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Dr. Slump

Guest yong01

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Guest yong01

Dr. スランプ

This is a CLASSIC animation. Before the days of Dragon Ball.

Does anyone know where I can find Dr Slump - the entire series from the 1980's...in Japanese?

I love this anime and want to keep it for my collection.


The series follows the humorous adventures of the little girl robot Arale Norimaki, her creator Senbei Norimaki, and the other residents of the bizarre Penguin Village.
Published by: Viz
Anime Episodes: 243 + films




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Guest Take Five

there's a few eps fansubbed on animesuki...that's all i know. i read 1 volume of it. it's kinda funny although pretty weird at the same time.

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Guest crazyMuka

this manga was great at the beginning, but became more and more stupid and repetitive as it continued. It's good for a few laughs, but not something I'd recommend.

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