so negative. In all of this negative energy.

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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

I've thought about this and this may seem like the lowest part of his career.

He might be depressed and feel sorry towards his mother--the person who encouraged him. But I'm pretty sure, now this is my opinion (don't jump me), but this is the peak of his career. It might seem like the end, but it was the highest point. Park Jaebeom just became a movement in kpop culture. He's always going to be remembered. And he's always going to be known.

If he doesn't make it back to the top, this moment will always affect everyone. The way we feel about anti, the way we feel about netizens, the way others will view the real life of entertainment industries... changes everything. Superficially, its about Jae and how much fans love him and whatnot.

But in the end, its all about what this whole ordeal says about netizens and how sick people can really be.

** If he does this career all for his love for dancing and performing and not the fame, it can still happen for him. He can still perform freely. To be honest, if people are bitter, prideful, closeminded antis are going to talk smack about him all the time, I rather him stay on the low down. In other words, i think he may live a healthier lifestyle in America.

i wish he wouldnt be back and would rot in his own damn country! i bet he was the one gave kimhyunjoong the swine flu. dirty american.


Super Junior came to America for the Hollywood Bowl.

Did us American's dirty your precious 13 too?

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