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[taiwan Drama] Pandamen 熊猫人

Guest yeonhee.

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Guest yeonhee.

Jay Chou, Nan Quan Mama, Jessie Chiang, Tang Yan, Jerry Yan, Will Pan
Title: Pandamen

English title: Pandamen

Genre: Science-fiction, Action, Romance

Episodes: 20 - 30

Broadcast network: CTS

Filming period: March - July 2009

Broadcast period: January 22, 2010

Air time: 10 pm

Produce & Director: Jay Chou


Year 2030, in a dark corner of Bright City, lies a powerful evil force: Violent Group, headed by Tiger Brother & Wolf. Burning, killing, looting, they begin destroying the whole city, and also begin brewing a terrible secret plan: to control the human brain. At such a critical time, Bright City’s 2 super heroes ‘Panda Superman’ & ‘Panda Heroic’ take up the responsibility of protecting the citizens and restoring justice.

‘Panda Superman’s father was previously a very kind-hearted philanthropist, and organised many charity events. One day, someone kidnapped his little boy and ‘Panda Superman’s father rushed to save him, but unfortunately lost his own life. Hence, this little boy ‘Panda Superman’ used his father’s head, and a panda’s attitude as the spirit of his own future. After this incident, he would wear a panda outfit, and restore justice in the community. As for the other Pandaman – ‘Panda Heroic’ is a cleaner at the zoo, of course he is also very kind-hearted.

These 2 Pandamen are set out to protect the citizens of Bright City, and ultimately let good overcome evil!


‘Panda Superman’s (played by Yuhao) real identity is a piano teacher at a music school. He secretly falls in love with his female colleague (played by Jessie), a pure kind piano teacher who already likes someone else – Guo Yao Zhong. He is very handsome, and can mesmerize many girls, but is also a player, and ‘electrifies’ any girl he meets. Hence, Jessie suffers many heartbreaks throughout the drama. Wang Jing plays a female reporter. She was once kidnapped by bad guys, and was rescued by Guo Yao Zhong. She mistakes him for ‘Panda Superman’ and completely ignores the existence of the real Pandamen.

‘Panda Heroic’s (played by Devon) real identity is a cleaner at the zoo. In his spare time, he likes to go to bars for entertainment. Tang Yan plays a beautiful chef who just recently returned from overseas. She is the daughter of an evil gang leader, and she falls in love with ‘Panda Heroic’.

Main Cast:


Yuhao Zhan as ‘Panda Superman’ (熊猫超人)


Devon Song (Dan Tou) as ‘Panda Heroic’ (熊猫侠)


Jessie Chiang as Xiao Yu (小语)


Tang Yan as Li Ya (俐亚)


Wang Jing as Lu Shi Qing (路诗晴)

Guo Yao Zhong as handsome player (小帅哥)

Supporting Cast:


Jay Chou as Detective Leo (警探李奥)


Jerry Yan as Detective Chen (陈警探)


Wilber Pan as Jason (杰森)


Eric Tsang as Panda Superman’s father


Vincent Fang as arms dealer (军火商)


Will Liu as Wolf (残狼)

Jiu Kong as mole (钱鼠)

Credits: Sarah at AF

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Guest Totorox3

been anticipating for this show...mainly cause of jay chou...but i think the storyline is hilarious to me :lol: but i think i will enjoy it :D

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Guest BiNueng

oh my...i'm soooo gonna see this!

The casts are incredible...Jay, Wilber, Jerry, and most important is...Vincent and Will...LOL

He never fails to work with his close friends. It's always family business to him...haha

And that's why I love him sooo <333 always~

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Guest beta_shen

im kinda skeptical about this series mainly cuz superhero pandas??

but im sure once i start watching ill be hooked :D

also, will pan jay chou & jerry yan?? ill support it haha

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Guest fieryheart

This drama is currently airing in my country (Malaysia).

Initially I thought Jay Chou was going to be the lead but turns out a guy named Yuhao is the actual hero.

They have quite a large cast and I do agree that the supporting actors are more well-known than the main actors.

The drama seems quite okay. It's kind of funny. However, I think it's a bit slow in explaining the characters.

Even though the drama is a bit 'erk' at times but I'll still tune in for the time being to see how it goes.

P.S. I like the ending song. Does anyone know the title and the singer? Nevermind, found it :-)

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