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[movie 2006] Now And Forever / 연리지 (連理枝)

Guest Azura

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Choi Ji Woo, Jo Han Sun
"Yeonliji aka Interlocking Branches" Starring Choi Ji-woo and Jo Han Sun to be Open Jan 2006 yo_l.jpgThe melodrama "Love Letter," starring Choi Ji-woo and Cho Han-sung, will open in Japan in the fall of next year. The movie's production companies, Taewon Entertainment and White Lee Entertainment, as well as its distributor, Show Box, held a press conference at the Hotel Shilla in Seoul on August 4 to announce the beginning of filming. With the movie's lead actors attending the event, the producers and distributors introduced the movie and briefed journalists on the premiere schedule. "We will begin shooting the movie on August 7 and finish filming by October. It will open early next year in Korea, and in the fall of next year in Japan with the help of Pony Canyon and Toshiba Entertainment," said a person from the production company. Choi, the movie's lead actress, said it will be her first role in a big-screen melodrama, although she has already created a strong melodramatic reputation on the small screen. In "Love Letter" Choi plays "Han Hye-won," who strives to remain strong and protect her last love until the end even as she faces death. http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/new...8897_11858.html Beautiful posters shown in the press conference b0013198_20475122.jpg
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I think it can be so beautiful between an older woman and a younger man, by looking at their chemistry in this movie that they are about to make together...

Although JW will be playing "Han HaeWon" who has a terminal disease from the begining of the movie, her character will be different, she said at the press conference....

"Before choosing the next project, I feared that the scenario is too similar to what I've done in other dramas, but unlike the dramas, this movie lets the audience know about the lead actress living her life w/ a terminal disesase right from the start...Han HaeWon is not a typical passive, following the male lead kind of girl image, but is a strong woman who also has wit/sense of humor and has the ability to lead a man... she is determined to make the rest of her life happy till the end and also not fail in her love w/ a man she loves..."

Jo Han Sun's views on CJW:

"...Even though CJW is my senior in acting experiences, I am so happy to work with someone whom I like and admire....my first impression towards her is she is very pretty.

"Yeorinji" started its crank-in on the August 3rd, and will premier at the end of this year.. in Japan, it will show in June, 2006.

JW said at the conference about her partner, JHS,

" He is masculine but also has the potential for mellow drama acting....we already tried to practice reading the scripts together and did shooting for movie posters and I felt that he does have mellow image about him....I am so glad to work with him, after watching the movie "Wolf's Attraction (Temptation)" .

JW has this gift of making her male partners comfortable and always praises them and make them look good!! I have a strong feeling that the movie will be a hit all over Asia and JHS will be another shining "Hallyu" star in Asia, not only in Korea.

Suh YoungHee, an actress who will play a role of JW's best friend and as make-up artist in the movie "Yeonliji" said in interview....

"I could sense that JW unni was opening up towards me first to break the ice and was very friendly with me. She really treated me like a comfortable friend. Though I was worried that I wouldn't be able to approach her easily before I met her, but I realized that she really is a very nice person when you meet her in person!"^^

Yes, isn't that true? Though I've never met her in real person, she seems to be such an angel, down-to-earth, humble and has the gift of making people feel comfortable around her....which is so crucial also if they are to be her co-workers in the same project, right?^^ - rosepetal

Thanks rosepetal, this is all her translation from Korean version

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

Wow thanks for posting this great news!!! I'm glad that my idol CJW was back in circulation!!! I haven't seen her since STH & 101 Proposals was aired here in our country..I don't know Jo Han Sun because he's not that popular here in our country, but I think he & CJW will make a good couple, based on the pic you've posted...

By the way, what is really the title of this movie, Interlocking Branches or Love Letter? Kind of confusing, eh!

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Japanese rights for Choi Ji-Woo's movie "Yeonriji" sold for 3.5 billion won

The Japanese rights for Choi Ji-Woo's movie "Yeonriji" have been secured by Japan's Pony Canyon for an estimated US$3.5 million. Filmed at a total production cost of W$3.3 billion, the production company covered the cost with the sale of the Japanese rights.

An added bonus for Tae Won Entertainment Company, which oversees the poduction of "Yeonriji" is the company will be entitled to a percentage of the box office sales in Japan, and sales of the OST (original sound track).

Tae Won will also be able to take in a share from the sale of relevant memorabilia of the movie in Japan.

"Yeonriji" caught the attention of the Asian film distributors in May this year at Cannes, when the storyline and Choi Ji-Woo taking on the leading role were announced. There were many Japanese companies that enquired about the movie rights, even up till 24th August, when the final contract was signed.

Pony Canyon is one of the largest importers of foreign movies, having imported Korean movies like "Bittersweet Life" and "Love So Divine".

Pony Canyon has high regards for Choi Ji-Woo's "Yeonriji" and has been paying close attention to the movie rights agreement since May this year.

Chosun (25 August 2005)

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Guest ellabel

Wah!!! Azura!!!

