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[THE OFFICIAL] Gdragon G-드래곤 G-Dragon Thread

Guest the7REAL.

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Guest sweetflower

Before I start ranting about the album, I want to say that "GD kicked my richard simmons big time!" - I was one of those that was dissappointed about Heartbreaker and the whole Flo Rider, but he pawned me big time when i listened to the full song and watched his MV. I'm officially apologizing to GD for ever doubting him in the first place.

This is the first full album that I liked the majority of the songs (7/10) - when I buy other albums I ended up liking only 1-2 songs in the whole album (1 of them being the title song), but all of GD's songs were good, if not great.

Overall ranking:

Heartbreaker = Boy = She's Gone > Butterfly > Korean Dream > Leaders > Hello = 1st Station = Breathe = Gossip Man

I noticed that not a lot of people like Korean Dream, but I loved it b/c of the beat and the chorus. I actually thought that the autotone used was appropriate (maybe I'm weird).

I'm not going to listen to or put any more thoughts to negative gossips/news about this album for the simple fact that I loved everything about it and what I heard of the songs scream "amazing and original" and that is more important to me and any news writer.

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Guest shinhdeplol


^He's already up for competition in MCountdown :lol:

vote for Jiyong and Heartbreaker here: http://mnet.mnet.com/NProgram/mcountdown/P...bidx=mcountdown

do not forget MNet 20's choice ^^: http://choice.mnet.com/2009/AwardVote/AwardVote.asp

C: 뱅뱅 @ bbvipz

Korean dream (Feat.태양)

Korean Dream yes we are






Double A로 A One A yo

[G this / GD's] ____ on the ____

소심한A형 완벽주의자

that's be bigbang GD권

[청년들 이제세상은너의것/청년들이여 세상은너의것]

put your 멋 the john tesh in hands up

이건 만나도 보다 한 것도 별있는조롱 리더들의 소통

one to stop and turn left to the right 바로 서!

ladies (yeah) and gentlemen (ho!)

미친X들이 꼭 뭐라도 해내더라

I'm captain G스패로우

everybody just follow me now


날좀내버려두세요 eeee


니들이 부러워할 유전자

but now 감동의 차이 나를 느껴봐

니맘을 울리는 내 멜로디

내나이 열셋 우리어려서 me and ma man 전부를 걸었어

꿈은많기에 keeping on

계속달려 세상의 판도를 바꿔

I got got you boy tell me about it no doubt you know

만나 백번설명하는것보다 한번보여주는게 나은법

one to stop and turn left to the right 바로 서!

ladies (yeah) and gentlemen (ho!)

singing you singing

힙합 and R&B 아무거나골라잡어


날좀내버려두세요 eeee


작지만 큰꿈을 꿔


내목소린 치명적인 바이러스 넌 ________

무대위에서 내가주인공 I can't stop now

태양 like a shinystone G-dragon ________




eeee (A!)




eeee (your kill me) (GD! 태양!)



우린 뭔가다를래요 어떻게예이예이

남들처럼 안할래요 저렇게예이예이

내게닮은 말을해요 like that playing

We are the coming back

C: 승리신드롬 @ BBVipz


C: Jugend @ BBVipz

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Guest lil' zen

Ur my heart heart heart Heartbreaker!!

Blond unbelievably suits him well...the MV is juz O.O towards the end with "Breathe" he looked so cute!!

I'm so glad he got rid of his long hair...and this album is juz getting me so hyped up!! I can't wait to get mine...

I hope I get to see the Sesame Street skates soon...^^"

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Guest renxu_17

:D GD's songs rockz!!!

he dominated the cyworld chart.. ommo..!!

by the way.. does anybody have the

romanized lyrics for "the leaders"??!!

i've fallen to this rap song with

teddy and CL featured!!


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I wasn't really into G-Dragon before, but seeing this new concept of his, got me crazy.

His unique sense of style is killing me so ahaha.

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Guest pigsylove


i knew i would love heartbreaker when its fully released.

and his MV! 3 parts?! OMGGG! cant wait for the next 2 parts to be released.

it will most probably followed by breathe i guess. i wonder if the 3 parts MV will have Leader or not. hopefully CL and TEDDY will be in the MV.

i cant stop playing it over and over again on youtube.

