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[Sitcom 2009] Highkick Through The Roof 지붕 뚫고 하이킥

Guest yeohweping

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Still don't get the ending, frankly I thought it was a cheap ploy by the writer, to have people talk about his drama. cause every time someone discusses a drama with a bad ending, High Kick, Bad Guy and Iris, will some how be mentioned. Whatever, the ludicrous nature of the ending, isn't even cause a rise out of me, like the ending of other dramas. I stayed up days watching this drama, to get through the 126 episodes.

In the end though I was confused, who did Ji Hoon love? I think he loved them both. I know people assume love is just for one person, both I think he loved Hwang Hung Eum's funny and up beat personality, which was opposite to his, but he also loved Se Kyung. Their scenes had so much tension, but he couldn't accept those feelings, because she was the house keeper, and he just didn't want to cross the line. I think even he was shocked by his reaction to Se Kyung leaving.

Oh and the ending still sucks!!!!

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Guest joicy1

I came to this show after watching High Kick one, with the unsatisfied feelings from High Kick 1 ending. No body dies there but it seems the relationship in High Kick 1 is also very complicated, no body can be happy because there's one person who is still greedy. In High Kick 1, it's Shinji because she's full of pride she went to hide in a miserable situation causing people to be pity for her and have to care for her. Because of her pride, because she dare not move on and cling to the past, to a hope that the man may come back to her she ruined the happiness of two people who are in love and waiting to get married. How can she be happy after she scattered the happiness of another innocent kind hearted girl? I know that people can get very selfish when it comes to love but I can't imagine a man who can hurt some one he trully love because he has to care for another woman who he does not really love but has to care for. 

Same here. I came to High Kick 2 and trully speaking at first I can't get myself connected to the show because compared to High Kick1 I feel High Kick 2 is not good enough. But I still watch on (now I am at episode 100) because of Jeung Eum. I can't believe how she changes Ji Hoon because of her love. So even when I started the show knowing the end I can't believe that the director will make them seperate and kill Ji Hoon in the end. I don't care much about SK being killed, because I gave up on her (how she can be that greedy and selfish, when she has Shin Ae to care for and JH) but I care about JH because of JE. Even if JH started the relationship because he's attracted by JE I believe he falls in love with her after wards. This is same to High Kick 1 when Min Jung brings love and joy to MIn Young's life. How can I believe that actually MY does not love MJ and still have feelings for his ex all along? Same here how can I believe that JH has feelings for SK all the time they are together? No, he has pity for her and he feels bad because he did not know anything and could not help her. I can't believe that. Or because of the real time filming so the actors did not know the result and they just threw themselves to the acting/ The couple in both shows are just too convicable that audience is falling hard for them. That we can not accept they may love some one else or did not love each other enough. Even you say that in real life it's not like a drama it's true but in real life there's real love too and I see a lot of people just love each other no matter there;s some one one sided and greedy. The people naturally thrive for their happiness so they don't act stupid like this, or there's always another outlet that can give a solution. 

I will watch till the end but I will continue to be sad and dissapointed. In my mind, JH is for JE and it's his stupidity that takes his happiness away.

Edit: And for one thing I hate that the drama did not bring me a good message about love and life. At least in High Kick 1, I understand that life is very complicated and being trapped in so many things, a man can not be perfectly happy you may not end up with each other but love is there and you care about each other. But in High Kick 2 I hate that SK although being brave in the end did mess up JiHoon and JungHuk  life and JH also, being a confused man all the way, he messed up JE's life. No body is happy I think and this is a selfish decision causing every one misserable. SK is unfair from the beginning because the way she was born and endured life is unfair to her. But that does not mean she dare not to dream and if she trully dare not then she should live with that decision. Many thing can be different if she could bravely stand up and open herself to Jihoon earlier. But she did not. :( I can't emphathize for her because I can't agree with how she lives although I pity her and fell for her I can't stop myself from frustration.

