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Moon Geun Young 문근영 - Upcoming Drama: Catch A Ghost!

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"I was wrong. I lived only for you. I wanted to live my own life too. I'm sorry. You lived only for me. It was too hard for me back then." - Yoo Ryung



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[SNS] 191117 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:


Suddenly, the shape of water.
A heartily beautiful movie.
A movie that is so beautiful that makes me want to cry.

Sally Hawkins' eyes said it all ..
"You'll never know just how much I love you."




Trans by: mgyifc

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Moon Geun Young And Kim Seon Ho Make Viewers’ Hearts Race With Sweet Moments In “Catch The Ghost”




tvN’s “Catch the Ghost” is increasing anticipation with its complex romance!

“Catch the Ghost” tells the story of a police squad that guards the subway and tries to hunt down an infamous serial killer known as “The Ghost.” Moon Geun Young plays passionate rookie officer Yoo Ryung, and Kim Seon Ho plays her by-the-book boss Go Ji Seok.

Here are some moments from the complicated romance between Yoo Ryung and Go Ji Seok that play with your heart:

Episode 4: Yoo Ryung’s sincerity

In episode 4, Go Ji Seok becomes fascinated by Yoo Ryung’s sincere actions. Choi Do Cheol (Park Ho San), the victim of an illegal loan, goes to the top of the railroad bridge, and Yoo Ryung drags an audio cart containing his favorite song in order to approach him. Afterward, Yoo Ryung and Go Ji Seok become a great team that solves cases together. Yoo Ryung says, “I told you. You need to be by [my side],” and Go Ji Seok replies, “You’re right. I do.”

Episode 5: Go Ji Seok’s regret

While investigating a dating violence case, Yoo Ryung is attacked by the assailant Kim Won Tae (Oh Dae Hwan), and Go Ji Seok gets vengeance on her behalf. Go Ji Seok says, “Police partners should not be separated. That’s why I should have been there earlier. I should have been hit with you.” He suffers in guilt and pain for not being there for her when she was in danger, and he can’t stop the emotional tears from spilling down his face.

Episode 6: Yoo Ryung’s request

During this episode, Yoo Ryung asks for a partner change because she fears her unexpected behavior will put him at a disadvantage. Go Ji Seok is flustered by her request because they had been getting along recently, especially when they danced together in Hongdae and she applied medicine on his wounds. However, Yoo Ryung is adamant to change partners because she doesn’t want to rely on Go Ji Seok too much. At her unexpected request, he demands, “You said I was your seat belt or whatever, so how can you change your mind so easily? Especially overnight?” When he points out he is the only one able to put up with her, she becomes hurt, and their mixed emotions pique curiosity about the direction of their relationship.

Episode 7: Go Ji Seok’s plea

With Yoo Ryung’s continuous request to change partners, Go Ji Seok responds, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but let’s just keep being partners.” His confession makes viewers’ hearts race, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get through to Yoo Ryung. Later, Yoo Ryung reveals her true feelings, saying, “I want to keep being partners with you. I want to stay with you. But when I’m with you, I keep relying on you. Should I just say why I became a subway police officer and what I’m doing behind your back?”


Will Yoo Ryung and Go Ji Seok be able to overcome their intertwined fate and confirm their feelings for each other?

“Catch the Ghost” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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[SNS] 191118 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:



Today is Ghost Day!

With Chief Gong who disguised himself as a cleaner and Soo Ho sunbae

#tvnmontuedrama #CatchTheGhost #9:30pm #Day1522


Trans by: mgyifc

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[PHOTO] 191118 tvN releases new still cuts of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho reunited for this week's episode of Catch The Ghost



The representative of the drama said, "In this week's broadcast, there will be a relationship change between Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho as they learn about each other's story on why they choose the Subway Police."

Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000204894
Trans by: mgyifc






[PHOTO] 191118 Today is Ghost Day! tvN releases new still cuts of Catch The Ghost for tonight's episode!



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[SNS] 191118 ljunhyeok instagram update with Moons:




#AhChaCha #TodayIs #CatchTheGhost #^^#YooRyung #ChiefGong #MoonGeunYoung #LeeJunHyeok #CSAT #ItWasLateBut #You'veWorkedHard  #leejunhyeok  #schoollook#^^


-On November 14, Korean students born in 2001 took the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the Suneung)

-Lee Jun Hyeok left a comment on Moons IG post today, "^^

Always the ace of Subway Police is you!!!!!!!!^^

Trans by: mgyifc

#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost





Chun Jung Myung Talks About Actors Having Real Feelings In Kiss Scenes + Shares Praise For Moon Geun Young




On the November 18 episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” Chun Jung Myung talked about filming romantic scenes!

The hosts mentioned to the actor that he’s starred alongside actresses including Go Hyun Jung, Ha Ji Won, Moon Geun Young, and Seo Hyun Jin.

When asked who he had the best chemistry with, Chun Jung Myung replied, “I was discharged from the army at the end of 2009. There was a drama I filmed in 2010, ‘Cinderella’s Stepsister,’ with Moon Geun Young. She’s a really deep thinker and is very considerate. She made me feel warm, so she left a big impression on me.”

The hosts also talked about how he’s known as a “kiss scene master” and asked if he feels his heart flutter while filming the kiss scenes.

“I think I do, to be honest,” he said. “It’s impossible to not feel emotion.”

Chef Raymon Kim then made a face that made the other chefs laugh, and after some initial confusion the hosts and Chun Jung Myung realized he was reacting because his wife Kim Ji Woo is an actress.


Raymon Kim turned to Chun Jung Myung and asked if he really feels emotion. Chun Jung Myung replied, “The directors want that. They want the love to be real. They’re always giving us the direction to act in front of the camera with real feelings. So even if you’re faking it and you think of it as acting, you focus and say to yourself, ‘I like this person, I like this person.'”




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[SNS] 191119 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:



Today is also Ghost Day

Subway Ghost, I will catch you!

#tvnmontuedrama #CatchTheGhost #9:30pm #Day1523

Trans by: mgyifc






[PHOTO] 191119 tvN releases new still cuts of Moon Geun Young VS Subway Ghost for tonight's episode of Catch The Ghost



Source: naver
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