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06/11 **REAL PIX** Hyori & Fans

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after her last perf for 2nd Album
DARK ANGEL is finished.

She had her Good-Bye perf at Inki Gayo yesterday in Korea and she met with some fans after she finished and took pix with the few that asked her. ^^

Regardless of all the negativity, good job hyori!!

**Please refrain from bashing >< If you dont like her, I dunno why you clicked in this post anyway.
And bashing doesnt mean bad opinions, so....yeah. dont mix up the two.


credits: cafe.daum.net/hyolee79 + scribbles*@soompi.com
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Hyori is so pretty! Her skin is just like Minwoo's TAN skin! xD

^LOL. I think both of their tan doesn't really compliment them though..

Hyoris really pretty, but I think that if her tan was a little bit lighter, she would have looked better..

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty

she's finished? what does that mean? no more performances from her T_T that makes me sad...T_T...

she's soo pretty lucky ducky fans

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Guest heygingersnap

awe, i hope this isn't goodbye for forever... :tears:

she always looks great in casual clothes. and that guy is grabbing is crotch, rofl. :lol:

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