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We love the world cup because of u guys XD

Guest maha_love

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Guest shinny3

they look really cute and nice, but some of the women's outfit are a bit *ahem*

i want the shirt w/ the tiger on the side... there are so many different be the reds shirt now... i only have the old one with just the be the reds in white T-T

i can't wait for the korea vs. france game!!! i am going to go and cheer for them!!!

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Guest BoAspika

Junki and Shimeunjin looks the best she looks so pretty

and not soooo...um naked like the one before her.

they all look hot though thanks for sharing.

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Guest &freesoul;


LEE JUNKI!!!!! ^0^

I just <33333333333333 him and Bi!!

The last one would be Shim Eunjin.

I like her okay...

I don't like Mina though.

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Guest celestial.memories

whoa.. that's a really cute picture of junki..

mina's like out of line.. too showy for me.. wahha

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