So many beautiful and sweet pics of CJW & JHS.

They look so good together. :wub:

Tho i wish our SUNny boy had a better hairstyle.

Looks like they're enjoying each other's company. ;)

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Thanks, Azura, this is rosepetal, (not viktoria), for starting "Yeonliji" thread again. I didn't know you created it, so I posted my long thoughts in JHS thread....^^ You can copy it and paste it here, if you know how.... I just posted a translation of their interview on the shooting location at StarJiWoo foreign board. My I.D. is "hibiscus" there.

It is pretty lengthy, you can bring it here, if you want!^^

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Credit hibiscus (English translator at Starjiwoo)

On October 22, at Yuleojae lake, the "Yeonliji" couple were visited on the set for an interview:

Choi JiWoo, the queen or heroine of mellow drama showed off her beautiful light brown hair, her translucent, a bit pale and fair skin with bright smiles seemed to complement well with the the deep blue and clear lake where they were shooting for their fishing/picnic date scene.

MinSu(JHS) was supposed to make a special and memorable event for HeaWon(CJW) by going fishing and have a romantic picnic by the lake. He wanted to catch a fresh fish for HeaWon to make a "Spicy Fish Stew".....but they ended up eating barbequed pork.^^

(The reporter's questions were omitted)

CJW: I realized movies and dramas are quite different in making process even though they are both mellow genre. In the dramas, I was able to sustain my emotions for a long period of time until we stop shooting the scene. But in the movies, it is much more difficult to maintain my emotions, since we shoot a scene, take a break, and then try to re-take the same scene over again and I found it hard to bring back the emotions.

CJW: I love the mellow genre! If an actor/actress is capable of acting or digesting all kinds of roles in various genres, it would be perfect, but just because one has to change around 180 degrees in performance, it does not necessarily mean it is always good. Because I love and am fond of mellow genre, I cannot transform my familiar image into a comic role on the screen.

CJW: The mellow dramatic movies can be different, they are not always exactly the same. In "Yeonriji", the phases and the process of how love develops throughout are quite different from other "mellow" projects. Just because the hero/heroine dies in the plot, it still can be very different in how the story builds up to that point.

Unlike the image Jo HanSun had shown us in various T.V. CF's, dramas or teen/youth flicks, where he portrayed a statuesque, handsome image, he seemed to be more reserved and serious, filming with deep emotions. He is usually known to be reserved and not very talkative, but he really seemed to be focused into this movie project as if he wanted to change from his "old" screen image.

JHS was very humble by saying "It is too premature for me to be labeled an "actor" yet, I am probably more closer to being called a "talent" or an "entertainer".

JHS: I am learning alot from my senior, Choi JiWoo. She helps me tremendously by practicing the scripts with me, especially with emotional scenes, even when the camera is not on her and it's not her lines.

It is my first time performing in a mellow genre and it can be difficult at times, especially in emotional scenes. In the past, I acted with friends of my age, so it was very comfortable and easier in "The Temptations of Wolf". .... I am so fortunate to be acting with such great people...

CJW: Of course, I do have certain amount of pressure of making and showing a better project each time. Many people are showing great interests already in this movie, not only in Korea but Japan and other Asian countries as well.

CJW: The most difficult scene that I had to do in "Yeonliji" was several days ago, when we had to do a strong mellow scene in the stormy raining scene. In the morning, it was freezing because we were all soaked from the rain. I was alright, but HanSun si had a tougher time. He had to be soaked in the rain from the sun down till 7:00 a.m. the next morning!

When asked if he caught a cold, JHS said, "No, I didn't, I am fine!"

CJW: You weren't okay at the time, you were shivering!

Reporter: In the movie, the couple doesn't have any age difference, but in real life, you two have quite a big age difference....how was it making a mellow movie together?

CJW: Do I look alot like "nuna"(older sister) even when you see two of us together? I don't, right? I was so surprised to find about his actual age at first. But after we worked together, I found in him (JHS), "Oppa" (big brother) like qualities. I don't think of myself as "senior" or "nuna" when I am acting with him. HanSun si also treats me naturally without thinking like that...

JHS: I get alot of help from JiWoo si. She treats and leads me so well, so that I can act in sync with her. She teaches me so much about many things and even when she doesn't have any lines with me in a scene, she still does "everything" for me, on my behalf.

CJW: I have done plenty mellow dramas, but the mellow movie is the first time for me. Since I have much experiences in mellow dramas, I thought the movie will be just as easy. But it is much more difficult, since I have to maintain my emotions for a longer period at a time. After each scene, we take a break then afterwards, we redo it over and over again to make it perfect.

I think my drama image is still stronger in the eyes of the audience. I loved this scenario and I like mellow genre alot!

Reporter: Seeing and meeting both of you in person, you two look like a very compatible couple. How will you describe and evaluate each other, visually speaking....?

