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- please read first post before posting
Hi L&R folks,

Here's a new thread to post your messages. Some simple guidelines to make this pain-free for everyone, so please adhere to them.

- All soompi rules apply

- No swearing

- No spamming

- No putting messages in white or colours almost as light, or spoiler codes (this is to discourage hiding swear filter violations)

- No replying to other people's messages

- Try to post in English (if you write in a foreign language, provide translation)

Thanks and happy posting ^_^

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I like how you make me laugh, when you cool down the "insults" when I am in a bad mood, or when you try to cheer me up even though you sometimes fail.

I hate how you bring out the worst in me even though it's only minor things. You better be playing video games and not talking to other people or else I will be very sad. I have not talked to you all day. You haven't texted me through AIM all day. Are you entertained by someone else now?

But then again, you don't know how I feel towards you. So I guess...I guess I can't blame you.

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-writing/typing it out isn't going to make it better. but whatever. i'm tired, really tired. everything keeps building on and it made me explode. i'm sorry ___ today for exploding on you. it's your fault for always provoking me at the wrong times.

-im not gonna forgive you anymore. hell im not even waiting anymore. (it's funny because im too sensitive, and im being a hypocrite about this). if you let go of it, you should have said something about it, cause fk i dont wanna wait around forever. you richard simmons me off alot, just like in the past. why does it always happen? i have no damn clue. even when i try to be selfish, it hurts. being not selfish, it also hurts. hahaha this is a joke......

-and sorry today. i dont mean to act that way. thanks for trying, i know there's nothing you can do but listen anyway. my eyes really burn from the tears, i dont know if i should tell you that i did. im really sensitive really, and really weak inside, i think you should know that by now. even if i act coldly or ignore others, it's just an act, to mask my true self, my weak side. you're a good friend. if i ever......... sigh i dont want to think about it, i dont want it to happen, but if it happens, it does. i really dont want it to happen anymore, the future effects of it is so costly, and hurtful.

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Once a shoplifter always a shoplifter, always a thief.

You say you ended your bad ways,

but when I find my items in your room what do you expect me to think?

When I question you, you tell to me you will lock your door for now on,

Not giving back my things.

Stupid sister, so young, did the police officer not talk some sense in your head?

Was it not enough you were let off easy in the past.

Your court date erased with you having to write an apology letter to that store in the mall?

What the hell is wrong with you? I caught you red-handed now give me back my things.

Parents go too easy on you since you are the youngest.

Why they do not allow me to talk to you I question.

But the only way to get my things back is to talk to you. Go figure.

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i feel like i have no friends.

no life.


i miss the beginning of summer.

and i dread going back to school.

everything is going to remind me of you.

the YOU who STILL hasn't called me yet even after two months.

i hate you.

and i hate the OTHER you. the YOU who played me.


i need to do something productive in my life for once.

meet new people.

but its hard.

how do i go upon doing it?

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i feel like my english tutor hates my guts. our first meeting was far from cordial; i can tell she's already judged me just because i looked all dressed and dolled up. but the truth is i was only wearing so much make-up because i'd just gotten back from a party and didn't have time to get rid of it.

the thing is, if she wasn't so damn judgemental and actually examine me for who i am and not what i look like, i can assure her that there's so much more than meets the eye. j: judge me by the content of my character, not by the clothes that i wear.

i would appreciate it far more than all the passive-aggressive comments you continue to make towards me. you're a brilliant teacher--perhaps one of the best English ones I've ever had--but to be honest your lack of maturity and compassion makes me think less of you.

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