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Korean Netizens Are Not Happy With Jaebeom

Guest Ssaga_G

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Guest Ssaga_G


Jaebeom of 2pm has caused an outrage as captures of his past MySpace comments have surfaced the web. The harsh comments towards Koreans have angered many netizens. He is known to be the leader of the popular group 2PM, but now a new side of him has been shown.

This is still a rumor and we are waiting for JYPE to make a statement soon about this, but for now, we have screen captures of Jaebeom's MySpace comments.

He mentions:

"korea is gay.... i hate koreans..."

What do you think? Do you think someone is plotting to bring Jaebeom down or does he really want to return to America? And if this is indeed true, how will people view Jaebeom now?

Credit: donga. Thanks to ber for the tip.

credit: allkpop

Is it just me or does any one else not find it as shocking...

I mean, Jae was a normal American teenage boy. He sounds just like all the boys at my high school.

And they made him into an idol. It's not that unexpected.

In immature American teenage boy language:

Gay = Stupid.

I really doubt he thinks Korea is homosexual.

I think the training and practicing must have got to him. Plus it was 2005, 4 years ago. His thoughts about Korea must have changed. Also, I’m not surprised about the way he curses. Thats how most American teenagers curse and most people on allkpop curse too. <_< Sounds just like a normal Korean-American teen boy at my school. Also he was younger and more immature then. He barely spoke any Korean too and plus he seemed to have a lot of friends in America.

I do sound like I am backing him up and sympathizing with him, but when you are surrounded by behavior like this from most of the boys around you... Jae isn't that hard to imagine as a kid I would know in America.

I'm NOT saying he was right to write those comments. It was pretty darn stupid and ignorant of him. Knowing that he was a trainee, he definitely should have been more careful of what he said.


At school my friend told me today that she found Jaebum's MySpace after seeing it on Wild Bunny.

It says Jaebum deleted it now.




Hello everyone this is 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize on behalf of the comments I had made through Myspace a few years ago. I’m sorry.

As I tell all of you about how I felt that time, I also would like to apologize. In January of 2005, I came to Korea as a high school student. I was born in the States and I had insufficient knowledge of how Korea is. Being it my first time, I couldn’t communicate with others, my taste buds didn’t fit, and I barely knew the culture which I couldn’t understand.

I felt as though I was treated coldly by the people around me as my family was left in the States. It was such a difficult situation where I didn’t even know if I was going to debut. Due to many hardships, things were getting too hard and I was getting lonely being homesick. I had the thoughts of quitting and I wanted to go back to my family in the States. The comment based on the Korea part: I wrote that because of my personal situation I was placed in and my emotions took over. I was too young and said things in the wrong words. I was too foolish, young, and facing difficulties where I made the mistake into turning my surroundings worse. Time passed by and I forgot that I had even written them. I am now embarrassed and truly sorry of those comments I had made. After that time, I had adjusted to everything and my thoughts have changed tremendously as I thank the people around me to get me to perform on stage in any situation. Those comments were made four years ago, but I am a different person now. To my family, Hottests, members of 2PM, and those who love 2PM, I am truly sorry. From now on, I hope that there will be no mistakes like this ever again. I will say it one more time that I am truly sorry.

-2PM’s Jaebum-



JYPE Staff speaks up


This is JYPE.

First off, we know that many fans may have felt betrayed or disappointed by the comments made from 2PM Jaebum’s Myspace which we truly apologize for.

As the topic dispersed today (September 5th) in the morning, all members of 2PM with Jaebum had a long talk. Of course, we discussed many things of their trainee days, but today we spoke more truthfully and we were able to distinguish that Jaebum did not have the heart of hating Koreans but rather feel resent towards his situation he was placed in along with the circumstances in which he expressed himself in a senseless manner.

For the betrayal and disappointment you may all feel towards the artist, we cannot change anything for that matter. However, Jaebum from how he portrayed himself when he was younger, he reflected upon his mistakes and vowed to never repeat that mistake ever again. We ask that you give him another chance.

Of fans and everyone else, we ask that you’d still look forward to Jaebum as he pushes aside his foolish days thrives as a successful, improved singer.

As models and guidances, we apologize for not working on our behalf to lead the many young trainees in our company. We will build ourselves into a more practical, stronger system that will not disappoint many of you as we work with our trainees to when they become celebrities. We will work our bones and persevere.

Once again, we bow our heads in apology.


JYPE Staff

What Jaebum did was foolish and ignorant of him and I'm not saying he's a victim.

But some of the comments written by Korean netz on places like Daum are extremely disgusting.

