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We love the world cup because of u guys XD

Guest maha_love

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Guest maha_love

Stars posing for the world cup!!
i want that t-shirt TT

Jang dong gueun @.@


Ma girl hyoree ^^


bi yo~~


Tae hee ^^


Lee jun kee TT


eunbin ^^


SS501 ^^


Mina O.o


Forgot her name-..-* sorry ^^;;;


credits to yahoo korea

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that mina one...what happened to her clothes?!??! it looks like she just came out of a fight with a bear or something....xD

but the others look good ^^ i like the way hyori wore her shirt

all the guys look great ;)

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Guest spfork

Whoa... what is Mina wearing?! :blink: Weird...

Hahaha. JunKi oppa looks good as always<33333 :D

And I like Hyori's outfit... ::steals and runs away::

Just kidding... --;;

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Guest cherrie.7

for the one you labeled eun bin... isnt it ock bin? and the forgot her name one is shim eunjin. nice pics though. ^^ dae han min gook~! fighting !

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Guest charles0702

tsk tsk mina...what are you wearing... its pretty embarrasing that she's representing Korea...

rest of them look fine...

agreed.. i can't believe she is wearing that outfit.. :phew: someone needs to give her a new red shirt to cover up :vicx:

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Guest yg4lyfe

thnx fo the pics!!! Tae Hee look so freakin HOT!!!

and Shim Eun Jin too!! xD So basically, Shim Eun Jin wrap herself up wit that flag or watever u call it? o.0

And Mina...wassup wit dat gerl??? she lyks to show off her body huh???

Biiiiiiii iz eff'n cute as usual!!

oh yea where is Hyun Bin??? he did that thingy wit TAe Hee and i only see Tae Hee! =|

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Guest yongieee

OMGGG kim tae hee looks soooooo cute!!!

and hyori looks HOTTT

mina.. doesnt make korea look too good...

and the guys.. they look GOOD!!

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Guest polaris

THe last two ppl. Mina and the devil horn girl are plain skanky. Ew please stop them from representing Korea. Mina has her nasty black thong showing and she looks like she's been shredded by a tiger. :ph34r:

and the last girl has her hoochie shorts riding up her butt. :blink:

They probably dont know diddly squat about soccer.

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