CJW: First of all, visually speaking, I am happy and feel so great to work with such a handsome guy! During my entire acting career, this is the first time for me to look and feel like a "weaker and fragil" female, standing next to my male partner. That alone makes me feel the best about him!

Since I am senior in acting experience, I put in more effort in getting closer to him. Now that we are almost at the end of filming (one week left), I have regrets in not getting even closer with HanSun, sooner. I will do my best to show a great performance in the last few shootings.

JHS: I was happy to have worked with such a great director, staff and crew members. I became closer and friendlier with JiWoo towards the end. I should have approached her more and sooner and I regret that...

.....Visually speaking? Are the words really necessary? As you can see, she is so very beautiful, and so tall too...

CJW: So tall? Is that all? What else? How was I? Do you think this is the real HanSun that you only see right here? No, he is really funny! Come on, please show your true self!

JHS: Yes, I like JiWoo nuna!

The movie is 95% completed as of that date, and it will crank-up on October 30th, the last two days of filming will be in Jeju Island.

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Dear Azura, Thanks sooooo...much for posting my translation of "YEONLIJI" shooting location interview from JHS thread. I don't mean to confuse people with my I.D. but still borrowing viktoria's I.D....this is Rosepetal!^^

I feel bad that the only thing I can do is translating the articles/interviews, and leaving comments. Thanks to you and others who can post pics/captures and posting the links to VODs, etc. You guys are the best!!!

I guess, together we can make a wonderful team!! ^^

I am still a great fan of CJW and KSW as a couple and looking forward to 10/31, Monday for them to attend the awards ceremony....^^

I am also starting to like CJW & JHS in their new movie, and so excited to see them on big screen...so anxious to see "Yeonliji"....^^

***Rosepetal (AKA Hibiscus)***

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Guest dramalover

movie, 'Yeonriji' starring Choi Ji-woo arouses great interests from overseas (2005/08/03)

Overseas buyers and 'hallyu' (Korean Wave) fans are greatly attracted to a movie, 'Yeonriji' starring Choi Ji-woo. (Director: Kim Seong-Joong, Production: Taewon Entertainment-Whitelee Cinema).

With a start of filming on August 3, 'Yeonriji' is a kind of love story between a lovely woman Han Hye-won, who wants to happily live for the rest of her life in the face of death, and a young CEO of game company, Lee Min-soo who was awoke to a truthful love of life for the first time by getting to know Han.

The heroin of the film, Choi Ji-woo, who became popular throughout Asia after starring in the local drama "Winter Sonata", will play Han Hye-won.

Choi, whose representative character has been mostly cheerful and adorable, once again challenges herself in a melodramatic role.

Jo Han-seon, playing Lee Min-soo, has featured a sophisticated but rebellious image in his previous film, 'Temptation of Wolves.' In the film, Lee Min-soo always flirts with girls at first but simply leaves whenever he wants.

Without experiencing any truthful love, he, one rainy day, falls in love with Han Hye-won at a glance and builds a serious relationship. Choi Sung-kuk and Seo Young-hee make appearances as good friends of the couple, Choi Ji-woo and Jo Han-seon.

Even the only fact that Choi Ji-woo is a leading actress of the film seems already attractive enough to the media overseas including Japan.

On the occasion of the Festival de Cannes last May, the scenario of the film was introduced, and it caught the eye of buyers from Japan as well as other countries on the ground.

On the next day of the film's crank-in, the presentation of the film production is schedule to be at two in the afternoon of August 4 in Hotel Shilla, Seoul. And according to the production company, Taewon Entertainment, inquiries for press coverage are rushing in from overseas media to cover the event.

Source : www.koreancontent.org... ( English Korean ) Related movies/dramas

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Guest dramalover

Another old article ...to page 1...

Choi Ji-Woo and Jo Han-Seon have been cast in 연리지 (which in Korean is a very simple Hanja proverb - 連理枝 - meaning something like two different trees fused together via their branches, a sort of Tang Dinasty Romeo & Juliet originated in the poem 長恨歌, JangHangGa. How to effectively translate this in English is, well, another story). As expected, since it's Choi Ji-Woo after all, this will be an old school melodrama; Jo will play a young CEO of a Software company, Choi a reckless and lovely woman who, you guessed it, will fall in love with Jo. The film is set to release in Japan and Korea simultaneously, taking advantage of Choi's enormous popularity in Japan, and will start shooting next month. Just a look at the script during the Cannes Film Market is all the film needed to secure contracts with Japan and other countries. Maybe it's good they stopped after "Choi Ji-Woo"?

Via Goodday Entertainment

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Guest White Star

More pix on the Press Conference!


credit starjiwoo

I think these should be the pic for the poster... it looks sooo lovely and natural...... does anyone have more of these.....

Any ways.... I'm dying for the movie to come out


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first time i heard about this movie... i think CJW look too old for JHS.... but when i saw the pictures i think they are gonna be the great couple... both of them so gorgeous

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