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[Sitcom 2009] Highkick Through The Roof 지붕 뚫고 하이킥

Guest yeohweping

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uruki said: i'm a jijung shipper and the ending was absolutely AWFUL. just like everyone said. i dont wanna repeat what all of you have said, but seriously, the ending was like from another drama.

From the very beginning, i've noticed that JiHoon has something for JungEum. i thought he just enjoyed to make fun of her but no, there's more. From the sokcho-beach-Jung-Eum incident, their story develops. JungEum only aimed for revenge to JiHoon, and unexpectedly JiHoon knew and just played along. Then in the elevator, when JiHoon showed his claustrophobia, JungEum was there to hold his hand. This might not indicate anything but surely is a development of their 'just a person i know' relationship. From the Heli's disappearance accident, i saw JiHoon cares for JE, and JE shows another side to JiHoon too. Eventhough JiHoon knows JE is not his hoobae, he still act that way, buying her coffee and waffles. Does this not indicate anything? Then this one surely does. JiHoon saw JE student card but pretend like he knows nothing and secretly helping her to cover up JE face on the bus. When he was caught by JE, he said it was for fun and because he's bored. But his face when he realized he was caught seemed rather shocked and  he touched face to check if it's ink on her face --JiHoon doesnt look like person who likes skinship. in addition, he is a very busy person, his way to kill boredom is just too 'un-normal', besides he has car but why go to the bus station?
the appendicitis surgery and JE's revenge by wrecking stuffs in his office; JH teasing JE mentioning 'seoun' repeatedly and then take all 'seo' off his sentences; first snow; there are a lot of their scenes together and all i see is JiHoon puts his effort to get close to JE, while JE just let it flows naturally. and the night JiHoon's GPS broke, they kissed; it was JiHoon's doing all along. JE didnt seem to have special feelings to him but from that kiss, she thinks of him more and more. then we see JE starts putting effort to make sure what kind of relationship they have. christmas present, study overseas, inna's seduction, that's JE's doing.
their relationship later developed further from 'just for fun' to 'i'm here when you need me': JiHoon birthday, JH comforting JE on her graduation day (there are lots of scenes where JH comforts JE, but too many to be mentioned =.=).
my fave scene is their first date after officially declares they're dating. Cactus! it was hilarious XD

when JE is not around, JH feels incomplete and bored. he shows his calm demeanor but when he's jealous, he's totally something else. :))

i personally dislike SeKyung, not because her unhappy life, but because she cant see JunHyuk when JiHoon is around. she should have known than in JiHoon's case, its the other way-- in the art gallery JiHoon left SK, knowing JE is still at the cafe.

there are a lot of case of unrequited love. but SK makes it more complicated. the ending anger me more. as if its saying 'SK cant have JiHoon, so JiHoon cant be with JE too. SK gets to die together with JiHoon, JE has to cope with mourning'.

JE doesnt show that she is going through hardship when she actually is, but SK always has depressed face--argh!
the ending is so unfair to JE and JunHyuk. Actually i'm okay if its just SK dying. A big NO for JiHoon's death. Hey, is he not given a chance to propose?
poor JungEum, her beloved ones are always taken away too early.

Ji Hoon cares for SK like a brother does. He never imagine she'd feel that way to him and so he was shocked and flabbergasted. he pitied her and want to make it better for her, but he cant love her. he knows it too.

Because JiHoon has always loved JungEum all along.

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Guest TaissaC

I'm watching it again and I just noticed that the Na Young who broke Ji Hoon's heart(ep 85 & 26) was the same Na Young who played Julien (ep 96)

Na Young, you bad girl.

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