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[Drama 2009] You're Beautiful 미남이시네요

Guest sayroo

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Guest annariana18

Hi everyone!

What a brilliantly beautiful instrumental song played in each series in dramatic moments?

The track has a very fascinating sound. Beautiful melody on the guitar.

I rummaged for her already in his half of the Internet in Russia

Guys, maybe you know?

Example: 12 series of 53-minute

Much more thanks to anyone who tells who performer.

If this is not an official track, then there is in the nature of the cut and processed version?

PS and sorry for my english(

I haven't rewatch You're Beautiful recently, so I don't know what instrumental you mean. But since you ask, I will watch the series back. After I know it, I'll tell you :)

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Guest annariana18

"Park Shin Hye reveals she had the best compatibility with Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho"

Yeah.. and "You're Beautiful was a turning point of my life-Park Shin Hye"

:x :x :x

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Guest kyung-jin

15 Must-see K-dramas starring the Kings of K-pop

by CoCo Kdrama on Tue, Apr 14, 2015


Soul, swagger, and stunning acting abilities, these male K-pop idols-turned-actors have it all. To celebrate their success, DramaFever has partnered with Spotify to curate a special K-pop Idols: Males Edition playlist dedicated to them! Get your fix of the Kings of K-Pop by tuning in while you work and play, and see more of your favorites as leading men in these 15 K-dramas. 

5. You're Beautiful, starring Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE, Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island), and Jang Geun Suk


When a nun-in-training masquerades as a boy and enters the (almost) all-male world of a pop idol band, love, fireworks, and much confusion follows. You're Beautiful is hilarious fun with a solid grounding in romance and emotional heart, and unfolds with the Hong Sisters' creative trademark flair. The innocent, young Go Mi Nam has never interacted with the "real world"; after she and her identical twin brother are abandoned as children, she grows up in a convent. Today, she is training to become a nun. After her brother successfully auditions to become the newest member of pop group A.N.JELL, all that changes. When her brother suddenly disappears to the U.S. to reverse a botched plastic surgery, his manager desperately decides to enlist Mi Nam to play the part of her brother until he recovers. Mi Nam, unwilling to give up on the dreams of one of them becoming famous and finding their mother, reluctantly agrees. The innocent almost-nun has no idea what she's in for, particularly when it comes to Hwang Tae Kyung, the neurotic, prickly band leader who opposes her joining the band. When the other members, kind Shin Woo and lovable Jeremy, fall under the spell of their newest member, things start to get complicated. And when Mi Nam herself starts to feel strange sensations toward reserved, perfectionistic Tae Kyung, who has his own set of parental issues, chaos ensues. Punctuated by original music and propelled by the pitch-perfect performances of its main leads, You're Beautiful is an enjoyable romp from start to finish.

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/15-k-drama-starring-the-kings-of-k-pop/

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Guest kyung-jin

10 Things about K-dramas that make no sense (but we love anyway)

by Lauren Jinkerson on Thu, Apr 16, 2015


Ever have that moment when you're watching a K-drama and you think "wait....what just happened?". Sometimes our eyes are strained from all the rolling and our voices hoarse from all the screaming. But some of the things that make the least sense (I'll use piggyback rides to the hospital as an example) are the things that make us the most deliriously happy when it happens on the screen. Here are 10 things in K-dramas that we often find ourselves rolling our eyes at but that we secretly love. 

1. The silly disguises

For some reason, K-drama characters think that if they put a scarf around their head or put on sunglasses, that no one will recognize them. The first time I saw it in a K-drama, I thought the character was so silly for thinking it would work...and then it did work. I don't understand why putting a scarf around one's head or a pair of glasses on translates to not being recognized by people who know you. 

You're Beautiful: Hwang Tae Kyung 


2. Girls playing boys

I have no problem with this common story type in K-dramas, but what doesn't make sense is how easily people are fooled by these girls' disguises.  It's so hard to believe that anyone would ever think these beautiful girls are boys! I know that a lot of K-drama male leads are also beyond beautiful and sometimes have a very feminine beauty about them, but I still think a boy haircut does not a boy make. 

You're Beautiful: Go Mi Nam


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/10-things-about-k-dramas-that-make-no-sense-but-we-love-anyway/

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