Edit 2 I am at episode 121 right now. I get depressed too because of the break up between JE  and Ji Hoon. But I think , like in High Kick 1, Ji Hoon does not deserve JE's love. He's in love with her but how he does not try to ask her friend or find out about her situation. He clearly knows what kind of people she is, and he should know some thing is wrong (he's sensing it but he kept asking her andid not try any more). Even Jun Hyuk found out and support her but what is going on with this bf? He took her love for granted and being rejected he moved on and deleted the photos? And I can't believe the Lee household. Are they really family? Nobody cares about him, even his sister she should know he's having a hard time and try to make him feel better. All she tries to know is how they got together and then she gave up in trying to know anything? I understand that the sister does not like JE but still, this is her only brother, at least when he's struggling she should talk to him or try to talk to JE. I just don't understand. 

Edit 3: ok so now I finished the drama. I just want to run here right away to vent my feelings, again :) Well I feel better because I am prepared for it, but still. What is it? Even with JiSe shippers, the first time that Ji Hoon can turn around and look at SK they die in a car accident? I can undestand because seriously how they can solve the situation if SK starts to open her mouth? Life of every one will never be the same. Ji Hoon is a man who is going to propose to his gf that he still has feelings. If PD wants JISe love so why do you make JH so angry and hang on jE in the hospital like that? so this is the beginnign for SK and JH but in heaven? How can it be so depressing? it is like you just take life from people who are going to start a new life. I believe SK never want an ending like this and both JH and SK how they can be that irresponsible? 

Edit 4: now i read all my post and it seems i am not fair with SK and JH. I am denial abot JiSe ending. They are in the car and Jihoon saw another light in her looked at her for the first time does not mean he's in love with her and they go suicide together because of love. This ending is tragic but it's an accident that can happen. In the end Jun Huyk confessed his feelings SK confessed JH went back to JE and though he died because of accident she talked about him like her bf she still loves him so much. This is similar to High Kick 1 though the student met the teacher but it does not mean they will love each other because the teachers couple still care for each other so much. I believe in love between JE and JH to the end though SK confessed I believe JH would still love JE and he just opened himselves a bit to SK. That's it. It's not like he chose to cause an accident because that what SK wanted- to stop the time by a moment. SK knows that JH loves some one else and that's it. 

I agree that life is moving on and having an accident in the end is something that happens. Anyway in the past the drama is always about death and cancer but it's not as depressed as this ending but I guess ppl interprete things like what they see in life I want to be on the bright side that's all.

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Guest joicy1

Someone on DC Inside Gallery wrote an interesting analysis of the four main characters in High Kick as we draw closer to the ending. Thought I'd share b/c I couldn't help but agree w/ everything. <3 A fun read.

Rough Translation:

SeKyung, JunHyuk, JungEum, and JiHoon's Love & Growth Story

SeKyung -

On the outside, she is a plain girl...but she is actually the one who faces the most complicated love.

That's because her love story with both JiHoon and JunHyuk has been going on until now.

She, herself, has only been looking at JiHoon, but somehow has found herself involved in a love-like relationship with JunHyuk during the second half of the series as well.

JunHyuk -

At first, he slightly sees JungEum as a girl but one day (musical episode), sees SeKyung and since then, has only been running towards SeKyung.

We thought, because of his uncle, that all JunHyuk did was look at SeKyung's back...but that is not true.

JunHyuk showed his feelings for SeKyung from time to time. Now that we look at it, the person who was able to figure out ways to show love for another the most was JunHyuk.

JungEum -

She was a center in this loveline dilemma all this time, but she, herself, did not love anyone until the middle of the series.

To her, JiHoon and JunHyuk were not much of importance compared to her shoes and clothes.

Due to certain happenings, she questioned her feelings towards JunHyuk...but one day, ends up in an exorbitant kiss with JiHoon and falls for him. As we know, this girl is very simple.

JiHoon -

This character is the one who received consistant bashing from the viewers because of his uncertainty in character. The viewers could not determine his actions and feelings...and thus, he was often named a "Player."

Ironically, this guy is the one who showed romantic feelings for one person and one person alone from the beginning of the series until the end.

Only towards JungEum did he show romantic emotions towards...and looking at the series overall, it seems like JiHoon's romantic feelings for JungEum began early in the series...before any other romantic feelings began in the series from anyone.

But in order to keep the viewers' hanging with the most important loveline in the series, JiSe, it looks as if the crew could not show the series in JiHoon's point-of-view.

SeKyung's Story -

SeKyung is the main character of High Kick. This is because through her, we learn the meaning of "family."