GD's album just release today, and its already topping all the music charts.

i like his album's concept, it fits him.

was unable to accept his blonde hair at first, but after watching the heartbreak MV over and over again, im able to accept his blonde hair now. :D

thanks all for sharing the wallpapers and gifs. took some of it. :D

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i cant seem to access YGWORLD..dang..

jess and leslie gifs spam..lol but i love your designs!!

Quick spazz about all the songs.

The Leaders, Gossip Man, Butterfly are my favs

Heartbreaker was loved because of the MV teehee

and She's gone was also really really good.

I have to say that Korean Dream was something

i did not expect because i was really excited for

this GDYB collab but unfortunately there was something

about the song that didn't kill for me. I guess too much autotuning

and maybe the beat.idk..

damn Thuy! this is really HOT!!! i replayed the vid a couple

of times since i got the HD one ahaha..


Music Video:

It was freaky but it was hella sexy! We got to see different sides

of Kwon Jiyong. Angst,Love,Sweet,Innocence etc etc..

and as i quote someone..orgasmic wahaha look at his

BED SHOTS and you will know.

Im soooo excited on his performance live because we'll get to see his moves

and may i say it makes him HOTTER?whew!

as for the three remaining vids..i really want a vid for THE LEADERS and BUTTERFLY.

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Guest chocox3cat

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIYOUNG OPPA!!! why are you such a genius!?!? love his album and how unique his mv was. can't wait till I get my hands on his album.. hehe..

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Guest Lucy Miao

not sure if this has already been posted or not, but:

GDragon's further Heartbreaker Promotions

He’s going to reveal 3 more mvs (not including Heartbreaker)- so 4 in total! The next one’s probably going to be Breathe I guess.


Going to do double title activities! (Heartbreaker + Breathe)


Translated by Beau @ BBVIP, bbvipz

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Hey Ji Yong,

There is an epidemic going around with as far as tens of thousands of victims. The symptoms are numerous but the cure is limited. Its next target is the world and nothing can stop it. It will eat at your heart and make it ache. At random times of the day, it’ll be all you can think of. Help can be found but leaving without a scar is impossible. Trying to act like nothing is wrong will only make it worse. Some have already gone crazy awhile others are just being affected. The numbers are increasing continuously but no one knows about it until their hit. I am one of the many. Some called it fate, others called it destiny…I called it Ji Yong love. I’m glad I have it and hopes that maybe one day, I’ll be the one that Ji Yong cures.

So do me a favor will you fellow VIPs? Help me spread bring awareness. Help me spread this epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji Yong!tuzki53.gif May all your wishes come true!

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Guest thegreatbigbang

LOL Jiyong really dances the Grasshoper dance :lol: Is Shaun MC Yoo's fan?? :lol:


C: hotcakee @ bbvipz

Haha, I didn't notice it until you point it out. Maybe just because the GIF is too fast, we didn't

see anything as "grasshoper" in the MV, hehe.

and to be honest, i was really dissapointed with "Korean Dream", Tae Yang sounds great in the song, but i don't know....i didn't really like the song at all :S

Me too, in fact I hate it. TY's voice is great itself, so no need to change his voice like that.

This is the second song which I expect a lot besides THE LEADERS.

Thanks so much for the CAP. I definitely use it for my wallpaper ^^.

Now it's my spazzing time. I haven't posted anything this morning. Actually I'm kind of dissappointed

in this album, it's so club/electro ... or whatever you can call it. It's nothing new. Does anybody notice they always digitalize GD's voice when it comes to singin'. We all know that he's not that good at singing as he does with rappin', but seriously we're still prefer his PURE voice. My fav' so far is BREATHE & THE LEADERS, then HEARTBREAKER, the other songs are just so-so to me.

About HEARTBREAKER : Man, what can I say ?? He's look so fine. Seeing him right now, I can't belive that we all shocked by his blonde look before. I can't count how many outfit he wears. Is is me or at 1:33 - 1:47 he looks exacly like DRACO MALFOY (I love him MOST in THIS outfit), and the rest was like a COSPLAYER :P. This time his arms look so H-U-G-E and T-A-N. That's the only thing that caught my attention at the very first minute of the MV. Hm, I still can't get the real concept, about apple and all. So the background was set to look like a HEART ?? Somehow he reminds me of Omarion - Ice box.