People are telling him to go back to America, commit suicide, etc. They even started a petition to send him back to the U.S

What he did was bad but is it so bad that he deserves such cruel punishment?

The Korean netizens do have a right to feel angry at him, but enough is enough.

I really suggest reading through all 30+ pages of this thread if you want to know the whole story.

You'll hear a lot of different perspectives, some good, some bad, but it'll help you understand more.

So if you have time, try to read through this before you post an ignorant comment.

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Guest MissBoAngel

I'll repost what i posted in the 2mp thread:

Well i'm not a fan of 2pm :f

But i wanna send out my support to jaebom.

Being that he is the leader, netizens are going to tear him apart, poor guy.

I understand what he was going through!

Hopefully all you fan's support will get him through this!


"But everyone thinks im like the illest rapper wen i suck n*ts at rappin .."


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Guest marilu_kim

im korean and i hate koreans too. not to be mean but its true. i think its that koreans are different from koreans living in america. especially the netizens...

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Guest IckyVicky<3dongbang

NO -to answer the question.

well these were before debut and Korea is a lot different from America, he was just getting use to it

and many american teens use "gay" to describe things anyways.

It's not like he's calling korea gay, he was just being a teen kid who thinks many things are gay.

I'm sure they'll clear it up anyways.

And i don't think it should be that big of a deal. it's his personal things/problems.

he seems fine now. :) (netizens should cool it down a bit)

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Guest clarice

ouch, that sucks that people have to invade his/his friend's myspace to dig stuff up about him.

i know idol's have to watch their image and what they say and stuff, but like you said, it was 4 years ago, which means he was...18? probably missing home and just alienated in another country, i would be too.

hopefully it doesn't get too out of hand, netizens gotta relax though, it was so long ago and they look into things so seriously.

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the netizens need to chill out because i am korean that lives in america and a lot of the times i cannot stand other koreans!! they have to understand the fact being a korean-american is different from being korean in korea....

it is a whole culture difference when it comes to that.... granted if he was going to be a celebrity in korea then maybe i dont know...

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Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

i have a feeling that's an anti who have too much time to find something to damage his reputation

lol that's 4 years ago

i used to hate Korea too,so what?

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Guest Ssaga_G

"jessica's at my place"

WTH, really??


Since this was in 2005, SNSD had not debuted yet and he probably never knew about Jessica.

He mentioned in Idol Army that he had a friend named Jessica.

Also he could be joking that he was engaged to Jessica Alba.

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Guest Lishathestain

first of all.

i just love the effin' double standard.

psh if this was some girl idol you guys would've throw some effin' hate words to her no matter how long ago it was <_< and no matter how effin' ~lonely & culture shocked~ she was.

but wtvr. he changed.

i do understand where he's coming from. i know how it feels to move to another country with a totally different culture & language etc. and yes he might've been stressful with all the trainings.. but you guys can't expect Koreans to not feel offended at all about this..

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Guest disfunktional.


thats really from Jay?

Looks like it was fanmade or something o___o

"Jessicas at my place, we're engaged?.."

ooh lala. ^yeah i remember he mentioned a bud name Sica on Idol Army. Is it confirmed to be his real myspace???

but if it really was Jay I hate the way he types! lol "this is jay da man...peace" wth Jay! how gay~

"illest rapper...so das pretty dope" xD

Besides, Jay was one of those ghetto boys in Seattle, compared to America, Asian countries are considered "gay" because well, sometimes I find the jokes and the way people act on Korean shows/Asian shows pretty lame =P

allkpop isn't most reliable anyways.

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Such old stuff. Plus what he meant by 'gay' and what he didn't like about Korea doesn't exactly mean he doesn't like the people.

lol the heat from the Korean netizens will make him officially hate Korea and think it's 'gay' .

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Guest miyama21

that was 4 years agoooo..!

i think that his thought now are different.

i think the he said that because the men in korea are very affectives with eachothers, but now he think different is normal.

well i support jaebum.

is that the real jaebum's myspace??

what jessica? :S

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Guest koreanxlove

i have a feeling that's an anti who have too much time to find something to damage his reputation

lol that's 4 years ago

i used to hate Korea too,so what?

yeah same here,i use to hate korea esp. whn everybody was so obsessed with korean movies and stuff but now i love everything abt korea (: Everybody's opinions change.

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Guest Miss.Understood

Lol his spelling errors made me LOL. Anyway, I don't think it's THAT big of a deal; I understand the difficulties of moving and adjusting into a new environment, so yeah - besides, it was years ago, netizens need to build a bridge and get over it.

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