Her mother passed away when she was young, and she was separated from her father.

Then she has to take care of her sister. In the end, "family" is not a happy word for her.

However, she puts "family" over everything.

Opposite from her is SunJae's family. They do not know the meaning of "family."

The truth is, you have to lose something to appreciate it.

SeKyung's family was broken apart; therefore she knows of the importance of family more than anyone.

SeKyung's meeting with the family was to allow the family to learn of the importance of family through SeKyung.

In the end, SeKyung was able to win her sorrows of losing her family through her meeting with SunJae's family...and SunJae's family was able to learn the importance of family through their meeting with SeKyung.

SeKyung & JiHoon's Story -

JiHoon tells SeKyung not to leave her future behind for the sake of her family. However, SeKyung chooses family.

JiHoon is a character that gave up his family for the sake of his future. Career-wise, this guy has succeeded.

He's a doctor out of National Seoul University. At the cost, he is barely at SunJae's house. Even his love relationships are kept secret from his family.

Just because SeKyung's chosen to be with her family does not mean she's given up her future. It's just that she wants to succeed in life with her family.

At the cost, her success may be delayed...and there is much for her to sacrifice now.

It's a SeKyung-like decision.

Her decision is a great one, and through her actions, she is sending a message to JiHoon.

JaOk has entered the family now. Before it's too late, JiHoon must learn to put himself in the family.

SeKyung's Love Story -

SeKyung & JiHoon's love. SeKyung & JunHyuk's love. It's true that SeKyung's only loved JiHoon...

But we can't ignore JunHyuk's love for SeKyung.

In my eyes, SeKyung's love for JiHoon was like a case of a cold in a cold, winter season.

Upon finding out about JiHoon and JungEum's relationship, SeKyung took a picture of herself and titled it, "The Most Difficult Time Of My Life."

Even when JiHoon and JungEum shares their first kiss, SeKyung is shown suffering due to a cold.

Separated from her father, having to take care of her little sister alone, going through a one-sided love in a cold, winter season...and catching a cold...how hard must it have been for her?

JunHyuk places medicine along with a little note for her. ShinAe, who made things difficult for her that day, nurses her.

While ShinAe was a hardship for SeKyung, ShinAe is also the one who helped SeKyung survive through this winter.

JiHoon has given a lot to SeKyung. His help, his concern for her future, etc.

But what he couldn't give her was what she wanted from him the most - his heart.

JunHyuk doesn't have much to give SeKyung. He has no financial success nor does he study well.

However, what JunHyuk was able to give her was the one thing JiHoon couldn't give - his warm love and heart.

JunHyuk's Story -

To be very honest, I didn't have much interest in JunHyuk until the middle of the series.

All he was in my eyes was a young, innocent high school boy. But now that I look at it, JunHyuk was truly the Jewel of High Kick.

He didn't have any shape or form...he was like a Jewel in disguise of a simple, unshaped rock.

Through JungEum and SeKyung, he begins to shape and take form.

In High Kick, I can't help but think that JunHyuk's the one who grew up the most.

He's only a boy. Not much is decided for him, but because of that, he is most capable of many things to come.

JungEum's Story -

To describe JungEum's life story in one word: Exorbitant.

With one exorbitant kiss, she ends up loving Jerkface Lee Ji Hoon. The one guy she never even thought that she could love.

Her house goes broke - again, exorbitant. She didn't think something like this could ever happen to her.

Within one day, she turns from a materialistic girl to a pitiful, punished character.

JungEum, all in all, is a character that represents reality.

From school-reputation problems to being at loss of what she wants to do in life...she was to portray so many real-life issues that her role in High Kick couldn't help but be big.

But what can we do? There's no other character in High Kick who could carry out these real-life problems.

Why is it that in this girl's life, there are so many exorbitant happenings and twists?

The truth is, it is a reflection of our own lives. Anything can happen.

JiHoon's Story -

He is SeKyung's first love, JungEum's boyfriend. JiHoon's character is probably the most ambiguous, vague character in High Kick.

This is because we only see JiHoon in the eyes of SeKyung and JungEum.

That's why, depending on whose point-of-view you saw this man through, his character was this or that.

