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donghyun kim BF?  is it you that i have a connection with? 

5/20 narita

5/21, 22 sado grand h

5/23, 24 nagano metropolitan h

5/25 yagi h

5/26 ooshima daikanso

5/27 matsuyama

6/2 KIX

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I want to let this out so I will get over it quickly. My asst manager sent me home early because I said that I would like to request my main manager to stop giving me closing shifts. Usually there is only 2-3 customers that come in during the last hour of work. My main manager is getting married soon. I want to help her out by taking whatever shifts that she gives me while she’s out getting ready for her wedding in June. 


I told my asst manager that. She then tells me that I have been complaining the whole day. I only said two things: 1) I’m bored of opening the shipment continuously but I continued to do it in order to finish it and that 2) I no longer wanted closing shifts.


I admit that I complained but only because she told me to say my true feelings. I’ve been quiet and doing my work. The thing that annoys me is that my assistant manager often complains to me about the customers, about another coworker, about her second job, about her coworkers at her other job. I don’t really respond because she just wants to vent to somebody. I like my older managers that were more chill.


The other thing is that I’m not even paid well enough to deal with her behavior. 

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