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[Drama 2009] You're Beautiful 미남이시네요

Guest sayroo

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

wow i can't wait to see this, not too fond of JGS's hair to slick, but I love the messy hair in the poster. I am watching it for his great acting and the cast is very awesome! Shin Hye is a great pick, she actually look pretty tall and short hair works for her! Hong ki oppa look great in blonde hawtt!

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Guest dksldidksldi

^ thats a fanmade promo poster not a real one. the real one hasn't been released yet, talks everything will be released tomorrow. also you can tell the photoshop around the 미남이시네요 sign. lol

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Guest love-monster



ahhhhh I get to drool over two boys at once, this is good

*thumbs up*

but what is with jgs's hair?! Earth to the stylist, it's the 21st century.

And if the stylist thinks they're "fashion forward," they need a serious reality check.

thumbs way down


The girl lead looks cute : )

the synopsis confused me a little though.. she plays two characters?


Jk, I just saw those. So I guess JGS will be having several different styles : ) That's a relief, that he won't be sporting that slick flimsy floppy (overall neukeehay) hair the whole time. Anyways, I'm excited for him n__n I just read his character synopsis~ sounds like a very interesting and fun role : D

cant wait!

edit 2

Did someone already translate this?

Here's a REALLY rough translation:

someone care to translate? :)


발매 되었습니다



2.천둥 Thunder

3.키스하는법을몰라서 Because I don't know how to love (Lit: Because I don't know the rules/law of kissing)

4.키스하지마요 Don't Love Me (Don't Kiss Me)

5.마중 후 키스

6.보내주기 To Send Away (? I think? idk how to explain. Sort of like has the connotation of how to send away someone)

7.너올때까지 Until You Come

태경 - solo special 사랑해도될까요 TaeGyun- Can we love again (Sort of like: "will we/would we be")

신우 - solo special 기타연주 ShinNoo- Guitar연주 (something.. I think it means playing?)

제르미 - solo special 리쌍 - 발레 리노 Jeremy- (No idea, but romanization is Lee Ssang- Ballet Lee-no (Ballerina?!))

8.사랑이야 This is Love

9.키스보다가까운사람 A person closer than Love (o__o; I think? They keep using "키스" [rom: kee-seu or kiss] instead of love, I think)

10.첫키스 First Kiss (First Love)

11.천사와 나무꾼 Angel and the Woodcutter (ooh, this is alluding to the korean folktale)

12.한키스만 Just One Kiss

13.Rock JELLS (I think this is supposed to be a spin off of Angels.. Rockgels... get it...)

14.집착 Obsession

15.남자의 첫키스 무덤까지간다 A Man's 1st Love Follows him to the grave



18.바래 I Hope

19.키스합니다 I'm going to kiss [you]

special 게스트 - FTIsland

가격 29700원 입니다

배송비는 무료이며

무료 브로마이드가 발송되며

앨범속에 엽서가

들어있습니다 ^^

Special Guest- FT Island

The price is 29,700 won

Shipping is free

Free posters will be sent

Contains postcard album

credits: cafe daum A.N JEELS

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OH MY GOD that's the setlist for the concert?? *OOOOOO* yaaaaaaa lot of songs!! *O* ANJELLS will rock!!

And OMG >_> so will they be the only couple in the drama? I want more picss *O*


Random question: the official name is 'A.N.JELL' right? Not A.N.JEELS? o_o

Oh and sayroo: shouldn't u put Yonghwa too under ''main cast'' in the first post? I really want more infos about him if u have >_<

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Guest kurururiri

I am sorry...but is there anyone here realize it - when you read those list of A.N.JELL DVD...almost all the song tittle are FT Island's song ^_^

I don't know if that's song is belong to FT Island or...A.N.JELL gonna make some remix for those song or...that's different song hehehe...but I really super curious now ^0^

and PSH looks like a boy - still could see that she is a girl actually (maybe cause her small body hehehe...)

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Guest kurururiri



well..maybe ur right but...they called it A.N.JELL DVD so..if most of the song sang by FT Island - it's kinda not fair right?? :P

I mean fans wanna see more A.N.JELL performance....^0^

(note : for me .. it's alright if FT Island gonna sang most of the song XDDDD )

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Park Shin-hye crossdresses for You're Beautiful

September 14th, 2009 // by javabeans


We just saw Jang Geun-seok’s new look for the upcoming drama You’re Beautiful, and now we get a look at Park Shin-hye’s transformation as a girl crossdressing as a boy to be a part of an idol group called “A.N.JELL,” whose leader is Jang Geun-seok.

(Just for the record, the “namjang” trend — women dressing as men — is a kdrama staple that tends to be overused, but it’s another one I don’t mind. Recent entries into the genre have shown it can be done well, such as Moon Geun-young in Painter of the Wind and Yoon Eun-hye in Coffee Prince. And by all accounts, it seems Lee Yo-won’s namjang stint in Queen Seon-deok was better received than her princess portrayal.)

In the drama, Park Shin-hye plays fraternal twins, of whom the boy half is a member in an idol group. However, after he is injured in an accident and cannot participate in overseas events, his sister takes his place.

Park Shin-hye said, “In previous dramas, I had some difficulty because I had to play several years older than my real age, with characters 23 or 24 years old. [Park is 19.] This time, I’m playing my age and although the role is a male character, I’m approaching it comfortably.”

Personally, I don’t really think Park Shin-hye pulls off the boy look so well in these stills — she looks just the same as she did in her drama Radish Kimchi (where she played a female). But I’ve enjoyed all of the Hong sisters dramas, and a tight comic story is the most important part of a trendy drama, more so than name casting or high budgets, so I’m taking an optimistic approach to this.

(Side note: It’s interesting to contemplate that Jang Geun-seok and Park Shin-hye were strong contenders for the Gu Jun-pyo and Geum Jan-di roles in Boys Before Flowers. While I think Lee Min-ho played Jun-pyo as well as he could be played, I’ve always wondered what Jan-di would have been like with the spunkier Park Shin-hye playing her.)

You’re Beautiful premieres on SBS on October 7.

Via Segye

credit: dramabeans

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well..maybe ur right but...they called it A.N.JELL DVD so..if most of the song sang by FT Island - it's kinda not fair right?? :P

I mean fans wanna see more A.N.JELL performance....^0^

(note : for me .. it's alright if FT Island gonna sang most of the song XDDDD )

Hahahah get it yeah. XD Well, as u said, I'm still happy with it *O* love FT Island and I really can't wait to see Suki singing with HongKi yaaaaaaa. Do u think we'll see some fancams of the concert?

23 to gooooo~

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

I am looking forward to this, lol yeah her hair for Kimchi radish was about the same length, but I was pretty impress with the first stills leaked and the black outfit she wore for the link.

I always thought Shin Hye acting as mature role is still a little early, she never got young roles until now. Can't wait!

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