JiHoon, among the four, was the character who was of the most age and was grown up the most.

As a result, his role was only involved in the lovelines of High Kick.

And so he was the most fun and charming man of the series.

The easiest way out for JiHoon is to marry JungEum. He would automatically be connected more with the family, and due to JungEum, he would be happy.

The problem is, JungEum is not ready.

SeKyung & JungEum's Story -

I think, SeKyung and JungEum made up the most important connection in High Kick.

SeKyung represented the thematic side, JungEum represented the realistic side.

SeKyung portrayed all of the main happenings in High Kick, but when you have a main topic, you need details in-between...and that's what JungEum portrayed. She carried out all of the realistic happenings that happen in-between the main storyline...and therefore, we had many scenes of JungEum.

SeKyung and ShinAe were the main characters of High Kick, but JungEum was another hidden main character of High Kick.

SeKyung and JungEum didn't have many encounters. Starting off with their physical appearance, the two are very different.

SeKyung's main. SeKyung's unique. Therefore, she is beautiful. Three different lightings are said to be used for SeKyung. There's a reason for that. What's abnormal must be portrayed apartly from what's real. Why do you think JiSe's loveline was drawn out so beautifully? It's because JiSe's love was not a realistic love.

JungEum, on the other hand, carries out the reality. Only one lighting is used for JungEum. That's because in reality, we only have one. She falls on the streets and lands in trash bags...that's how her life really ended up being. Reality is not that gorgeous.

SeKyung and JungEum were opposites and represented different sides.

SeKyung and JungEum could not see JiHoon at the same time. SeKyung could not see JiHoon when he was with JungEum. When SeKyung could see JiHoon...was when JungEum was not around. When JungEum was out with friends, when JungEum was broken up from JiHoon...

Not only in love, but in life in general...

When JungEum is all happy...looking at shoes through a shoe store (beginning of the series), SeKyung is crying at the pitiful state she ended up in during the time.

When JungEum is staring into the glass at her pitiful self in front of the shoe store (end of the series), SeKyung is preparing for a brand new start in life.

(Even at the wedding ceremony, you could see this through the clothes they're wearing. When one's at a high point, the other is at a low point.)

JungEum's at a critical point right now...and to escape it, she needs to find it in SeKyung.

SeKyung has chosen future success with family. Let's hope that JungEum can choose what is most important to her as well.

Credits to DC Inside Gallery.

She wrote a closing as well, but it was long so I just skimmed. I thought this was a very nice analysis of High Kick's main characters and loveline. She pointed out things that I never noticed in the series (especially SeKyung and JungEum's connection).

I apologize, too, if the translation sounded a bit choppy. It is a rough translation.

On a side note, I found out later that she is a JiJung shipper...incase any bias was shown in this analysis.


I have heard before that the reason why JiHoon's lovelines in High Kick are so ambiguous right now is because the writers are JiJung, the PD is JiSe. Which makes sense. JiJung was developed from the beginning to the end, slowly and carefully, with one happening after another. They clearly had the most episodes. It's believable that the writers had some favoritism towards JiJung. But anyone can see that JiSe, on screen, was drawn out more beautifully than the rest. As mentioned in this analysis, it could be so that JiSe's love could be shown in a different light from the other, more realistic, lovelines. However, it can also be the result of the PD's favoritism towards JiSe that JiSe scenes were carried out so beautifully.

Either way, if the PD and the writers' disagreement w/ High Kick's loveline ending is what's making the ending so hard to figure out, they're doing a good job at it. I just wonder, if this is all true, which side will win.

I finished reading the most of 100 pages and I really love the post that I quote above. Now I know that she is JiJung shipper like me I understand more the reason why I like it. And I much agree about JE being the reality and SK being beautiful but unreal. In the beginning they acted too different. SK received a lot of things from JH like the expensive coat cell phone etc, the things that JE would never accept and would feel ashamed if she had to accept it from her bf. And what JE did is what we did in real life. SK was innocent in a way that she's too unreal to me.

