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"oops! This Link Appears To Be Broken" But The Link Isn't


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sooo .. recently, whenever i go to a different page on soompi (i.e make a post, go to a different section), it often doesn't load and takes me to a page that says like "Oops! This link appears to be broken" but the link isn't. and then it gives me a couple of links and then i have to click on the one that say "soompi.com/forums" and it redirects me to the main page. cause of that, i have to go back and find the topic i was going to or retype my entire post :| it's really really annoying.

am i the only one experiencing this? and is there a way for me to fix it?

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Guest Atmosphere.

That happened to me as well........ I was like.. "NOOO MORE SOOMPI FOR ME?!?!?!" T__T;

I was like devastated since last night... but yay it's working now!!!!!!!!

Every link of soompi kept saying "Oops, broken link" -__- I thought it was just my computer, but also my boyfriend's pc computer...

and my sister's mac laptop -__-;

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