Look at the way GD holds his heart all the time when dancing. Speaking of dancing, it's simple, very simple but he DID add spice into it and make it more HOT as ever.

His arms ARE indeed huge, esp the 1st and 7th, bigger one count from the top.


Is it me or GD did smile in this pic ?? I notice it at the first place. Erm, heartbreaking doesn't go with smiling, GD !! :D

This is my GIF, yeah it's a little ugly and small but I did it for my cellphone, hope you'll like it.


I won't listen to any of his song any more, I'll wait for my copy and cuz I'm afraid of getting bored out of

listening too much --> silly me.

I'm confused. Isn't it a thread for GD's solo already ?? The one with 19 pages. So why we need this one ??

I feel a little guilty about caring so much for GD's Inkigayo performance and ignore the death of the President. First BB's activity in Japan, which means we can't see them until end of Oct. The BB's thread will be dead AGAIN. And now this, this is the best and the worst month ever.

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Guest Pongie

the mv was smoky hot. haha. haven't listen to the album yet, but from what's posted here, I will now. HAHA, I'm so happy I order a copy. =]

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Guest Poetic_Goofy

Gonna order this album of course :) Haven't heard the songs yet, but saw the MV Heartbreaker :D Too bad you can't really hear his own voice in the song, but otherwise I like it :) I know they (YG) don't think he is a good singer, but still, give him a chance? ;) Maybe it's better in the other songs, I will have to listen to it.

He looks good in blonde, and the bed scene was <3

I just read that this is just the first part, and it will be 2 more parts? As a triology. Cool :D

(credit: http://community.livejournal.com/hq_bigbang/)

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Guest SillyyJenn

the album was awesome. finally got to listen to every song twice.

my favorites; boy, the leaders, and she's gone. but i have a feeling after i few tries i'll fall in love with that 'hello' song XD

the beginning of the mv with all the girls and apple in a can was kinda freaky,

looking forward to the mv of breathe :]

i'm digging the hair but the makeup is just too much...

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it was really a heartbreaking one

but in a positive manner.

I love the expressions that he

is trying to give out which

makes the simple mv

so dramatic,even though without much

of a story plot or dancing. GREAT JOB!

and yes Kwon Leadah look really hot

as always.


Totally did not

disappoint me at all,since

i believe this is the type

of music that he will go for.

and it gives a fresher feelings

to the k-pop industry.


1) The Leadahs(WASSUP)

2) HeartBreaker

3) That Boy (소년이여)

4) Butterfly

5) She's Gone

My least favourite

ones got to be 'Breathe' & 'Hello'

as i do not find anything really special.

But then I like how the music in

'HELLO' is being arranged.

It is indeed a great

birthday present

for himself & for us too(it is more

like great & awesome birthday present for us

fans & music lovers) ;)

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Guest heartsongs

He’s going to reveal 3 more mvs (not including Heartbreaker)- so 4 in total! The next one’s probably going to be Breathe I guess.


Can someone confirm this quick please because I only knew that the MV has 3 parts, I thought it's still Heartbreaker, only that the MVs will be different. I was really excited this morning when I read that there're 2 albums which is of course misunderstood. So I want to be sure this time before I start jumping and dancing :D

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Guest superpig

Omigah! The MV is so hawt! >_< I can't wait to see the next 3 parts to it.

I listened to the whole album already, I like some songs but some songs I'm still iffy with. I felt that the vocoder was used abit too much at points especially whenever the chorus came in, I like hearing him sing properly, I think his voice is distinctive even though some people say he doesn't sing that well. Otherwise, I enjoyed the collabs with other artists especially "The Leaders", ah... CL can rock it XD.

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DARN man the song is going to be a BIT HIT! . . no not only the song but his whole album will be the a hit.

I was actually a little disappointed when i saw his concept but the mv totally change it. I think i'll be loving him with

blond hair. (anything better then his long hair one >.<)

my favorite from the album as of right now is butterfly & leader . . idk but the beat in leader is SICK! & butterfly is

on reply (even though i'm only listening to the short preview lol)

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