Anyway, no matter how much I thought about the ending (for more than a day) and the possiblility of JiSe love in the end, I can't comprehend to it. This is too depressing to me (the first time in my life after watching a drama) and I understand why fans reacted like in this forum and in news portal about the ending. If PD forced JiSe ending then it's reasonable that writers were so depressed and you can see that actors are very tired too (in the last event Choi Daniel looks exhausted and he and JE sat far from each other and rarely had any eye contact). For me, if it's really a JiSe ending then the PD is too cruel to the characters and us the viewers. The two people who died they had their moments and basically they did not know or feel anything after that. They had their superficial, un-natural ending. But how about the people who live on? They live on the illusion that they were loved and they lost their lovers right after they caught a hint of happiness. JE believed that JH had an accident because he ran to her place and Jun Hyuk were just too hurt because he lost SK right after their date and kiss. How cruel is that you not only fooled us but also fooled the characters and they would like their life hanging to the past, some how (even they tried to move on) because the past were too beautiful and they had too much to regret (JE mentions about what ifs). If JH and SK loved each other in the end they were too selfish to leave by themselves ( I don't care they live or die, this means they left for their good, and what they did is by choice) but the people left behind like JE and JH would live like hell afterwards. Anyway, I don't want to think much about this any more.

One more thing I am happy for HJE after this show: she got her Baeksang. Which is the only prize that the actor/actress in High Kick got from that highly recognized awards. Even a lot of ppl said that SK is the main character, in fact because JE's role in this drama is very big and it represents reality she deserved the prize the most I guess. I think the audience was so much sucked up with JE and JH love line that there no mention about SK and JiHoon couple any where. In reality writers and JiJung fans won over the Pd, I think

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Guest cheryl_lee

sorry, anyone knows which song is played when Ji Hoon and Jung Eum think about each other in ep 121?

I have been finding this song's name for a long time, but not succeeded :(

thanks a lot

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Guest songdain

I think I know which song you're talking about. 그대는 어디에 feat. 한희정 by 에피톤프로젝트. I'd translate the title as "You somewhere" but I've seen it translated as "Where are you?" feat. Han Hee Jung by Epitone Project.

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Guest cheryl_lee

I think I know which song you're talking about. 그대는 어디에 feat. 한희정 by 에피톤프로젝트. I'd translate the title as "You somewhere" but I've seen it translated as "Where are you?" feat. Han Hee Jung by Epitone Project.

I didn't expect to have the reply as soon as this, thanx very much :)

these days i'm with JiJung couple in their new dramas, and suddenly i want to go back to High kick, and try to figure out the last scene again.

More than a year now and I'm still shocked at the ending, and can't believe and agree with others that JH actually fell for SK. He definitely has some feelings for her, but it doesn't mean that feeling has to turn into something special like love and make him sacrifice his true love, JE.

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I am currently watching it now and I am in Episode 35, I already know the ending and I won't be surprised, I am watching it mainly because of Yoon Si Yoon... I am glad that Si Yoon became the most popular High Kick 2 actor and gave him back to back Baeksang nominations for Rookie and Top Excellence actor.

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Hi Guys! I am finding the title of the song for ages since it is not in the soundtrack... What is the title and artist of the song in the end of Episode 125 when Joon Hyuk and Se Kyung had their kiss and memories??? Please please let me know, it is such a good song :) Thanks in advance...

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Guest hpc1016

Hi Guys! I am finding the title of the song for ages since it is not in the soundtrack... What is the title and artist of the song in the end of Episode 125 when Joon Hyuk and Se Kyung had their kiss and memories??? Please please let me know, it is such a good song :) Thanks in advance...

wow... i haven't been in this thread in a while.... anyways... i think this is the song~~

김조한 - 그래요

it's not on youtube.. but i found a video on nate...

김조한 - 그래요

hope you enjoy~~~ cuz i love this sitcom <3

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i saw the re-run of the drama while in korea last christmas. got hooked to Ji-Jung couple and decided to watch the whole series when i get home....I would like to ask what is the song playing on the background in episode 95 when ajumma saw Ji-Jung couple having coffee...the lyrics has "...sweet love.."..tried searching the net but no luck :( i hope someone could share the title of the song...thanks in advance.

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i'm a jijung shipper and the ending was absolutely AWFUL. just like everyone said. i dont wanna repeat what all of you have said, but seriously, the ending was like from another drama.

From the very beginning, i've noticed that JiHoon has something for JungEum. i thought he just enjoyed to make fun of her but no, there's more. From the sokcho-beach-Jung-Eum incident, their story develops. JungEum only aimed for revenge to JiHoon, and unexpectedly JiHoon knew and just played along. Then in the elevator, when JiHoon showed his claustrophobia, JungEum was there to hold his hand. This might not indicate anything but surely is a development of their 'just a person i know' relationship. From the Heli's disappearance accident, i saw JiHoon cares for JE, and JE shows another side to JiHoon too. Eventhough JiHoon knows JE is not his hoobae, he still act that way, buying her coffee and waffles. Does this not indicate anything? Then this one surely does. JiHoon saw JE student card but pretend like he knows nothing and secretly helping her to cover up JE face on the bus. When he was caught by JE, he said it was for fun and because he's bored. But his face when he realized he was caught seemed rather shocked and  he touched face to check if it's ink on her face --JiHoon doesnt look like person who likes skinship. in addition, he is a very busy person, his way to kill boredom is just too 'un-normal', besides he has car but why go to the bus station?
the appendicitis surgery and JE's revenge by wrecking stuffs in his office; JH teasing JE mentioning 'seoun' repeatedly and then take all 'seo' off his sentences; first snow; there are a lot of their scenes together and all i see is JiHoon puts his effort to get close to JE, while JE just let it flows naturally. and the night JiHoon's GPS broke, they kissed; it was JiHoon's doing all along. JE didnt seem to have special feelings to him but from that kiss, she thinks of him more and more. then we see JE starts putting effort to make sure what kind of relationship they have. christmas present, study overseas, inna's seduction, that's JE's doing.
their relationship later developed further from 'just for fun' to 'i'm here when you need me': JiHoon birthday, JH comforting JE on her graduation day (there are lots of scenes where JH comforts JE, but too many to be mentioned =.=).
my fave scene is their first date after officially declares they're dating. Cactus! it was hilarious XD

when JE is not around, JH feels incomplete and bored. he shows his calm demeanor but when he's jealous, he's totally something else. :))

i personally dislike SeKyung, not because her unhappy life, but because she cant see JunHyuk when JiHoon is around. she should have known than in JiHoon's case, its the other way-- in the art gallery JiHoon left SK, knowing JE is still at the cafe.

there are a lot of case of unrequited love. but SK makes it more complicated. the ending anger me more. as if its saying 'SK cant have JiHoon, so JiHoon cant be with JE too. SK gets to die together with JiHoon, JE has to cope with mourning'.

JE doesnt show that she is going through hardship when she actually is, but SK always has depressed face--argh!
the ending is so unfair to JE and JunHyuk. Actually i'm okay if its just SK dying. A big NO for JiHoon's death. Hey, is he not given a chance to propose?
poor JungEum, her beloved ones are always taken away too early.

Ji Hoon cares for SK like a brother does. He never imagine she'd feel that way to him and so he was shocked and flabbergasted. he pitied her and want to make it better for her, but he cant love her. he knows it too.

Because JiHoon has always loved JungEum all along.

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Guest Krisalyn

Even the sitcom was over for a long time but because of love for JiJung couple , I've just created this fanpage to support them. http://www.facebook.com/HighKick2.JiJungcouple 
The goal is not only support them in the sitcom but also in their career and their life . If there is anyone who want to manage this page, please let me know by dropping me a message ^^

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I absolutely love love Jung Eum's character, she was lively and brought alot of laughs onto the show.
I mainly laugh bc of her and I love Jung Eum with Jihoon. She was always faithful to him and Jihoon was too, it's just that sometimes him being nice to Sekyung gets misinterpreted. I really dislike the ending for this sitcom and for JiEum coupling :(
Regardless, Jung Eum's character will always live on for me, I continuously watch this sitcom just for her and for Jihoon.
Jung Eum forever, She as an actress is just naturally funny and she can act funny too!

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Guest ohmylamb.

Anyone can tell me which episode when Hwang Jung Eum taught Jeong Junhyuk the funny way to memorise English? I want to know what the content of what she taught is.

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Guest Tiger Dragon

ohmylamb. said: Anyone can tell me which episode when Hwang Jung Eum taught Jeong Junhyuk the funny way to memorise English? I want to know what the content of what she taught is.

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